***Official Superbowl LV Bucs vs Chiefs Game Thread***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. InTheZone

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    entertainment league, nfl can choose how to control their game
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  2. Cowboyz88

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    This OL and defensive performance reminds me of Mahomes' time at Tech — he's having to do it all himself.

    Kingsbury failed him.

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  3. ghst187

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    This Tampa D has been incredible. Blanketing every receiver, pressuring Mahomes...don’t think KCs offense has been stifled like this in years
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  4. tyke1doe

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    The Bucs will drive methodically down the field and put up another TD. Brady's coronation as the GOAT continues.
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  5. Irvin88_4life

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    In all fairness he thought it was crab legs
  6. Tenkamenin

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    That kid has got the most phenomenal arm and athleticism I’ve ever seen at the QB position. Sure there were other QBs that were faster but rarely had there been one that could run and throw with incredible accuracy.
  7. Rockport

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    Brady was playing for NE last year. They don’t make it to the SB. Who’s fault was that?
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  8. Melonfeud

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    COPY ! *on the key worded kicker-lilly phrasination of
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  9. gmb1

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    Dang I thought KC would at least score right there
  10. AsthmaField

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    He can cover but he’s no JOK. That guy is the future NFL LB.

    I do like cox’s coverage though.
  11. IceStarD54

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    Clear holding in the end zone. No call.... Mahomes running for his life like Dak did. Just goes to show. No matter how good your quarterback. He has to have time.
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  12. Jake

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    I bet on Tampa to win but I'm surprised how easily they're doing it.

    Can't believe KC doesn't even have a TD.
  13. Floatyworm

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    From page one..........;)
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  14. pitt33

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    I like you.

    Can we be friends?
  15. HoplessCowboysFan36

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    Dude doesn't have any time to throw
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  16. zerofill

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    TB defense is killing them though. They are abusing those 2 backup tackles...
    Secondary playing for keeps too.

    The arm strength of Mahomes on that last throw throw though... WOW!

    I don't know how he could throw it that hard in that position.
  17. SultanOfSix

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    NFL is rigged as ****. What the refs do is call the game one way, overriding stops with penalties, letting penalties go, or the like. Teams in parity can't constantly overcome biased officiating. You can't make stop after stop. One good team wears down while the other good team builds up a lead, and if they have a defense it's all the better so they can just play the pass. Then they just say the other team was sloppy and one team just beat them. It's all a scripted narrative. Sorry, but anyone who buys the Brady is GOAT doesn't see the big picture. He's the most rigged for QB in the league. In a league of parity he has 10 Super Bowls appearances in one that was supposed to prevent dynasties. It's a statistical anomaly and therefore it's all rigged bull****.
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  18. Doomsday

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    Brady will get all the accolades, but what the Bucs defense did to the Saints, Packers and Chiefs has been pretty amazing. They really stepped up.
  19. tyke1doe

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    And sign the GOAT.
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  20. Big D

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