Perfect time to get started on Randy Gregory's next contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. ArtClink

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    Agreed and I’m sick of hearing this will be a “breakout year” for a guy with ability and potential but does not produce results. Jerry never admits a mistake so this is why we’re still trying to pretend Gregory will ever produce.
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  2. Maxmadden

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    So if I offered you millions of dollars to quit eating hamburgers for a year and you couldn't do it, for whatever reason you come up with, you got a problem.

    We don't know if his problem has been addressed, just one of the symptoms has been removed and he didn't remove it. Somebody else did, maybe Jerry.

    But if you can't see the risk in giving a player a multi year guaranteed contract that has struggled for 5 years to even play in a handful of games because he can't follow the rules as everyone else, you are missing the big picture. That is your problem
  3. CowboyRoy

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    No he’s fine. Has a mental issue and that’s that. Hasn’t affected him at all other than breaking the rule. Now it’s gone so the issue is gone. Gregory has no risk of suspension. He’s probably less of a risk than a guy like zeke fo example.

    I think he got railroaded to be honest. NFL should apologize. Nearly ruined his career and for what?
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  4. Maxmadden

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    I stand corrected
  5. ConstantReboot

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    I don't trust this FO. They wait till the last minute to try and sign their best players. They have not concept of leverage. Prescott's contract is a prime example.
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  6. Verdict

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    I would extend Gregory for one year. Give him a modest signing bonus this year and that way we can still move on from him after this season if he bombs out. Cut the prorated signing bonus in half if he plays this year and next.
  7. john van brocklin

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    Think he will give us a decent price, after sticking with him?
  8. DandyDon52

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    that is true, but if he has a very good season, then the price will go way up.
    To get him cheap, you would have to get him to sign deal now.

    If you get him on a cheap deal, and he doesnt produce that well, you could still dump him without much cap problem.
    But if he has a good season, then no way will he sign a cheap deal.

    I am not advocating to sign him, as I dont have much info on him, but the cowboys do.
    I think he is not very bright and only good at pass rush, but like I say i dont have enough info to say sign or dont sign.

    I think some people day dream about what he might do and think wow he is great lets sign him now lol.
    I will leave it to the genius jones boys, they always do the right thing ! :p:thumbup:
  9. Bullflop

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    So, Terence Watson says our FO should proceed to get started on Randy's contract, huh? Well, no doubt, they respect his opinion! :lmao:
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  10. DuncanIso

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    he will be 30 and UFA.

    he spent his best years watching football from home.
  11. CashMan

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    Where do you get the figure of $16M over 2yrs for a player that has been suspended multiple times in his short career, and has not had more than 6 sacks in a year? You literally could draft a player to replace this production.
  12. MyFairLady

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    Randy Bobandy doesn't even like playing football and you guys want to lock him up long term. Such madness can only be found at the Dallas Cowboys headquarters. This year is our one and only shot at ever getting production from him. It is his contract / retirement year. We will get his best what ever that ends up being. I predict a reasonable number of sacks with some pretty pathetic run defense. I hope and pray that we let him walk away at the end of the year but I just know that the drunken clown running the ship is gonna be so proud when he signs that big fat contract that will haunt us for years.
  13. superonyx

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    If I am Gregory I would not take a team friendly deal either.
    The risk though is the Cowboys realizing he plans to hit free agency and in order to protect themselves for both life after Gregory and to keep his salary down they make him a rotational player like he was last season. It would make sense for the team to rotate in young guys to see if they are worthy of future consideration while limiting Gregory's stats and keeping his future contract down.

    Either way everything is assuming he is the player we want for the next few years. DE's in free agency are so expensive. They are like corners these days.
  14. jnday

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    Exactly when has he played a full season to show his potential? Gregory has played well when he was on the field. He is the best pass rusher on the DL. I don’t care about a breakout year. I am only concerned with him playing the whole season and continuing playing like he has when he had limited snaps.
  15. superonyx

    superonyx Well-Known Member

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    I guess you missed the part where the NFL no longer suspends guys for smoking dope.
    Why assume future suspensions for a repeated violation that is no longer a violation?
    Seems like an uncomfortable reach.
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  16. jnday

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    I think Gregory owes the team a discount. He would not have a career if it wasn’t for Jerry sticking by him. No other team would have kept him around and their patience would have run out years ago. I am not saying that Gregory should play for pennies, but he should show some loyalty to the team for standing by him when nobody else would.
  17. Aviano90

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    His lawyer and his agent have stood by him, particularly his lawyer Daniel Moskowitz. Without him, Randy probably would have never been reinstated to begin with.
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  18. jnday

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    If Jerry had not saved his job for him, there would be no reason to bother with reinstatement. No other team wants this headache and they would have cut him loose years ago. Jerry is loyal to his players, sometimes to a fault. It is an admirable trait to have in life, but sometimes it is not a good trait to have as a GM and owner.
  19. fivetwos

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    6 for 110.

    90 guaranteed.

    Git it dun Jurr.....
  20. MarcusRock

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    This is what I mean about narrative with no basis. A convenient one to hope for a player getting less. The reason Gregory is still here is because he's been cheap and has potential. Other teams would have stuck with him too to see if they can get a return on their investment for the potential production. Business. Same for teams taking a flyer on a guy that another team gave up on. Even if we don't sign him, Gregory will get a shot someplace else next season. So we're not the only place in the world he can find work.

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