Offense needs an overhaul

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by charron, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. charron

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    The offense needs to be overhauled and it starts with the coaches. Dak isn't going anywhere yet but he needs help in the form of a effective run game. The OL needs new blood who can actually block and we need a new lead back who can get more than 2 yards a carry.
  2. CATCH17

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    Have fun arguing with the stat geeks about it. They think the padded numbers against trash opponents matter.
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  3. MysteryIceGuro

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    the ENTIRE team needs an overhaul. From top to bottom. Scrubbed clean. The only people that should be safe are Anger and Parsons. Everyone else should be reprimanded.
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  4. BobbyFlame469

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    Let me tell you a secret as a former NFL QB.

    Arm talent, balls, and brain are all that matter.

    Dak has only the latter. It’s over dude. I’ll see you in 2027
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  5. buddahjoe445

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    Moore could have called a better game for sure, but the main problem is Dak. He can't read defenses and anticipate throws. Daks problems limit Moore's playing calling. Change the QB and run the same plays and you will see better results. The problem is Dak.
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  6. Pessimist_cowboy

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    They do. The sad thing is it won’t matter until we have a better QB.
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  7. Cowboyny

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    Fixing the rushing offense is the #1 priority, we need to be able to beat teams when they play coverage against us. I would flip the roles, have Zeke play more of that Barber role and allow Pollard to become the lead back. As for the OL and TE, we are going to need to shake things up.
  8. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    Like I told someone earlier. You need to see and under stand the difference between a QB who throws 5 TD's vs Philly backups and Allen who threw 5 TD's 4 incompletions in the playoffs vs the Patriots and ran for 66 yards. They are not on the same level
  9. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    I've been calling for pollard to get 12-15 touches while Zeke gets heavy work in short yardage and goal line. But the coaches won't allow it because 3 years ago Zeke was a beast.
  10. hopemsu

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    how many rushing yards did the bills have, how many did the cowboys have?? That’s more of the difference, not the qb
  11. TheCoolFan

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    This offense = Garrett's offense from 2007-2010. A pass-heavy offense built around a finesse OL. An inexperienced OC being touted as the golden boy who will be the next HC in a few years. We are watching history repeat itself
  12. JayFord

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    This offense needs to cut down on penalties especially against good teams

    when they play good teams they commit the worst penalties
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  13. BIGS87

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    Too much draft capital and money spent on this offense to be this bad! What a joke!
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  14. dsouth234

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    His best weapon was his legs and he’s forgotten how to use them
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  15. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    Moore wasn't perfect. But Dak threw atleast 6 passes behind the receivers. I mean Zeke caught 1 of 4 targets, most were way off. We had guys open down field but Dak felt pressure and never attempted to connect. Teams know this about him so they keep the short stuff right because Dak won't come off it when he gets a little pressure. The OL blocking scheme is outdated, no movement along the line. The shanahan have spent decades making average runners look like all pro's due to how they setup blocks. That is the single best thing you can do to help every QB no matter how good they are. Run well and the game gets much easier.
  16. thisisepic

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    Problem is no one shows up. No one makes a play when they need to. Sure Dak does sometimes. But no one on our offense just takes over a game. Our skill players get put into this category of being greats before they have even accomplished anything. (CeeDee). I mean hell Amari hasn't done anything incredible either. Our best offensive player was a backup who barely got playing time over a starter everyone knew was injured.
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  17. Walker

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    The defense has more reason to play the way they play, we spend a huge chunk of our money on offense. They should be scoring huge #s week after week with the pay distribution largely favoring them.
  18. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

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    I hear ya. We have alot of really young guys on defense. Hopefully they continue to get better. It's the aging offense I worry about most.
  19. kevinhickey

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    Your right. C. Williams needs to be upgraded. T. Smith (let’s hope someone calls asking about him being available) WR’s Gallup and Wilson could be gone as well as Shultz.
  20. Cmac

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    Or maybe Moore's problems limit putting the offense in position. Remember early in the season, struggled with Red Zone, we operate with a Big 12 playbook.

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