Offseason Running Smoothly and Effectively. Team Shaping Up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    LLLOOLLL, there goes my Blue Bell ice cream out of my mouth. LLLOOLLL
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  2. Noclaf

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    1000% correct
  3. Noclaf

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    By the way all you that think Frederick will just pick up and be a pro bowler I think are in for a world of hurt. Bet you it will take him 2 years to get close to where he was and that might be wishful thinking
  4. Patrick

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    I used to consider myself the most biased, homer, Cowboy fan ever until I joined this site.

    But man, there are some crazy homers. Some super crazy haters too.

    But, as a 25-year old, I just want a Superbowl to be won during my time. (Not while I was alive, but when I understand what is actually happening and not 3 years old)
  5. dsturgeon

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    You call it blind faith. I call it a 6'6 270 pound rookie who was 22 ( and is now 24). He has had to sit on the bench on the plays that will earn him the big paycheck. There is a body and attitude change from a 22 year old to a 27 year old. I don't think he will be content getting thrown around like a rag doll and settle for a small paycheck. I think there is a better chance that 5 years of marinelli training and training specialized for his body and craft will pay off. ( not faith, it's a process)
  6. Idgit

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    How is it possible that the negativity gets even less rational each year? Is there a bottom anywhere, even?
  7. DeathMonkey

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    Physically, maybe or maybe not. Mentally? I think he'll be smarter on the field. He may take a few games to get back in the groove, but he'll be back to form in the second half of the season. Why do I say this? Because he stated that he really studied a lot more since he couldn't play. That's most likely going to offset any loss of physicality until he gets back to full form.

    Add in the fact that the dude is a warrior and is probably chomping at the bit to play again when he wasn't sure he would ever be able to play this will feel like a gift to him that he won't want to squander. I'm excited for him.
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  8. Cowfan75

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    Not even fine, but even better than last year!
    Always amusing when claims are made that players will be better simply because it's their second year here.
  9. CowboyRoy

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    You obviously can’t see the difference between a good young talent and a bad one. So are we to assume that your process works for everyone? Everyone will become stars? Nonsense. He sat on the bench because he sucked. And he was also benched for a poor attitude. Not only is this clown lacking talent, he lacks the mental makeup. He’s doomed.
  10. CowboyRoy

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    I couldn’t agree more. Although in a case like gallop and Williams I think they will. Guys also get old and worse. Like lee, like t Smith.
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  11. Brax

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    haven't got much enjoyment the last 23 years have you, it's perspective, just enjoy the experience good or bad and don't drink the kool- aide.
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  12. Captain-Crash

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    And we can get showers to play qb if he's still around.. lol
  13. CyberB0b

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    Anyone who saw the Rams game and thought we're ok at DL needs their heads examined .
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  14. Noclaf

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    Was it Mark Schlereth who had the same problem, it took him 2 years to get back to normal
  15. the_h0wey

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    This is exactly how I feel. Not sure why everyone is surprised we are doing nothing in FA. Jerry is not running the show anymore so there won't be a bunch of flashy FA signings. Happy we resigned Fleming for relatively cheap. Excited we have a young talented WR Core. Witten is back. We just need a good draft and I think we are in good shape for next year. It's next seasons FA period I'm worried about. Got a lot of good ones that will be up. Can't resign them all, but that is next years problem...
  16. slick325

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    That DT position and safety spot outside of X. Woods...sadden me. Smh...
  17. ESisback

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    I agree, except I’ve gotten lots of enjoyment out of the last 23 years. Not as much as I’d like, but not enough to lose hope.
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  18. DeathMonkey

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    That may be, but you can't always compare players like that. People recover at different rates for many different reasons. Look at Jaylon Smith. How many people were convinced his career was over before it began? Now look at him. :)

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