OBJ in and out of consciousness, kicked off flight


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I really don't want the Cowboys to sign OBJ but everything about this screams "overzealous crew". If he was getting in the crew's face, there will be videos out within the next few hours from other passengers. I suspect we aren't going to see them.

This was a plot to lower his market value?


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Jerry just got excited he brings in a lot of attention. He causes trouble to fit right in here. And he pulled this stunt to fall within our budget.
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I flew multiple times per week for about 20 years. It was my standard practice to immediately fall asleep once I sat down on the airplane. The difference is I buckled my seatbelt before falling asleep. But I can see why someone would unbuckle the belt if there was a delay in the flight taking off.

“In and out of consciousnes” could mean he’s a deep sleeper and only groaned at them when they tried to wake him. After 20 years of flying, I still automatically wake up when the airplane pitch changes and the plane starts decending.

This story sounds fishy to me. I’m not understanding why they needed to return to the gate to wake him up. Maybe it’s an airline policy we don’t know about.

I get it from the airline POV also. Having a sick passenger on a 5 hour flight is a recipe for disruption. Better to get the passenger off the plane before it takes off. Having called the cops and emergency services, the airline was locked into removing him. They couldn’t just say, “Whoops. We were wrong.” Because if he really was sick, then he or other passengers could sue the airlines for taking off with him on board. Maybe the flight attendants did nothing wrong AND ALSO Odell Beckham did nothing wrong.

I blame the lawyers!!!


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I'm ok with rushing to judgment here.
Dude has always been drama.
The pandering the players did to beg him to come here was unseemly.
Hopefully this ends the OBJ to Dallas nonsense.
I agree, but this will make jerry want him more, and stephen is already working on a low ball offer !


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This is pretty much what I thought happened. A lot of those flight crews get off on having authority.

This is my guess. He didn't respond to the seatbelt commands because he was sleeping. That may or may not have been a result of something he took.

The flight crew said he was in and out of consciousness. They were worried that his condition could worsen during the flight. So that's why it was too late for him to put the seatbelt on. That's why they're not going to put it on for him.

The flight crew doesn't know why he's barely responsive. Maybe he's one of those rare deep sleepers. But 99.9% of people would have just woken up and put the seatbelt on.


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Come on now.....I doubt it went down just like that
Guess we gotta wait for the inevitable passenger videos to come out.
That's what I'm thinking. I don't believe the lawyer's statement and I also don't believe the airline's statement. I think the truth is in the middle. Hopefully a nosey passenger filmed it and it'll be released.


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After reading the statement from aa and his attorney, it really seems like this got way blown out of proportion, seems like it wasn’t a disruption so much as a misunderstanding.


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The airline had dozens of passengers to care about. They had one who was so out of it he didn't follow protocol and seemed to be a health concern. He then refused to leave which greatly inconvenienced all those "little people", including crew who his lawyer is trashing to protect his client..

Yet because some here want him on the Cowboys they'll defend the actions of someone who would gladly step over them and publicly trash them to get his way.

Celebrity worshippers.
But then again I'm a "hater"