Other NFL General Managers Tenure During The Jerry Jones Era

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    Data courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.com

    Below are all the individuals who have served as general managers or in equivalent positions such as player personnel director/vice president, football operations director, etc., or as defacto general manager since Jerry Jones appointed himself the title:

    Larry Wilson (1980-1993)
    Buddy Ryan (1994-1995)
    Bob Ferguson (1996-2002)
    Rod Graves (2003-2012)
    Steve Keim (2013-2021)

    Ken Herock (1987-1996)
    Dan Reeves (1997-2003)
    Harold Richardson (1998-2001)
    Rich McKay (2004-2007)
    Thomas Dimitroff (2008-2020)
    Terry Fontenot (2021-2021)

    Ozzie Newsome (1996-2018)
    Eric DeCosta (2019-2021)

    Bill Polian (1986-1992)
    John Butler (1993-2000)
    Tom Donahoe (2001-2005)
    Marv Levy (2006-2007)
    Russ Brandon (2008-2010)
    Buddy Nix (2011-2012)
    Doug Whaley (2013-2016)
    Brandon Beane (2017-2021)

    Mike McCormack (1995-1995)
    Bill Polian (1995-1997)
    Jack Bushofsky (1998-1998)
    Dom Capers (1998-1998)
    Marty Hurney (1998-2020)
    George Seifert (1999-2001)
    Dave Gettleman (2013-2017)
    Scott Fitterer (2021-2021)

    Bill Tobin (1987-1992)
    Rod Graves (1993-1996)
    Dave Wannstedt (1993-1993)
    Mark Hatley (1997-2000)
    Jerry Angelo (2001-2011)
    Phil Emery (2012-2014)
    Ryan Pace (2015-2021)

    Paul Brown (1968-1990)
    Mike Brown (1991-2021)

    Ernie Accorsi (1985-1991)
    Bill Belichick (1992-1995)
    Ozzie Newsome (1995-1995)
    Dwight Clark (1999-2001)
    Butch Davis (2002-2004)
    Phil Savage (2005-2008)
    George Kokinis (2009-2009)
    Tom Heckert (2010-2012)
    Michael Lombardi (2013-2013)
    Ray Farmer (2014-2015)
    Sashi Brown (2016-2017)
    John Dorsey (2017-2019)
    Andrew Berry (2020-2021)

    John Beake (1984-1998)
    Neal Dahlen (1999-2001)
    Ted Sundquist (2002-2007)
    Jim Goodman (2008-2008)
    Brian Xanders (2009-2011)
    John Elway (2011-2020)
    George Paton (2021-2021)

    Chuck Schmidt (1989-2000)
    Matt Millen (2001-2008)
    Bill Tobin (2001-2002)
    Martin Mayhew (2008-2015)
    Sheldon White (2015-2015)
    Bob Quinn (2016-2020)
    Brad Holmes (2021-2021)

    Tom Braatz (1987-1991)
    Ron Wolf (1992-2000)
    Mike Sherman (2001-2004)
    Ted Thompson (2005-2017)
    Brian Gutekunst (2018-2021)

    Charley Casserly (2002-2005)
    Rick Smith (2006-2017)
    Brian Gaine (2018-2018)
    Bill O'Brien (2019-2020)
    Nick Caserio (2021-2021)

    James Irsay (1984-1993)
    Bill Tobin (1994-1996)
    Bill Polian (1997-2009)
    Chris Polian (2009-2011)
    Ryan Grigson (2012-2016)
    Chris Ballard (2017-2021)

    Tom Coughlin (1995-2002)
    Michael Huyghue (1995-2001)
    James Harris (2003-2008)
    Gene Smith (2009-2012)
    David Caldwell (2013-2020)
    Trent Baalke (2021-2021)

    Carl Peterson (1989-2008)
    Scott Pioli (2009-2012)
    John Dorsey (2013-2016)
    Brett Veach (2017-2021)

    Al Davis (1963-2010)
    Hue Jackson (2011-2011)
    Reggie McKenzie (2012-2018)
    Mike Mayock (2019-2021)

    Steve Ortmayer (1987-1989)
    Bobby Beathard (1990-2000)
    John Butler (2001-2002)
    A.J. Smith (2003-2012)
    Tom Telesco (2013-2021)

    John Shaw (1985-1994)
    Steve Ortmayer (1995-1996)
    Dick Vermeil (1997-1999)
    Charley Armey (2000-2005)
    Jay Zygmunt (2000-2008)
    Billy Devaney (2009-2011)
    Les Snead (2012-2021)
    Jeff Fisher (2012-2013)

    Mike Robbie (1978-1989)
    Eddie Jones (1990-2004)
    Jimmy Johnson (1996-1999)
    Dave Wannstedt (2000-2003)
    Rick Spielman (2004-2004)
    Randy Mueller (2005-2007)
    Jeff Ireland (2008-2013)
    Bill Parcells (2008-2009)
    Dennis Hickey (2014-2015)
    Chris Grier (2016-2021)

    Mike Lynn (1975-1990)
    Jeff Diamond (1991-1998)
    Tim Connolly (1999-1999)
    Dennis Green (2000-2001)
    Rob Brzezinski (2002-2005)
    Fran Foley (2006-2006)
    Rick Spielman (2006-2021)

