Peter Skoronski bored the heck out of Falcons Head Coach Arthur Miller

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I just found this funny in how awkward it must have been.

Update: #Titans 1st rounder Peter Skoronski claims that #Falcons coach Aruther Smith told him he's “Boring” him during the Combine interview.

"You're really boring me. Your answers are so boring."

"The whole meeting, he kept looking at his computer."

"I was kind of laughing to myself and said, ‘Sorry, I don’t know what you want me to do. I’m answering you honestly.’”


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Not saying it is true in this case but it is not uncommon for some interviewers to try to create uncomfortable situations to see how interviewees respond. I personally don’t buy into the thought that creating discomfort in one-off scenarios is an accurate reflection of how one handles situations but there are many who do. I have seen it many times and typically it’s more about how you handle the situation, not the actual answer.