Perfect time to get started on Randy Gregory's next contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Rockport

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    Great post! He does owe the team for sticking with him through the Sativa and Indica ups and downs.
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  2. visionary

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    Not sure when you guys will learn but I guess the answer is NEVER
  3. CowboysFaninHouston

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    3 years, 21 M. 12 gauranteed.
  4. Captain-Crash

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    you hater. he deserves to get every penny that is left from the dak debacle.
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  5. erod

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    I wouldn't sign Gregory to a month contract. He's used up his collateral. It'll be game-by-game from here out.
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  6. ninja

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    Shouldn’t Quinn be adjusting his scheme based on the players he has. Yes, it works both ways but it should be player over scheme. Never pass up a good player for a player who fits a certain scheme.
  7. ninja

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    The team should only sign Gregory if Gregory is willing. Wait and see how the other players like Basham, Urban, O-dig, Golston, Armstrong, Lawrence look like first before making any long term decisions.

    Lawrence could be gone next year.

    Lowball Gregory and see if he is willing. If not, both teams are rolling dice and gambling.
  8. Reality

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    Absolutely .. for the players he has right now, which is why I said let the season play out first before extending any defensive players' contracts.

    That way, if some do not work out (for any reason), it gives Quinn a chance to find players that fit his system.

    If Quinn's defense turns out bad this year, then that may mean bringing in yet another coach which means a whole new system that would require even different players.
  9. Redball Express

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    As soon as I see "team friendly" I start laughing. Teams will cut you at anytime. Players have played the game their whole life and want to be taken care of. It's laughable truly. Team friendly means cheep. Nothing else. Who is willing to work for cheap in football?
  10. aikemirv

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    Does he owe them? Yes. He would have not been able to intermittently play if they had cut him.

    How much does he owe them? I think just the opportunity to match. I mean the guy has ruined his earnings career and if he has a good season he has pretty much one contract to make up for his screwups. Can't be giving any home team discount at this point for his future.
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  11. J12B

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    Cowboys could have cut Randy Gregory anytime over the last 4 years. They didn't.
  12. Aviano90

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    Would be awesome if he had 20 sacks and then demanded Lawrence money.
  13. Starforever

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    Randy Gregory, only owes the Jones family gratitude. Concerning his money, he should get as much as he can. Last time I checked, gratitude, cannot pay bills.
  14. ninja

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    Gregory has to weigh the injury risk. He could sign a team friendly deal right now. Say $5M/year with a Signing bonus of $10M. Sounds low but he is set up for life if he gets hurt bad this year. Wait and get hurt and get nothing. Wait and stink and get vet min. Play lights out and get $15M/year with a SB of $25M. Roll the dice.
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  15. ninja

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    What did the team really do for Gregory other than drafting him? They didn’t cut him. That is about it. Yeah, sure they believed in him and kept him. Didn’t cost anything.

    While suspended, the Cowboys were off the hook from paying him and he did not count against the roster. The Cowboys didn’t make any sacrifice keeping him. What does Gregory owe a team who really couldn’t do much even if it wanted? Jerry was barred from paying him during the suspension.
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  16. conner01

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    Or maybe just have a full season before you pay him
    Right now my offer would be very similar to what he’s making right now plus some incentives
    He’s never played a full season so why pay him like he’s actually done something?
  17. Maxmadden

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    Gregory has missed the Mega Million Train. He could probably get a decent 1 year deal from another team but nobody is signing him long term unless it is Jerry.
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  18. JohnsKey19

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    Makes sense for both sides to let it play out, at least a couple of months into the season.
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  19. CowboyRoy

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    Gregory did nothing wrong to be honest. NFL has all but admitted the pot rule was ridiculous. At least he’s not some immature chump like zeke. Gregory needs this next contract for his life money. This is his opportunity coming up.

    Gregory owes us a thank you, but he doesn’t owe a big discount. 9 million isn’t a bad number. If he puts up double digit sacks and plays well against the run. I wait until after the season.
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  20. CowboyRoy

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    I haven’t heard anyone predict it.

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