    Pat Sullivan (1983-1990)
    Joe Mendes (1991-1991)
    Charley Armey (1992-1994)
    Tom Bass (1992-1992)
    Bill Parcells (1993-1996)
    Bobby Grier (1995-1999)
    Bill Belichick (2000-2021)
    Scott Pioli (2000-2008)

    Jim Finks (1986-1992)
    Bill Kuharich (1993-1999)
    Randy Mueller (2000-2001)
    Mickey Loomis (2002-2021)

    George Young (1979-1997)
    Ernie Accorsi (1998-2006)
    Jerry Reese (2007-2017)
    Dave Gettleman (2018-2021)

    Jim Royer (1988-1989)
    Joe Walton (1988-1989)
    Dick Steinberg (1990-1994)
    Dick Haley (1991-2002)
    Rich Kotite (1995-1996)
    Bill Parcells (1997-2000)
    Terry Bradway (2001-2005)
    Mike Tannenbaum (2006-2012)
    John Idzik (2013-2014)
    Mike Maccagnan (2015-2018)
    Joe Douglas (2019-2021)

    Harry Gamble (1985-1995)
    Ray Rhodes (1996-1997)
    Tom Modrak (1998-2000)
    Andy Reid (2001-2012)
    Tom Heckert (2006-2009)
    Howie Roseman (2010-2021)
    Chip Kelly (2015-2015)

    Dick Haley (1987-1990)
    Tom Donahoe (1991-1999)
    Kevin Colbert (2000-2021)

    John McVay (1983-1998)
    Carmen Policy (1991-1997)
    Dwight Clark (1998-1998)
    Terry Donahue (2001-2004)
    Scot McCloughan (2005-2009)
    Trent Baalke (2010-2016)
    John Lynch (2017-2021)

    Mueller (1995-1998)
    Bob Whitsitt (1997-1998)
    Mike Holmgren (1999-2002)
    Bob Ferguson (2003-2004)
    Tim Ruskell (2005-2009)
    Ruston Webster (2009-2009)
    Pete Carroll (2010-2013)
    John Schneider (2010-2021)

    Ray Perkins (1987-1990)
    Rich McKay (1995-2003)
    Bruce Allen (2004-2008)
    Mark Dominik (2009-2013)
    Jason Licht (2014-2021)

    Ladd Herzeg (1981-1989)
    Mike Holovak (1990-1993)
    Floyd Reese (1994-2006)
    Mike Reinfeldt (2007-2011)
    Ruston Webster (2012-2015)
    Jon Robinson (2016-2021)

    Charley Casserly (1989-1999)
    Vinny Cerrato (2000-2009)
    Marty Schottenheimer (2001-2001)
    Joe Mendes (2002-2002)
    Bruce Allen (2010-2019)
    Mike Shanahan (2010-2013)
    Scot McCloughan (2015-2016)
    Ron Rivera (2020-2020)
    Martin Mayhew (2021-2021)
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    Essentially, Jerry Jones is Mike Brown, except with championship rings obtained while partnered with both a Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach and a College Football Hall of Fame head coach who acquired his predecessor's roster.

    Nearly 200 peers or an average of six-plus GMs per every other franchise since 1989.

    And after 30 years, some people still see Jerry Jones' inflexible and stagnant self-tenure as a simple by-product of human ego.
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    So you’re saying we have the advantage of stability?

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    Yep. The stability of a narcissist's mentality. :laugh:

    33 years. :(
  5. visionary

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    you forgot “the stability of failure “

    knowing that we are going to fail also brings a calming influence
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    Honestly....and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. If we luck up and win with him as the GM...all I would feel is relief. I doubt there would be elation due to all he has put us through with his stubbornness.

    He incorrectly feels that if he wins all would be forgiven. And based on my friends and family...and a lot of people I have gotten to know on this board. he STILL would not be respected!!!!!!
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    Seems like the losing franchises have gone through the most GM's. Makes sense.
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    He's the owner can do what he wants.....fans keep supporting the team.......I don't blame him, I'd probably do the same thing. But, if fans want change.....quit supporting the team.....that's really the only alternative.
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    If nothing else...Dallas has consistency in the front office. That has to count for something right? Has to translate to stability and consistent winning. Has to!
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    Respect is earned by a consistent performance at a high level. Jerry Jones has never shown the ability to do that and thus will never get any real respect. Just as he deserves.
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    One thing Jerry Jones shares with everyone else is that he is human. I am human (despite what my wife might say otherwise). 45 years ago I fell in love with the franchise. Not with players. Not with coaches. Not with a general manager or an owner.

    I will not quit the Dallas Cowboys franchise simply because a narcissist bought the franchise and installed himself as an untouchable general manager. Jones may very well outlive me. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. However, this franchise will still be here long after he and I both are taking dirt naps. My last thought about the franchise will be that it will live on and will prosper beyond Jones' influence. And that thought comforts me more than some may understand.

    That is how I feel about this franchise. Not player jerseys. Certainly not about Rowdy. My devotion is for the dream-made-reality by Clint Murchison Jr. The dream did not die with Murchison. Certainly, my fanship will not falter or whither under Jones' unyielding managerial overseership. Not. One. Bit.
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    I do not believe Jones cares as much about anyone eventually forgiving him if the franchise wins another Super Bowl with him as general manager as others might think.

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