News: No excuses left in make-or-break year for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, May 14, 2019.

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    23 seasons of postseason futility isn’t likely to change as long as the Joneses continue to meddle in coaching matters.

    No one wants Garrett gone more than me (never wanted his puppet butt in the first place), but if JG does get canned, he’ll more than likely be replaced by someone who can similarly $wallow his pride and work within a Jones-heavy structure.

    Not counting Barry Switzer, who was smart enough not to screw up Jimmy’s team, Jerry has had two SB-proven coaches. Both were run off — and not by accident.
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    Yea, the Linehan firing is all the evidence we need in who’s in control of coaching staff. Jerry made Garrett look like a total fool.
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    Well said Bob. Can I get an Amen!!

    Jerry pumps up the Drama to promote his product and with no direct accountability wearing all hats simply waits to make the excuses and create scapegoats to calm the Lynch Mob looking to hang someone for not meeting expectations.

    It’s a vicious cycle to create hope generating revenue then moves to Damage Control. All so he can continue playing it his way.
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    Yep, no way to treat a guy that's part of the family. I gotta say, of all the Cowboys things that have taken place over the years, that really shocked me. It seemed as though they have no respect for Garrett at all. And it seemed that he was given orders to retract that immediately.

    Imagine Linehan and what he was thinking. And I wonder if it was Linehan that told them they would be fine without a #1WR after they missed out on Watkins? If anyone ever says anything about the luck of the Cowboys, they need to consider missing on Lynch and Cook and landing Prescott and missing on Watkins at 16M a season for a guy that's never played a full season. Luck is the safety net for fools.
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  5. CouchCoach

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    And the cameras and mics roll.
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  6. Diehardblues

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    Despite whatever criticism we have for Garretts coaching he still provides Jerry the perfect specimen to continue his ways pursuing his ultimate goal in receiving the credit he didn’t with Jimmy.

    Winning alone wasn’t enough for Jerry. Some fans still haven’t grasped this basic concept.
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  7. lonestar2288

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    I think that for once, Garrett does need to at least do as well as last yr if not more to be here. In my mind this is more about what steven has had to say then Jerry. Steven has gained more say so the past 2-3 seasons, and Dez being outright cut is the biggest proof in that. Time will tell, but I don't think Steven hesitates to pull that trigger if they fail to make the playoffs or are one and done
  8. Silly

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    How can Moore be qualified to be the OC if he wasn't qualified to be QB coach ?
  9. charron

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    This is easily the best roster we have seen since Garrett has become head coach. But if Moore and Kitna fail to help the passing game then it will be another waste. Next year we will lose alot of good players on both sides of the ball, so the opportunity to strike hard in the playoffs is now.
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    Well, see.
    But I find it funny after Jerry said we need to stop being conservative, Garrett started going for it more on 4th down than he usually did. In fact, that was a major criticism of Garrett, i.e., he was playing not to lose instead of playing to win.
    So, from this example, I take it Jerry is more ready to pull the trigger than he ever has been with Garrett. But, again, we shall seek.
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  11. Diehardblues

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    Garrett wasn’t anymore qualified?
  12. Diehardblues

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    Yea, it’s all speculative on our part. Proof is in the pudding.
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  13. JayFord

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    After 13 years there’s no excuses left? As far as I’m concerned there was no excuses back in 2010 he shoulda went out tHe door with Phillips
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    I really don't think it matters I think they will continue along the path they have for the last 9 years under garrett good enough to win some regular season games get the cowboys on tv a lot but as far as being contenders to really win in the playoffs I don't think they will ever be true contenders under Jason garrett I think they have pretty much reached their ceiling with him as head coach if u like the way the cowboys are now then u will be happy with their future if you would like to see them make deep run in the playoffs I think u will be very disappointed
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  15. CouchCoach

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    Playing not to lose has been the way of the Cowboys under Garrett and that infects the D side of the ball as well. He was a little more open with Romo or had no choice but the name of the game is keep it close.

    I mean, after all, he works for a GM that actually used the words "moral victory" in a loss.
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  16. CouchCoach

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    I wouldn't confuse "say so" with talking. He talks a lot but the power still goes to Pop.

    In the war room, he was wanting to take that trade and the minute Booger said let's stay with McGovern, he backed off. I think he would like the fans to believe he's the Big Kahuna but he's still Kahuna Jr. Booger hasn't been a part of something he didn't run since he got in the oil bidness and I don't think he's given jocks or socks to his son. Maybe he should have given cleats to him?
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  17. Idgit

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    It's not an acid test. Wait to see how the season plays out and determine if the team meets or exceeds its goals. If it falls short, you examine why it fell short. 95% of the time, fans are going to reflexively blame the coaches or the QB for a team not advancing. From my experience, that's often not actually the case. For example, everybody's shot out of a cannon right now about offensive innovation, when that's not actually something that's very important and it's not really something that's been getting us beat in the first place. But it's an easy thing to get a handle on, and an easy thing to complain about. The reality is, we've had very productive offenses on a per-series basis with pretty much the same amount of innovation we saw last year.

    The offense got a lot better when we added a playmaker. That's because the NFL is about players more than it is about a coaching advantage on either side of the ball. You saw the same thing on defense when Sean Lee and Hitchens were both out for a week in 2017. The league is about players more than anything, but it's fun to pretend that a good coach is the difference maker. A great coach makes a difference. An all-time coach makes a huge difference. But generally speaking, it's the players that matter a lot more. And we've made some good moves re: personnel the last few years, and specifically this offseason. We should be in really good shape.
  18. GhostOfPelluer

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    To be fair, he's shown improvement since then. Beginning in 2014 this team has won 60% of its games - and that includes the 4-12 Romo injury debacle of 2015 dragging down the overall winning percentage. Exclude that season (not that I would because they all count) and it's a 69% winning percentage.
  19. GMO415

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    After 23 years we're past the perfect team philosophy. It's in "win now" mode.
  20. zenmastersauce

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    Honestly for him, it might just be SB or bust. If its just one more beyond last year I do not think that is enough or at least it shouldnt be.

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