News: No excuses left in make-or-break year for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, May 14, 2019.

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    Nice hits, but far and few between. Just because a guy has made a few nice hits doesnt make him a big hitter. I could find some of those for Heath as well, but the guy is just horrid.

    And on a few of those hits it was Woods going backwards.
  2. Roadtrip635

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    You said you've never seen him hit, now you have. You tried to make a point that he was incapable or unwilling to be physical, but it's simply isn't true. Coming out of college he was also considered a physical player and deliver big hits.
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    It's not just that they should have made clear to Alexander what their expectations were prior to hiring him, it was their job after hiring him to monitor him and correct him if he wasn't living up to expectations. Management is a real job, with real work to do, and real responsibilities.
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    You have a great imagination. Feel free to pull up that quote where I said never hits or is unwilling or incapable.

    Are you going to cry because I don’t think he’s physical?
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    "No excuses", say the fans while Vegas says the Cowboys are middle of the road.

    Hmmm...who should I believe for an objective point of view? I wonder...

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