Offseason Running Smoothly and Effectively. Team Shaping Up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Despite all the clamoring for a huge payout to an aging safety, wr, or DL, look at where we are.

    The offense is now set to be better than what it was going into last season.
    • O-Line...Williams stronger and experienced in 2nd year; Fleming in second year in system; Frederick returns, improving center and backup across interior; offseason and full season with the right coach...Columbo.
    • WR...Cooper gets a full camp in system and with Dak while coaches plan around him; Austin second year in system; Gallup with a year’s experience and strength; Wilson returns in 2nd year.
    • TE...young guys have a year of experience and Schultz has first full offseason of work. Witten is old, but he still knows how to get open, is reliable, cannot be covered by a LB, and will probably lean more to coaching the youngsters than ever before.
    • RB...we have the stud and I’ll be shocked if we don’t add one in next wave of free agency, the draft, or a veteran cut after draft
    We will still go best player available most of the time, but the emphasis will be on defense in the draft.
    • DE...D-Law, Taco, maybe Gregory...Armstrong will be stronger and more confident in second year. Crawford can start or rotate at RDE.
    • DT....Woods, Collins, Crawford, Ross.
    • LB...Smith continues to improve in every way. LVE will be stronger and better in 2nd year. Lee will be rationed and used in impactful 3rd guy in years. We know Thomas can play, and Covington/March-Lillard gets chance to earn a spot.
    • CB....Jones in second year at position in system...look for more confidence and picks. Awuzie continues to grow and improve. Brown and Lewis both very good in slot.
    • S....Heath is Heath...not our best, but he won’t be worse than he was. Woods in second year as a starter and in Richards secondary will be better.
    We may still look at free agency, but I think moreso at RB or camp bodies or competition.
    Draft will focus on the two deepest positions, safety and DL.

    I’m excited about the draft.
    Round 2– DT/S
    Round 3–S/DT
    Round 4–RB/DL
    Round 5–WR/DB
    Rest—Round out the roster...OL, LB, Special Teams
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    That you Jerry?
  3. Sydla

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    Crazy idea.

    Spend a little bit of money on S and bring in someone better than Heath. There are guys still sitting out there that are better. That way, you don't have to force yourself to have to take a S in the 2nd or 3rd round. It does this franchise no good to have to force a pick there because you have a need.

    The Cowboys have typically drafted well when they have shied away from picking for need. They took the best player on their board when Frederick was up and when Martin was up and when they took Gregory in the 2nd round and when they took Smith, despite the leg injury. Those guys were the best players on their board. Two years ago, it was reported Taco wasn't the best player on their board but they took him because they needed a DE. If their thinking is hey, we'll get our starting S in the draft so we don't have to sign any Ss in FA is a really dumb decision on their part. They are frankly, banking on them getting lucky that the draft lines up with a safety they really like.

    Although what scares me more than anything................. this coaching staff and FO think Heath is a really good safety. The fact they seemingly went after Thomas to replace Woods and allow Heath to remain a starter is scary.
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    Nobody wants to hear this type of nonsense right now where some guy comes in and says everything is just fine. LOL

    You glossed over TE, backup RB, DT, safety, 3rd lber, DE (no gregory). And lets be honest here, we really don't have a quality backup QB either.

    Im sure the FO will fill most of these with bargain basement scrubs like they always do. The draft we really have ONE shot to get a guy of impact and thats with the 2nd rounder. Will they reach and blow it? I personally dont have a lot of confidence. After taking the horrid Taco last year, by confidence in them is blown.
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    You nailed it. They probably dont think that most of these safeties are THAT much better than Heath. So they will just take their chances in a good draft for safeties.
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  6. JBell

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    While I’m with you on wanting to upgrade safety, they’ve always drafted with a combination of BPA/Need. McClay said it himself.

    Taco was a consensus late first rounder that year, so he definitely wasn’t a reach. I believe CB Kevin King was the highest rated player on their board at the time, but they passed on him and took Taco because CB was so deep that year and went with Awuzie in the 2nd, and Jourdan Lewis in the 3rd.
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    No way Jerry knows how to use the "inter-web"...
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  8. Parcells4Life

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    You forgot Covington and DLaw being 100% healthy for week 1 is less than 50-50 odds right now. There is no pass rush at RE. Taco/Armstrong/Crawford are all set the edge type guys.
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    That’s hilarious! Thank you!
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  10. ESisback

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    Hope. Wow. So corny, so blind, so old fashioned! C’mon everybody, let’s enlighten this Kool Aid Chugger!
  11. CyberB0b

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    I wouldn't pencil in Fredbeard as a starter.
  12. Sandyf

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    Nicely done Chuck 54 and good points but sure many of the lets spend money on the top 50 best free agents will not like it.

