Our backup QB’s are now 1-5

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JJHLH1, Nov 26, 2020.

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    Andy Dalton won the same exact number of games in his first four seasons as Dak Trashscott did in his :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    They went to the same amount of pro bowls and Andy actually went to the playoffs in all of those seasons where Dak cant even make the playoffs :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    One of these players suck according to you and the other deserves $40m a season

    How stupid are you? Log off buddy. You are pathetic
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    Dalton was fine today. That was more than good enough from his standpoint.

    When you’re playing a backup QB, you just can’t afford the rest of the team folding like it did today. You can’t have your star receiver dropping TD passes, your big-money RB fumbling the ball. Recipe for disaster.
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    ….and for some to thing Trevor Lawrence could change this. He'd be ruined in one year.
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    Cowboys did that last season.
    Is that the standard we fans should be alright with?
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    That’s probably the best argument for getting rid of dak that I’ve ever heard. You’re saying best case with Dak is hopefully we can win half our games? Cmon now, you can’t pimp out his numbers that hard then turn around and set expectations that low.

    at some point this team needs to challenge for a championship, and needs to be held to those expectations. I don’t care who the qb is when that happens, it just amazes me how many posters care more about who gets credit for driving the bus than if the bus reaches its destination.
  6. JJHLH1

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    “In the NFL, the starting quarterback is the only position that is credited with records of wins and losses.”


    This is why Dak’s record is 2-3 this year as you can see from PFF

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  7. JJHLH1

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    It’s just facing reality. Winning half our games with this team and coaching staff would be a major accomplishment.

    We suffered two beatdowns by Washington this year. We are a very bad, poorly coached football team.
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  8. America's Cowboy

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    With Dak, this team had the #1 Offense...by far!

    Where is this Offense now behind Dalton, DiNucci and Gilbert? Zeke is still here and healthy. Why hasn't the Offense produced the way it did with Dak now that other QBs have taken over...and with Zeke still here?

    It's because it is clear as day who actually carried this team......Dak!

    And you sound ridiculously even more foolish by refusing to admit that but instead still bash Dak.
  9. KB1122

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    Soft yardage.
  10. rocyaice

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    They weren't but at least we were losing to the Seahawks, Rams and Browns....teams with actual winning records....get whooped on by the Eagles and Redskins hurt and its quite pathetic........
  11. KB1122

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    Yes! We should never try!
  12. cowboyec

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    get healthy Dak.
  13. Bullflop

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    I can't justify much negative to say about Andy Dalton, considering the lack of consistent protection he's had to deal with this season. He seems to have adjusted quite well, imho, despite all the difficulties this team has seen in the games he's played. Our OL is a mere fraction of what it had been, just a few years ago. I think we'd be hard pressed to do any better in the games remaining, no matter who our backup QB is this season.
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  14. Blackspider214

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    Dak hasn't had steady protection in a long time but everyone trashes him. So I will trash Dalton just the same. Dak had Frederick retire abruptly and then Collins put on IR. Before we even played game 1. And then Tyron gets hurt. In what way has he adjusted? He has started 4 games and has had 1 good start. We had zero chance to win any game besides last week in crunch time with him as the starter. With Dak, we are in every single game in the final minutes.
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  15. Bullflop

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    Consider this -- you're comparing a backup QB with Dak, whether it's unwittingly so, or not. That's an unfair decision on your part from the start. I clearly said in my post that no backup we have would be likely to do better than what Andy Dalton has this year. Dak wasn't anyone under consideration for the comparison you offered, based upon what I stated.

    No consideration for comparing him to Dak was intended on my part, nor should have been justifiably warranted on yours. Your chose an inappropriate time to insert your campaign for Dak. My post had nothing to do with Dak and everything to do with our other backups. I'll be happy to see Dak return to duty next year. I'll admit, my post deviated from the intent of the OP. Sorry if it caused confusion for you, or anyone else.
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  16. irving

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    The good thing about those that argue about who is better, Dak or
    Don’t speak the truth or produce facts, it’s to painful for a few posters on this forum.
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    Your boy Dak was 1 gift onside-kick away from 0-3 so man sell crazy elsewhere.
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    You are right in your assessment. Dak is just a better quarterback . Dalton hasn’t approached 300 yards passing in a game , let alone 400 yards, something Dak was able to do. Garbage stats as the haters say, well I wish Dalton would give us some of those garbage time stats.
  19. Bullflop

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    I agree with that, although the statements you quoted from Black Spider were in response to a post of mine that didn't mention Dak. I merely compared Andy to our backups and not Dak, stating I didn't think any of our backups would have fared any better than Andy. Sorry for the confusion that may have caused. I fully expect that Dak will be retained next year and I'll be glad to welcome his return. ;)
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  20. America's Cowboy

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    You're missing the point...

    Dak was never the problem. If anything, he was actually carrying this abysmal team all of these years. The problem lies with others, especially those with big contracts, yet not producing.

    What happened to Andy Dalton having 10 years of starting experience and being an ex-franchise QB? HE SUCKS!

    What is Zeke's excuse? He's healthy, yet he is averaging an abysmal 3.9 yards per carry with only 5 TDs. He's committed more fumbles than TDs this season.

    Dak haters want to complain about not paying Dak? At least Dak shows up and does his part to put up elite numbers! What about everyone else? What is their excuse? What's that? The Oline has been terrible so it affects Zeke and our WRs? And? It didn't affect Dak from doing his job and carrying this team.

    Why can't everyone else healthy on Offense with a big contract carry their weight (looking at you, Zeke and Amari). 2/3rds of the starting Oline have BIG CONTRACTS, yet they are all injured. The same goes for those healthy enough to play on Defense while having big contracts: where are you, Jaylon, D-Law, Crawford, etc? You guys are getting paid the big bucks. Where are the big, game-changing results?

    If everyone would start pulling their weight, including the coaches start making much smarter situational decisions, this team would have better results. Dak covered up a lot of the deficiencies on this team. Now we clearly see who is overpaid and/or not pulling their weight.
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