Old fans, unite!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Jan 14, 2022.

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    Nice share...Go Cowboys!
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    From the lips of a Cowboys' leader:

    “I think you have to turn your excitement into mental excitement,” offered defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. “Being excited to learn more, being excited to learn the opposite player you’re going against, learn the team that you’re going against, and also learn more about yourself and your team and how y’all can get better through those moments. Being quiet before the storm and waiting on Sunday and really unleashing the excitement.”

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    The first Cowboys home game I attended live was in December, 1995 against the Giants. I didn't make a lot of money back then and lived 1300 miles away (still do). No one else was coming with me (between fiances at the time), so I planned it all out:

    Drive to Cleveland the morning of the game (left around 3 am).
    Fly from Cleveland to St. Louis, change planes, then on to DFW.
    Taxi from the airport to Texas Stadium.
    Get to the game, end up sitting surrounded by Giants fans but they were fun-loving and well behaved.
    Dallas struggled most of the day, but Chris Boniol kicked his fifth FG as time expired and Dallas escaped with a one-point win, 21-20.
    Taxi back to the airport. Repeat the flights in reverse then drive home (got home around 3 am).

    Went to work a few hours later. No one believed I'd actually gone to Dallas and back in the same day. Had to bring in my program, and get my pictures developed.

    Made several more trips after that but actually stayed at a hotel. The first one will always be the best. Dallas went on to win SB XXX a month later.
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    Great share, Jake ... my wife and I drove up to what is now AT&T Stadium and shared the 1st Cowboys game in the new stadium. It was the Tennessee pre season game. We drove back to South Texas with some great memories...
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    Landry was a control freak. He preferred calm controlled pocket passers such as Morton. And, BTW, Morton was a very good QB, so it's not like he was switching him out w/ Cooper Rush.
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    So I shared my 1st game, now a 2nd shorter story.

    As soon as cowboys niners was determined for 93 nfc title game ib grab the paper, open the classified ad and looked for niners tickets for sale for the division game . I call the number and lock up 4 endzone seats at150 dollars per ticket. I live 80 miles from where old Candlestick was located, so the buildup to the game is incredible. Local sports radio was bigger than, its all they talked about all week. Weather sticks, gloomy, rainy...but whatever.

    We are up late but niners have all the momentum and just cut the lead to 23 to 20. Cowboys get ball deep in own territory on kickoff. Crowd is going NUTS. Its so loud and bam, Aikman hits harper ...we all know what he did. Crowd goes SILENT. All us cowboy fans are now up and going crazy...we all knew immediately we were going to the super bowl. Best football experience of my life. It was unreal.

    I had just turned 23 years old. Been a long time.
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    I see better catches in games every week, so why the fuss? Because it’s Dallas losing a big game!
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    It was much for than that. It signaled a changing of the guard. Dallas owned the NFC in the 70s - won half the conference title games and played in most of them.

    Roger was gone, and the Niners stole victory with 58 seconds left to knock out Dallas and go on to win the first of four SB titles in the 80s.

    Both teams went in opposite directions for the rest of the decade.
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    Tony D. Monday night football against the Vikings and Howard Cosell doing the Play by Play. Used to love Brent Musberger on CBS, "You are looking live"
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    Not sure if mentioned: "The Catch" didn't give me nightmares- it was the strip sack after the Cowboys got down to the 49ers 44-yard line with 38 seconds left and 1 TO remaining that haunted me!
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    Of course! You’re 100% right, but we all know the details. I just didn’t elaborate. But my point remains—I see better catches all the time, and tons of people celebrated because it was Dallas that lost.
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    True. Whenever I see the Butch Johnson catch, I'm convinced that it wasn't a catch...:laugh:
    The actual "hail Mary" pass itself is thinly shrouded in controversy, as well...did Drew Pearson push off?
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    I remember we beat the brakes off of them in Oct. 1980 to the tune of 59-14, so going into 1981 I was fairly confident we'd handle them according... but our trip to Candlestick in Oct. 1981 was a disaster 45-14 SF. Players such as Dorsett said they weren't playing the "real Cowboys" that day. Fast forward to Jan. 10, 1982-- a day which will live in infamy! SF 28 Cowboys 27... Yall know the story:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I think my life changed that day...
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    The 92 NFC Championship game is a good memory for me. I was 11 years old and my dad had a big party at the house for the game. Of course I was passed off to my grandmothers for the weekend. I remember watching the game there by myself. We were down 7-0 in the first when we had to punt. Saxon punted the ball and Dixon Edwards went down and made a great hit on the ball to pop it in the air where Darryl Johnston grabbed it one handed in the air for the recovery.

    I went nuts and knew then, even though we were down and it was early, that we were going to win. That play was a big one to kind of change how things had started. I think we kicked a field goal off of that turnover and it kind of got us going.

    Of course I vaguely remember the 1-15 season although I remember my dad and I watching us beat the Football Team and him making a big deal about that.

    Winning in the wildcard game in Chicago in 91 is a good memory for me. Of course Barry Sanders, Herman Moore and Eric Kramer the next week sucked.

    All memories here can't hold a candle to the Super Bowl memories of course but it's fun to think back.

    Man I could go on and on about back then....
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    Landry put his system over the players. He thought that any player , including QBs, would be successful in his system if they strictly followed his guidelines for the position. Bill Belichick is a huge Landry fan and he coaches his players to play in his system. Belichick’s coaching and his system is very similar to Landry’s style of coaching.
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    Well, it was at that time because all that was required was control and breaking the plane. But I hear ya, I don’t think it passes the spirit of a catch. I’ve used the Potter Stewart definition of pornography, I may not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it.

    I watched the Hail Mary live and have seen it countless time since and there is certainly enough to question if Pearson pushed off. If that play occurs today, we would all know whether he did and whether it warranted a flag. They just didn’t have the number of cameras and the definition if those we do today. But even so, there would still be controversy because there would be arguments about how much push off and did it warrant a flag, regardless of which way the officials ruled. Case in point is the Gallup OPI against Ramsey in the opening Rams game last year.
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    This catch by Preston Pearson would probably be incomplete today.
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    True. I started to mention that one. Thanks for posting it - I had it in my mind that was down the middle and not the right sideline.
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    Rules of the day.
    Using the same logic, some of the plays that cost us games would probably not be called in today’s game.
    Witten’s first down in the romo bobbled snap game would have been reversed.
    The phantom pass interference calls on Benny Barnes covering Lynn swann.
    The dez catch probably holds up today.
    Even the ice bowl. In that era home field wasn’t determined by best record. At any rate , I guarantee you we don’t show up at lambeau wearing bread sacks on our feet today.
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    Yep. The games are played under the rules of the day. Some changes are improvements, some just complicate and confuse.

    It doesn’t matter what we think or want, it’s how the rules apply at the time of the play. It’s ridiculous the Dez play wasn’t a catch, but I knew the moment I saw the replay it would be reversed. Didn’t like it, but knew it.
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