    Could see us still doing some more in free agency to support what we have done also.
    QB - doubt if we do anything here except extend Dak, keep Rush and White and add an undrafted QB for camp.
    RB - probably add a RB in the draft unless we somehow get Duke Johnson from Cleveland who fits the scheme we run to a tee. Great backup to Zeke who probably gets extended.
    WR - we may add one in the draft but doubt FA, with Cooper (soon to be extended), Gallup, Brown, Austin, Wilson, Lenoir, Devin Smith, and Hurns have a good to great set of WR.
    TE - Could easily see a guy added here either in FA and/or draft. Sure Witten is back and Jarwin/Schultz look to improve. Gathers still an enigma but coaches like him. Wouldn't mind adding Eifert on a short term deal as when healthy would be a great option and also maybe draft one if the right guy fell to us.
    OL - rounding out pretty good with Smith, Williams, Frederick, Martin and Collins. Backups of Looney, Fleming, Filo and Ehinger look good but could see a draft pick at OT.
    ST - think Ladouceur signs soon and Jones is steady at P just not sure on Mahler at K, will see competition in camp for him.
    DE - must resign Lawrence soon. Taco and Alexander need to step up this year, Crawford steady as always, have a feeling Gregory back sooner than later. Could see us add a DE in free agency, maybe a trade for Ogbah DE out of Cleveland for a late round pick or future pick. Could see our pick 58 be a DE like Ferguson out of Louisana Tech.
    DT - the Covington signing is underrated, he has the qualities of A. Wood and could be a nice breakout year with him. Should rotate with Woods at the 1 tech. Collins and Mr. Versatile Crawford along with Ross right now would be the 3 tech guys so look at the draft for a 3 tech DT. Wren out of Arizona St might be a guy in the 2nd or 3rd rounds or a faller like Tilley out of Notre Dame or a shocker like Jeffery Simmons out of Mississippi St (although he is out for the year).
    LB - probably the most set of any position with Vander Esch, Smith, Lee, Thomas, Covington and March-Lillard. Hard to see a draft pick here unless it is a huge faller guy.
    CB - again a position of strength with Awuzie, Jones, Brown, Lewis and with Goodwin as a ST guy. Could see us add one late, say someone like Isaiah Johnson out of Houston who has the size Richard likes and probably 2 or 3 UDFA guys with a chance.
    S - other than DT the most talked about position. Woods probably definitely the starter at FS but can play SS also. Heath and Frazier are good backup types and ST guys. Thompson is a bit of an unknown but has the size and length Richard likes. Definitely a pick or two in the draft, depends on who will be available and where. Could be some interesting names in the 2nd round and all the way into the 5th round. Adrian Phillips is a FA safety that would make sense for us and looks to be an up and comer at SS so would not be surprised to see us sign him.

    Most of the guys in the draft that many of us want are guys that probably we feel will be 2nd round guys and right now we only have one late spot in the 2nd. Trades are going to happen but what kind of trade remains to be seen and will Dallas be involved. Have to wait until the end of April to see if our wishes and dreams come true.

    Overall our roster is pretty good, not great but definitely playoff caliber regardless of what many think. Tougher schedule at least on paper but we should compete for the division title if not win it outright.
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  13. ChronicCowboy

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    This is a sickening post. We aren’t shaping up at all. We have lost our best slot receiver, our best DT quit the league, our best pass rusher is holding out and feels disrespected, our second best pass rusher is suspended, our starting SLB is gone and Jeff Heath is still our starting SS.

    We’ve added a depth DT and a 37 year old TE that didn’t play last season.

    We’d better have an awesome draft, somehow, without a first round pick.
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  14. ESisback

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    While I agree that BPA is the best route, MAYBE they have a plan beyond “getting lucky”. Maybe they have a few targets.
  15. panchucko

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    How can everyone be in year two of the system, isn’t KM going to bring in a new system. Everyone will need years to learn it.
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  16. Sydla

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    But they forced the pick on Taco when they didn't have to. They allowed need and the overall draft to dictate that pick instead of picking the best player they had.

    Heading into this offseason, if they wanted to upgrade S, to just assume that they'll get their upgrade in the draft is a total risk, especially when there are some cheap options out there that upgrade the position in FA and don't carry long term cap implications. It's how you end up with Taco Charlton. They needed a DE, didn't try to address it in FA and then had to take one in the first round.
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  17. Sydla

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    Covington is hurt? Did I miss this?
  18. 817Gill

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    People like to act like this team is barely average when in fact this team will be in the playoffs again.
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  19. Sydla

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    At this point, all we can do is hope. But I have my doubts.

    This is the franchise that realized they needed a #1 WR, made an offer to Watkins, didn't get him, didn't have a back up plan and tried to convince themselves and us fans that a WR by committee led by Hurns and Beasley would be just fine...................
  20. Sydla

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    That is not a "fact" by any stretch.

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