Offseason Running Smoothly and Effectively. Team Shaping Up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Blackspider214

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    Haters? Lmao. You happy fans are funny. This team will yet again be a wild card win ceiling team. We still have Garrett at coach. A guy who did zero at QB coach is now our OC. Who will still run Garrett's stale scheme.

    But you guys will be sunshine pumping divisional titles and wild card wins and the awwww shucks gee golly we competed hard when we get exposed in the divisional round as usual. And we will see this same exact thread next year and you will be in here calling anyone haters who is skeptical of this franchise.

    We just completely wasted the rookie deals of DLaw, Dak and Zeke. Yay. But yeah, we are just haters. Jerry loves fans like you.
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  2. condoin125

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    LOL, man we are one delusional fan base. Wentz is going to be great and we're all just going to have to deal with it.
  3. condoin125

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    Houston and Ansah if you're interested in 30+ year olds with injury histories.
  4. ChuckA1

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    Can either fill-in as a stop gap measure until we get someone better?
  5. Rockport

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  6. garyv

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    Who's your backup QB ? in case Dak goes down.

    Who's your backup RB for the season ? if Zeke goes down.
  7. PA Cowboy Fan

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  8. Chuck 54

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    The point of the original post is that our offense is already better than it was last season.

    The defense is going to be as good or better in the secondary, as good or better at LB, but as good or worse on DL. We have added a DT for the rotation, and I have no doubt we will address DT, S, and maybe RB/WR in the draft and the months of FA left.
  9. ChuckA1

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    You're certainly not going to get many fans on this board to agree that things are better. Many hate the FO or coaching staff so much, they can't like anything about the team. I wonder why so many even bother posting on a Cowboys forum!
  10. ESisback

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    While there’s things I question, and things that concern me, they don’t make me complain nonstop. For me, the most enjoyable part is NOT watching them fail.
  11. dsturgeon

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    I am not claiming he will be top of the league, but rod got good play out of George selvie. I think he can get the best out of taco.

    He was 6'6 277 at the draft, or close to it. By a good frame I meant that he doesn't look heavy. He carries his size well, and adding a bunch of muscle without hampering parts of his game is possible.

    Very few de's come in and dominate the league, and a lot of the ones that do have really good support that helps them
  12. CowboyRoy

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    Ive watched the kid play. He stinks. Despite his great measurables he has a big lack of talent. No moves, he is slow, weak,has a bad motor, and now appears to have an attitude problem. Like I said, he is the worst DE prospect I have seen in a looong time.
  13. dsturgeon

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    We can't really argue on what will happen, but I am going to enjoy watching him. It sucks that you will have to watch him for at least three more years.
  14. Alexander

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    It is actually following a course almost identical to last year

    Mar. 12 - Signed Brian Price
    Mar. 14-21 - Signed our own.
    Mar. 22 - Signed Deonte Thompson
    Mar. 23 - Signed Allen Hurns
    Mar. 24 - Signed Cameron Fleming
    Mar. 27 - Signed Marcus Martin
    Apr. 5 - Signed Kony Ealy

    Hey, I guess they figure they are smarter than everyone else.
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  15. CowboyRoy

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    definitely sucks. He is terrible. But ignoring what you see and having blind faith is always cozy until they start actually playing football.

    Enjoy watching him continue to get thrown around like a rag doll.
  16. Beast_from_East

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    I guarantee you this team will not advance any further this season than they have any season under Garrett.

    "Get over the hump" my arse.

    I will even bet a 3 month ban I am so confident I am right, just like always. If they do "get over the hump" (yeah, like that's going to happen, lol) I will disappear for 3 months. However, if I am right (which of course I am, just like always) and they flame out as usual then you or anybody else that has the stones to take my bet disappears for 3 months.

    I predict not a single poster on this site, including you, will take my bet because everybody knows I am right.;)
  17. DandyDon52

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    Jerry loves fans like you lol.
    But it is ok to be positive, did you like the rams playoff loss too? What is your spin on the 275 yds rushing the rams put on cowboys?
    1.O-Line...Williams stronger and experienced in 2nd year; your hoping and speculating, I think he was too small to begin with, but maybe
    he is better, how much we will find out.
    Fleming in second year in system; Frederick returns, ....speculation again, and after all this time off, do you really think he will be the same ??
    improving center and backup across interior; offseason and full season with the right coach...Columbo..........more speculation, was a decent player
    but that doesnt make him a good coach, I didnt really see any improvements after he took over, and the problem is blocking schemes, which
    he doesnt control.

