Peter King (FMIA) observations on the pending 2020 season, as informed by his Fauci interview

Discussion in 'COVID Zone' started by _sturt_, May 10, 2020.

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    As much as we all want to see this upcoming 2020 season get underway, I don't see how it will work if more than 1 player becomes sick with this virus? It would shut down a whole team for a minimum of 2 weeks. And that's not taking into account if it happens again later on in the season? I honestly don't think this will work without a vaccine readily available.
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    We will have a season regardless
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    Great info in the Fauci interview for anyone who may be going forward just assuming that September is so far off that the season is a certainty
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    We finally have a good coaching staff and we have had a great offseason. I truly think we could compete.

    It’ll be a serious bummer if we don’t have a season.
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    There will NOT be a season, me lads.

    If there is one, it will begin in November or December then shut down after 2 weeks until physicals are done, tests are assessed, players are cashiered and new ones signed.

    Then again:

    Anybody for a 6-game season?
    A 6-team playoff with 3 from the AFC and 3 from the NFC crowned by a "Superb Bowl"?

    Even if you empty the stands, ruffians, you'll still have over 100 blood- and saliva- and snot-slinging players colliding with each other on the field.
    And hundreds of broadcast crew dashing back and forth all over the stadium. Plus security to keep you Yahoo's away from an illegal look.

    Blokes, In my mind the NFL will shelve 2020 and begin in earnest in 2021. After the vaccine comes. Jerry, can you hold on for another seadon? Dez, can you wait another year?

    Don't cry for me, Argentina. Oh Hydaspes! The toll, the dilemmas, the wrath of nature!
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    Faucci is right, you got to test everybody before the game and anybody that test positive has to sit.

    No way can you put an infected player on the field, you just cant do that.

    So maybe the league expands the size of the roster to 60 or so to account for the possibility of 3-4 guys testing positive each week and not being able to play.
  9. BAT

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    May be time to require shields on all player facemasks, gloves and modified mouthpieces.

    It would be a start.

    Refs & coaches would need similar face shields, masks and gloves as well.
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  10. Beast_from_East

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    That's actually a good idea my friend, have better protective gear and the chance of transmission is lower.
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    Exactly why I'm happy we signed Dalton. Prescott has been known to disregard social distancing rules. Having starting caliber backup QB could be huge for us this season.
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  12. GimmeTheBall!

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    Don't hate me because I am handsome and popular.
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  13. AmericanCowboy

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    This guy has been pretty much wrong on everything and so hopefully he is wrong here.
  14. Fizziksman

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    100% a player or players are going to throw a massive party and get infected and that will be the end of it.
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  15. _sturt_

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    Adam Schefter adds intel to the general discussion...

  16. RD21

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    What's an NFL season worth roughly 16 Billion dollars, or so ..?? Uh... yeah, we're gonna have a season.

    There's all kinds of people screwed financially over all the nonsense going on but, this group of billionaires, & millionaires are gonna get theirs. Believe that. There will be a season.
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    Don't forget that most NFL owners are older people who are very scared about the disease. This will influence decisions.
  18. mooseq

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    Hypothetically speaking, if Dallas made it to the super bowl vs the chiefs and Mahomes had to sit the game because he test positive would you take that?
  19. TonyS

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    Funny how that interview focuses only on games, as far as I can tell. We have a whole training camp and preseason that should be happening soon which is much less self isolating and controllable than even games. The best possible scenario for the NFL is that they allow training camps, everyone shows up (which I think is debatable), and players contract the virus and get over it by the time the season rolls around. Most will be asymptomatic, a small portion will have serious symptoms, and one or two obese lineman may die from it. Coaches will have to be distancing and wearing masks.

    That's the best case scenario. I don't see this season happening, but I also thought Troy Hambrick could replace Emmitt, so what do I know?
  20. AmericasTeam81

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    Fauci is a crook with an agenda.

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