Not running Zeke in final possession

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ebnorice, Nov 11, 2018.

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    Jaylon's bro gotta get some snaps.
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    Ah, but it didn't.

    Unfortunately, how you win matters a ton. You don't care, and I understand that. However, the coaching staff has to care, because how you win matters a ton once/if you get to the playoffs. Many many teams have failed in the playoffs because what they did to win in the regular season did not work against the better talent you face in the playoffs.
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    running the ball would have done the same thing, and the way Zeke was handling their front, may have just gotten that 1st down and ENDED the game right there....edit. but then again, Im sure vanilla queen would have run RIGHT up the middle into their D strength and 8 man
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    Cowboys should of lined up in I-formation 3 plays in a row and run right behind Martin 3 straight times. It's that simple. We might be in a 3rd and short by 3rd down and you can run a run option with Dak at the time. These coaches just over think way to much.
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    OH oh, DID vanilla queens 4 page big chief exotic playbook get OUT!!!!!!!!!!! how, where?? ok who is passing around the Linnies gift from the Gods playbook?
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    JG and Linehan need to get these words printed in large letters and posted all over the locker room and their offices:

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    Who confused Garrett with Landry though?
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    ...and if the Eagles go down
    and score a TD after running it 3 straight times it's "how do we run three times in a row and not even give ourselves a chance at getting a 1st down".

    The screen is high percentage and gives us a OT at rung out the clock. I can't be upset about that. It's not like they threw a low percentage play and missed giving them a time out to play with.
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    When the game is on the line for the offense, we do something idiotic with Beasley.

    Remember when he was lined up as a tailback on 3rd down as we were trying to drive for the go ahead score against the Texans?

    These guys are the worst.
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    I think being agressive would be fine if there was more time on the clock. In this day and age it’s not hard for these offenses to move it 70 yards in 90 seconds or so and sometimes trying to pick up that one first down to keep them from getting it back is the right call. But it was clear the Eagles were only going to have 40 seconds or so left, no TOs, and have to go 70 yards or so to score. That’s not the time to roll the dice. The deck is already very stacked in your favor.
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  11. lukin2006

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    I had no problem with that last series. Our D is our strength...why take a chance and turn the ball over.

    It’s not like the handoffs between Zeke and Dak went smoothly all night, there was a couple shaky handoffs...
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  12. rpntex

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    I may be in the minority, but I don’t have a problem with that last series. Zeke got the ball well sweep that purse play. People griping about running him wide need to understand that the Eagles were looking for him between the tackles… And Cox in Ngata or too big tackles. Zeke read very well between the tackles all night, but in my mind, it doesn’t make sense to run right at them when they’re looking for it.

    The screen pass was a very safe call. All Dak had to do was get the ball out of his hand quickly. It didn’t work, but there was no defender within 5 yards of the bowl when Beasley caught it.

    The third day on call was a “give up“ called, to be sure. Even outside of the two minute drill, there’s not too many places and your offensive playbook for a third in 16 situation.

    In the end, I still believe the Cowboys primary objective there was to get a first down, with the secondary objective up forcing the Eagles to use all three of their timeouts. Running the ball three times between the tackles wouldn’t have made much of a difference.
  13. kevm3

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    I'm not mad at that play-call. Running would have been preferable, but it was better than launching some pass down the field and stopping the clock and saving the Eagles a first down.

    What I am mad at is we see what the cowboys are really capable of if Linehan and Garrett do their jobs consistently. As soon as Garrett and Linehan are on the hotseat, the team magically looks like a contender. Then, we win a big game or go on a bye week and the offense goes back to looking like complete trash and we're smacking Zeke right back into the defense on first downs 90% of the plays.
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  14. beware_d-ware

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    There's sort of a balance in that situation, between taking risks and going for a 1st to effectively win the game, vs being as safe as possible and bleeding the clock. I think Linehan was shooting for a 1st down there, but I think the smarter move would be just to run clock, honestly. That Beaze screen could have been dropped, picked, or forced out of bounds. and obviously you don't want Dak taking any hits he doesn't have to (he's also at a far higher risk of fumbling than Zeke). It worked out, but if it didn't, those are the kind of plays that come back to haunt you.

    I would have fed it to Zeke three times in that situation. Even though I doubt he'd make the first down with the defense basically putting 12 in the box to stop him, I think the odds of him breaking one aren't that much worse than hitting a 10 yard screen to Beasley, and the odds of him screwing up and costing you the game on a bad play are much lower.
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    If we'd have run Zeke into a stacked box 3x and gotten 4 yards...punted and lost....I can guarantee you there would have been threads on this forum calling for Linehan to be fired due to "not going to win the game" on the final possession.

    Never fails.
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    Just can't help himself, can he? Needs to join a support group for compulsive play callers.
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    I’m talking about Garrett. That’s who I was posting on in the week. He’s got a glitch...he’s had it his whole time in Dallas. Here’s one of my KC years ago,and sets up passes 2 straight times against their best CB to Sam Hurd on a short inside slant,while we’re at the 5 or something. Same 2 plays too..and denied both times for the loss. Just never ends with him. Linehan is another whackadoodle...these guys just don’t get the common sense things.
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    Ahhh, ... two birds of a feather. Dysfunctional enabling... Ginger gives in to Linehan.
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  19. Carter

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    They shouldnt even been in the Position to get the Ball again and almost beat us on 4th Down. The last 2 minutes have been typical Cowboys ***** Playcalling which almost cost them again.
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    I feel like Linehan is on the take.
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