One of the first guys we need to go after

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hayseed, Jan 29, 2020.

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    I hope you're right!

    I did map out a similar scenario in my offseason plan thread where I was able to sign both Quinn and Phillips. Cutting Crawford gives you $7-$8 million more to do that too, which I would do in a heartbeat. This team wasted $10 million of cap space for that guy last year, and that should be the last dime they ever waste.
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  2. stasheroo

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    I think Sean Lee will be back with the Cowboys for 2020.
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    Respect for thinking outside of the box.

    I fully expected to see one of the following

    - Chris Jones
    - Tom Brady
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    well whatever we do, the moves mike makes on players will show what he's wanting to do. i'm all for some churning of the roster also to coincide with our coaching changes. i feel good about the hire at this point and the room he's been given to hire his own staff.

    next up, the players. this guy sounds like someone to look into for sure.
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  5. stasheroo

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    I know many fans won't do it, but I think Jerry Jones is deserving of some credit here.

    1. He finally conceded that Jason Garrett would never be the end coach that he always hoped he could become and cut bait.
    2. He went out and hired the best available coach that he could for this team.
    3. He then allowed that guy to hire the coaching staff that he wanted, keeping the coaches he wants and getting rid of anyone he doesn't.
    4. He then signed off on the checks for this huge staff, and what is expected to be a huge analytics staff as well.
    Jerry is showing that he wants to win with this team. Now. And I expect this same aggressive approach to carry over into the offseason and free agency and the draft.

    And I think the much-maligned, though often deserved, Jerry Jones deserves a fair amount of credit for what he's now doing.
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    And I think the much-maligned, though often deserved, Jerry Jones deserves a fair amount of credit for what he's now

    Just me but I'm 100% confident this will carry over to draft and free agency. I honestly think Jerry and Stephen decided to hire a guy with extensive post-season experience ( Super Bowl ), give him a blank check and get out of his way. His only condition was agreeing to Dak getting a long-term deal with a min 3 years guaranteed. With Mike's 5 year deal, this would give 2 years to decide if Dak can get him a Super Bowl. If not they'll quietly look for his replacement. But make no mistake, hiring Mike is ALL about getting to the Super Bowl. Hell Jason won, just his ceiling was first level playoff. They wanted a guy who's done it all. Get out of his way and let him do his thing.......
  7. McKDaddy

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    I don't see any reason they can't go after some higher level FA's and still resign most of our guys. If you could add a guy like Phillips & keep Quinn, I would consider that a pretty successful start to your 2020 DL.
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    look thats a nice idea but thats not happening the defensive line and DBs are a mess meaning many FAs have to be signed or replaced and they just invested in LVE and Jsmith

    this is not going to be a #1 priority as they can find viable candidates in draft or FA but at the less expensive tier..weve let guys like Hitch go because we have already have invested in the postion at 2 spots so the 3rd/4th spots will be guys like Thomas or others..didnt we just grab that guy late in the season from Seatle? he looked solid he and Lee most likely are rounding out the LB position bring back Thomas possibly..
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    I can relate to you with the homerism.... I'm Catholic which makes me a Cooper rush fan... I told everyone what a stud he was going to be as well. :thumbup:
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  11. cowboyec

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    helluva player.
    love to have him here.
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  12. Sydla

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    What are you planning to do with LVE?

    Schobert is a luxury, not a need, unless there is something going on with LVE that we don't know about in terms of his neck injury/surgery.
  13. visionary

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    time to bring in a real difference maker at DT and Phillips could be that

    if we get Kinlaw too, that would be amazing
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  14. America's Cowboy

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    Wow, Schobert looks great! I totally agree with you @Hayseed . Schobert is definitely worth going after. Is he scheduled to become a free agent? As you said, he would be the perfect fit playing middle LB, while moving Jaylon to the outside as I've said for years. Jaylon is not a middle LB. Another of Marinelli's screwed up decisions that cost us! :mad: So glad Marinelli is finally gone.
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  15. ClappingCarrot

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    I like Schobert.

    In addition to his prowess as a sure tackler, he has 3 times more career interceptions than Byron Jones.
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    Dallas needs big time help up the middle at all 3 levels of the defense. DT, MLB and S. I like the idea but Dallas rarely lines up a base 4-3 defense. I bet 3 LBs are on the field <30% of the snaps. There has been some whispers of a switch to 3-4 because that is what Nolan has done in the past. I really think Edwards was brought in to help Nolan run a 4-3. They just don't have the personnel for a 3-4 defense at all. The transition could take a couple years and they are built to win now, hence Nolan working with Edwards will run a 4-3 base that will be 4-2-5 most of the time. They are fully committed to LVE and Smith as their LBs. LVE still might be able to be that middle of the field LB. Smith absolutely can not be that guy. Physically he can but mentally he is way too soft to play MLB. His only value is chasing plays down and freelancing to make plays. Asking him to be a gap filling, stay at home, responsible LB will be a disaster.

    So while I agree that I like the player, I just don't think Dallas should spend the money unless they are going to replace Smith or LVE.
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  17. J-man

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    yeah but can they afford him?
  18. Hook'em#11

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  19. Future

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    I like Schobert but he'd be too expensive for the role he'd play here, I think.

    He's a bonafide starting, 3-down LBer. Dallas doesn't really have room for that type of guy, unless they really want to overpay for depth.
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  20. GMO415

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    He can replace LVE.....

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