Perfect time to get started on Randy Gregory's next contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Jun 15, 2021.

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    Team friendly deal at a discount rate.

    Gregory owes it to this organization.

    And before all the "he owes this team nothing" posts, remember, this guy was suspended 3 or 4 times and basically missed 4 seasons. Most, if not all, organizations would have moved on from him by then and could very well have never been resigned.

    2 year extension at 16 million (9 million guaranteed).

    That's fair for both sides. Cowboys get a solid DE with upside for the next few years at a discount rate bland Gregory will have one more shot at cashing in on a final contract if he plays consistently well.

    Get it done.
  2. waving monkey

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    this will not happen
    good idea but no
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  3. Motorola

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    Truncated version of the last Tyrone Crawford contract. Could even add a third year - $24 mil - half guaranteed.
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  4. Tangle_Foot

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    I like Randy and I'm glad that we have shown patience with him, but the right time to get started on his next contract is after we get a full season.
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  5. MarcusRock

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    Disagree. We held on to him because he was cheap and saw potential. Despite the "Jerry loves his players" narrative, this was business. Nothing more. If Jerry's beloved Dez was expendable, anyone else would have been depending on the salary. Dez cost too much for what we were getting. Simple as that. Business. Josh Gordon is still floating around out there so teams will always be willing to take a flyer on a reclamation project. So yeah, Gregory owes the team nothing. If not a shot here, he'd have gotten one or several someplace else since he should have been a 1st Rounder. Then if he shined, we'd see all kinds of complaints about, "Why or why couldn't we have waited? We had him for cheap." Nature of humanity.
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  6. MonsterD

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    Everyone is so sure he is going to have 10 sacks this season but I still don't have much to go on for that rationale.
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  7. Reality

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    I don't think you extend any defensive contracts until they see what Quinn does with the defense this season and he gets a chance to determine which players best fit his system going forward.
  8. MarcusRock

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    Hear, hear. And who says Gregory is in a rush to sign anything? He just saw Dak bet on himself, get injured for the year and STILL win. I think it's prudent business-wise for BOTH sides to wait and see what becomes of this year. If Gregory is the monster people here seem convinced about, that kind of thing costs money. Would we have enough? If he's not, then make a decision about keeping him and at what cost. From the player's side, he has every reason to wait because he's looking to NOT be had for cheap anymore. If it doesn't work out for him this year, he will still get a 1-year offer someplace else to try again.
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  9. viman96

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    Disagree. Let him have a big season and earn the big contract.
  10. MyFairLady

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    LOL lets double down on the 28 year old bum just in case he decides to show up to play for the first time in his life. This kind of nonsense is why this team goes no where. I would be absolutely thrilled if he actually played great for one year on his current deal. After that the could resign for a fair price or drop off the face of the earth.

    The Dallas Cowboy way of doing business. Well Jerry this guy really hasn't done much for 6 years in a row. But I predict 2 years from now he will be a solid starter. Gee better not wait lets pay him like an all pro now just in case.
  11. MarcusRock

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    I have said this repeatedly. Everyone is penning in 10 sacks and he's never played a full season yet. Never.
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  12. calicowboy54

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    honestly i'd do:

    4 year extension 5.5m per year 2022 - 2026 (29yrs - 33yrs)
    1 year 2m 28 Yrs old 2021
    5 years total 24m

    if he screws up for any drug issues, he forfeits money and 0 cap hit if suspended (easy out for Drug issues)
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  13. fansince68

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    I would just prefer to NOT to assume that Randy is going to have a great year. That's how you get albatross contracts like Jaylon Smiths'.....just sayin
  14. dsturgeon

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    nothing else needs to be said
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  15. Bobhaze

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    I understand your thinking. And it would make sense with some players at certain times. But if I was RG, I would probably not accept a cheaper “team friendly” deal, bet on myself and if I had a great season, it would mean more dollars. Wouldn’t blame the Cowboys for trying, but if I’m RG’s agent, I would bet on the future.
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  16. Flamma

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    This would be the time to get Gregory at the best price. Team friendly or not. If Dallas doesn't and he kills it this upcoming season, he's gone. It's a risk either way. He could suck with a new contract too.
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  17. JoeKing

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    How about we wait and see how he does this season first?
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  18. john van brocklin

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    Might want to see how reliable he's gonna be before we offer a contract
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  19. john van brocklin

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    Yep, reaccess after the season
  20. Captain-Crash

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    Dak, "guys get all you can for yourself, they use to be more but you know, I deserved the king's ransom. so get what's left over" lol, I can hear him saying that and the groupies saying. "well jerry is a trillionaire so who cares, let them get what they can."

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