PFF Awards 2016: Several Cowboys honored

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Phoenix, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Best Runner

    Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys


    Ezekiel Elliott didn’t make it all the way to Eric Dickerson’s rookie rushing record of 1,808 rushing yards, but he did eclipse the rookie marks of Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, Edgerrin James and Adrian Peterson, among others, each of whom was a pretty useful back in their day. Elliott finished the year as the league’s leading rusher, and did much of the work himself, averaging almost 3 yards per carry after contact and sustaining his excellent performance despite a huge workload. Elliott also led the league in carries, with 322 — 23 more than the next-highest figure — and averaged 5.1 yards per carry over the year. This was a good year for backs at the sharp end of the league, but none was better than Elliott.

    Runners-up: Jay Ajayi, RB, Miami Dolphins; David Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals

    Best Run Blocker
    Travis Frederick, C, Dallas Cowboys


    This may have been the closest and most hotly contested award of the season, with PFF’s analysts having to go through several rounds of knock-down, drag-out arguments to finalize it, but in the end, the range and versatility of the blocks Cowboys center Travis Frederick was asked to make within the Dallas running scheme is what earned him the award over the brute power of LT Donald Penn (Raiders) and consistent performances of C Alex Mack (Falcons). Frederick may be the most important member of that Cowboys’ offensive line, and was a big reason for the success of RB Ezekiel Elliott on the ground this season.

    Runners-up: Donald Penn, LT, Oakland Raiders; Alex Mack, C, Atlanta Falcons

    Rookie of the Year
    Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys


    There were some excellent rookie seasons on display in 2016, but Ezekiel Elliott led the NFL in rushing (1,631 yards), and was more than 300 yards clear of the chasing field. Elliott had the benefit of the Dallas offensive line blocking for him, but he also averaged 2.9 yards per carry after contact — the same as Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin’s averaged total per carry. Elliott also chipped in with 32 receptions, catching 86.5 percent of the passes thrown his way and dropping only one as he proved to be an every-down back for the Cowboys right out of the gate. Even in their losing playoff effort against Green Bay, the former Ohio State Buckeye posted 125 rushing yards on 22 carries as one of the team’s best players.

    Runners-up: Dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys; Jack Conklin, RT, Tennessee Titans; Joey Bosa, DE, San Diego Chargers
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    PFF? Pff.
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    I'm just never going to understand how Dak Prescott isn't considered the runaway rookie of the year. We know how important the passing game is generally and the quarterback position specifically. Prescott just had the best rookie season by any quarterback in history and finished third in the league in passer rating.
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    Dak was excellent.

    But Ezekiel Elliott was the lynchpin of our offense and the best back in the NFL for most of the year. EE's elite performance allowed the Cowboys to run an offense that required Dak to not be forced into taking a lot of risks.

    If I were voting, I'd have voted exactly the same way PFF did.
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    Check out some of their other awards:

    Best Offensive Lineman - Marshal Yanda, G, Baltimore Ravens

    Best Offensive Line - Tennessee Titans

    Best Pass Protector - David Bakhtiari, LT, Green Bay Packers

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    While the Titans has a really good offensive line it's nowhere near as good as the Cowboys offensive line.
  7. Nova

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    I think it's close, just like with the Raiders. But it's clear that the Cowboys are better.

    People will throw out stats that bode well for their guys, but OL stats are the least conclusive of any.

    Most analysts that know what they're talking about will agree Dallas is the best in the league because of the things the Cowboys will ask their elephants to do and then they're are blown away by the execution.
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    Five backs in the upcoming draft could do what Zeke did behind this line. Zero QB will be able to duplicate what Dak did regardless of the talent around them.

    Dakin' ain't easy(as he made it look)

    The guy from FSU would probably get 2,000 on 6.0 a carry
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    Absurdly wrong. A bad joke.

    Which is why EE is going to win more awards than any other rookie, and will finish above DP in mvp voting. The OL was great, but as has been shown repeatedly, EE does things no other back his size can do.
  10. Gameover

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    Voters, in general, are stupid

    Dak will show you in 2017 who are real MVP is.
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    Wow. You learn something every day. ESPN analyst whats her name just said David Johnson had 22,118 all purpose yards. That's incredible.
  12. Toruk_Makto

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    It's the same reason Romo didn't win MVP in 2014. Silliness.
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    is it that outlandish a claim? Afterall 3rd rounder Demarco Murray had a better season behind a worse line in 2014.
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    the tony effect.
  15. TNCowboy

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    So you're agreeing with is comment that 5 backs in this coming draft alone are as good as EE?

    Unquestionably one of the dumbest things ever posted on this website.

    EE will get the lion's share of rookie awards because he's undeniably the best rookie.
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  16. Toruk_Makto

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    He didn't say there are 5 backs as good as EE. HE said 5 could run for 1600 yards behind this line and in our offense. I don't doubt that. I really don't. Old man Mcfadden had 1100 yards in just 11 starts in 2015 with the worst QB play in the league by far.

    Egregious use of resources drafting Zeke 4th overall.
  17. robjay04

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    No he didn't. Maybe as an all around back but not as a pure runner.

    Zeke had a higher YPC and more touchdowns----he also played one less game and took two games to get up to speed.

    Week 3-16....Zeke was a much better runner.
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    So can they block as well?

    Do they have the power/speed combo with great hands? Do they get better as the game goes on and hurt defenders who dare tackle them.

    This team is 8-8 AT BEST if you have McFadden instead of Zeke back there. Some people just want to be right so bad, they still act like drafting Zeke was a waste when he should've broke the rookie record if his coach didn't take him out the last 6 quarters.

    It's funny...a year ago everyone thought Todd Gurley was the best rookie runner in a generation....he can't even hold Zeke's jock. He's just not the complete back and not many backs are coming out of college.
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    Me too
    And Dak looks like he was runner up
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  20. Toruk_Makto

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    You seem very invested in this. I've said my piece on this. Zeke is a Cowboy. I Hope he can stay healthy for a decade something unusual at the position. Knowing what i Know now i still would not have taken Zeke 4th overall. Because i always thought he'd be awesome in this offense. The question was always cost and opportunity cost. Not worth it when you consider what you can get for much cheaper.

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