News: PFF Ranks Diggs the Top Corner in Press Coverage

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pass2Run, Jun 20, 2022.

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    Do you know what the coverage was?
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    His a gambler
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    Kazee rotated into single high post-snap. The coverage had him there to easily make the PBU. A good safety possibly intercepts the ball. A mediocre safety like Kazee overruns the play and gives up an additional 40+ yards and a TD.
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    Because few that watched him play would rank him as the best cover corner. He has great ball skills but he's not as good in coverage as Brown is.

    Ranking and stats are for people that don't watch the games.
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    But no one is saying that Diggs is the best cover corner....PFF actually ranks him somewhere between #40-50 (Id have to look it up) in coverage. The article is talking one specific coverage, that makes up about 1/7th of his snap count, which is why im shocked its causing this much of a stir. It's like an olineman who excels in pass blocking but cant move an interior defender off the line in a run play to save his life. Both can be true.
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    I will take it!
    Don't know how true it is however

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