    2.WR AND TE I will go along with those.RB I doubt they draft a RB, and they probably wont pick one up. They will be same as last yr.
    3.maybe Gregory?? lol
    the rest I go along with, except the draft, they wont draft a DT or RB.

    The offense might be better, or maybe not. Dont forget kellen is now the OC and he is new and we dont have any idea what his offense
    will be like, could be great or horrible , or a little of both.
    as far as experience in the system you mentioned, it will or is supposed to be a NEW OFFENSE ! so it will be new to all on offense.

    I think the main hope people should have is that kitna can help dak be better, and that kellen does create his own new offense and playbook.
    And that it is a good playbook !
    For example, if it is a all out blitz, will dak have someone to throw quick to ?? didnt have that last year.
    will it still be deep time consuming routes, even when dak doesnt have time in pocket?
    will they use middle of field more or stay with the same ol sideline routes?

    glad your excited, but I am not, I just see the same team as last year, and a little hope kellen and kitna do something good.
    But I will believe it when I see it.
    As for the draft , I want to see a 2nd rd pick that will play this year, maybe the 3rd rd guy too. Doesnt matter what position,
    as all our guys are ok right??
    Draft will be mildly interesting.
    I dont care about TC or preseason, just wanna see the season games, and see if they make playoffs again.
  18. kiheikiwi

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    Chuck - what have they done so far to give you the warm and fuzzy's ?
    Outside of re-sign our own - a 6th round 3/4 DE who will now move inside. - Slight improvement, as depth.
    An UDFA signed to a futures contract - not sure he will even make it thru camp. - Meh.
    Witten for one more year, lost Swaim. Slight improvement, only if he really will play a limited, mentoring role (Which he has never done here before. Mentor or limited role).
    Lost our Slot Receiver - Signed Hurns and Austin. Slight regression.
    Lost Randy Gregory - Big regression.
    Lost David Irving - Addition by subtraction.
    Re-signed Our swing tackle - push.
    Re-signed our fullback - push.
    Should, hopefully get Fredbeard back - big addition.
    Franchised our top FA, considered the leagues top FA. A second time - there by putting his surgery and availability for off-season and T.C. in doubt. BIG REGRESSION.

    The reason so many of us are quite frankly as grumpy as Risen on a good day, is because The Jones' have talked about taking the next step, not being conservative. Jerry talked at the Combine about not have too many years left. His mortality a big push to get over the hump they are continuously stuck in.
    So, many of us are/were like - OK, finally, lets go ! Now again, nothing crazy to screw our Cap space. If it was me - Sign a SS like the Amos kid who now is in GB. Pay Lawrence and get his surgery done. That would free up the limited draft.
    I don't call this taking the next step. We will be limited in the draft with no first rounder, so in reality our 2nd round pick # 58 ! (our first pick) really is our hope for a starter - at, DE ? DT ? Safety ? or somewhere else. The rest will be depth i.e. Lewis at CB. A third rounder is good, not necessarily a starter. By staying at best status quo, thru free agency, it forces the draft to be exceptional with limited picks to get exceptional players.
    Otherwise, its another year closer to the grave for Jerry. Another year of the same old rhetoric we have heard forever.
    Even not signing Carrot top to an extension would make you think that its now or never for him. Then they hamstring him.
    Im sure we will add some more depth/roll players in the next week or two. But nothing like a starter or two to supplement the lack of a top pick.

    The world is not over, but the frustration is definitely mounting.
    Don't talk the good talk, then turn around and do next to nothing....
    My 2 cents.
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  19. CowboysWillRise

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    You make a lot of good points. Still though, I would've like to have gotten a safety upgrade. Id also like more on the Dline. However, if we get Dlaw re-signed that will go a long ways towards continuing to improve the defense.
  20. 817Gill

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    I didn’t say they’d win the super bowl lol I said we’d be in the playoffs. A statement meant to signify a larger point that this team isn’t as bad as half the posters on this site make it. People act like this team is a cellar dweller.

    Idk why you went on such a tangent lmao

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