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Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by Muhast, Jul 21, 2012.

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    When a mod deletes your post there should be a message or something explaining why it was deleted. Have you guys tried this before? I know a few boards have a comment section and just show the response as deleted with the comment saying why it was removed.
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    Generally, if your post was deleted and you didn't receive a warning or infraction, three things happened.

    Your post was inappropriate, but the mod chose not to ping you for it.


    You responded to a post that was in appropriate and it was deleted in addition to the offending post


    The post was part of a dialogue within a thread that was hijacking the thread and the mods chose to delete it.

    Overall, though, we try to inform members when their post has been deleted, but if you haven't, then that's way.
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    Yea, one of the reasons i stopped posting here months ago. I would spend time making posts for them to vanish without explanation and you didn’t know who was doing it. Still not interested in posting much again. Too many dumb threads and not enough quality posters anymore.
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    The problem isn't deletions. It's obvious you're going to have to delete posts for various reasons. What bothers me when it happens is that I'm not told nor alerted about it in any way. This leads to one of a few scenarios:

    1. I thought I was in a hurry and never hit submit. Sometimes I don't check and read the post after I submit it and jump to another thread. This can just lead to me re-posting it, which is more work for you to have to delete all over again.

    2. It gets deleted and I know it's deleted but it didn't break any rules.

    3. It broke a rule and I got a warning or infraction for it.

    So my thoughts on it are like this, if it in fact breaks a rule it should be a warning 100% of the time if it's not an infraction. Warnings serve as cutting the poster slack and alerting the poster that they broke a rule. Not alerting a poster leave them in the dark and in the end can annoy them and actually wind up as more work for you.

    I know that the thought must be that you're taking it easy on a poster by not giving them warnings/infractions for posts you delete but the point is that if you don't alert them you stand the risk of really irritating them at best and having them re-post the rule violation at worst.

    If you're not breaking any rules then why would a post get deleted? I know if they're a part of another post that was quoted they can be deleted but I've actually had my own posts deleted that did not break any rules. I was not alerted, I was not warned and I got no infraction for it.

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    Ditto. It's nothing but a news source to me now. A very good news source...but just a news source just the same.
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    Let me interject and defend the staff.

    Posters do not like getting posts deleted, and frankly the staff doesn't like doing it either. It takes away from their enjoyment of the site.

    So if there is a PM sent for every post deleted there are also likely going to be responses. Negative, angry, insulting responses possibly.

    Very few are going to be appreciative to know the reason why.

    Now, if you are on this staff, are you going to be willing to send PMs to people you know are going to be abusive in return?

    The fact of the matter is, this staff does what they do to keep this a place people can enjoy coming to. A lot of people take great satisfaction in making other people miserable. That means Moderation has to step in.

    I was on the staff here for 10 years and I sometimes didn't get a PM if a post of mine got deleted. Usually, if one stops to ponder, it can be figured out why it was.
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    Part of my post got deleted without notice in the “notice of deleted post thread” haha!
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    Given that there are thousands of posts made on this site daily, there are going to be times where the staff chooses to delete a post rather than give an infraction or warning. Despite the request for a warning for deleted posts, the main reason for wanting it is usually to provide the foundation for a debate over the reasons why the post was deleted.

    When a staff member deletes a post without a warning or infraction, it usually means the post quoted another infraction-triggered post, the post was off-topic to the thread discussion, the post violated a forum rule but the staff took it easy on the poster, the post was made to harass or insult another user or for other similar reasons.

    Closing this thread now since it has been addressed.


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