PFF Ranks Starting QB’s Ahead of 2021 Season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, May 18, 2021.

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    I would not have Jackson in the top 10 unless it's about running QB's, then he's #1. He is an inconsistent passer.

    I would not have Mayfield in the top 10, I'd put Murray in his place.

    After this season, if they redo it, I'd bet Stafford makes it.

    And it would not surprise me if Darnold were to make that list. He's got talent and has the King Maker, Joe Brady, as his OC. Joe Burrow should send him a % of his salary each week. Darnold has the best coaching and talent around him he's ever had.
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    Hmm, sounds like a QB that I know of. Let's see? Oh, now I remember, Dak Prescott!
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    Educate yourself.

    1) Dak Prescott had the fourth-most passing yards in the NFL when the game was within 10 points in either direction. He was racking up plenty of obscene stats while the games were competitive.

    2) Dallas ranked 16th in the NFL in 4th quarter pass attempts when trailing by double digits. Russell Wilson, Jared Goff, and Matt Ryan are just a few of the quarterbacks who were throwing the ball more than Dak Prescott in garbage time.

    Let’s look at Dak’s biggest games from a passing yards perspective. Four really stand out, all of which were over 390 yards passing.


    The fourth most was against Minnesota when Dak threw for 397 yards. That game, which we just mentioned Dallas was in position to win late, certainly wouldn’t qualify as garbage time.

    The third most prolific game was the opening week against the Giants, in which he passed for 405 yards. That game did get ugly, but Dak threw for 388 of those yards before it was give up time for the Giants. Dak went just 2 for 3 for 17 yards in the game’s final 19 minutes, which is roughly the entire final third of the game.

    Dak’s second-highest performance was 444 yards on the road against Detroit. Dallas won that game by just 8 points, and Detroit wasn’t playing garbage time football at any point. 100% of Dak Prescott’s performance was competitive football.

    His most prolific game was against the Packers in which he threw for 463 yards in a 10-point loss. This is the closest thing to garbage time that you could classify, as Green Bay was up 31-3 with about 18 minutes left in the game.

    Even still, the Green Bay game doesn’t really equal garbage time when you look more closely at it. The Packers never really went into soft coverage that would allow Prescott to clean up on intermediate throws, and the game was back within reach for the Cowboys just over a minute into the fourth quarter. At a glance it can look like Dak Prescott did his damage in garbage time against the Packers, but that’s a lazy take without any effort to research when he racked up his yards, and the way that Green Bay was defending him.
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    How is he going to escape these lawsuits and the NFL's conduct policy? A couple of complaints, he might slip by but this hasn't really reared it's ugly head yet. Shame, I really liked this kid. Not that I don't like a good massage as well.
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    Are you having a brain bleed now? Where did I mention Dak? Where exactly? My point was Watson is not top 5. That was it.
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    oh shoot. My bad.

    I may have the brain bleed.
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    I agree. The first one I thought it was BS. Then they just kept coming out. It will be tough for him to avoid some trouble here.
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    I said sans-off field issues. Talking solely the players. And Allen getting better from being bad his rookie year doesn’t negate the fact that he’s only had 1 great season. Watson was a baller as soon as he stepped on the field. Look up every QB ranking from the last 2 years, Watson is 99% of the time top 6. Allen just popped into the convo this year.
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    Matt Ryan has built an entire perception as an elite QB off of 2012 and 2016 alone. If you take out those years his career QBR is in the 80s and he’s just a guy.
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    There will be quite a bit of upheaval as the younger players begin to establish their place in the pecking order. The retirements and age decline over the past few seasons has really diluted what it means to be a top 10 QB.
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    You should look a little closer. There is really only one game this might apply.

    KC - Houston lost bad, but his numbers weren't great, so you can't say this is an example.
    Baltimore - Same as KC.
    Pit - Houston led almost the entire game until losing late.
    Min - Down by 8 entering the 4th. Biggest deficit was 15 with 11 minutes to go. Not garbage time.
    Jax - Houston Won
    Ten - Lead entering the 4th Qtr, lost in OT.
    GB - Got blown out early - Here's your one example.
    Jax - Win
    CLE - 10-7 game
    NE - Win
    Det - Blowout win
    Ind - 4 pt game at the half, a lone safety was the only scoring in the 2nd half by either team.
    Chi - A blowout loss, but Watson's numbers were mediocre.
    Ind - Tied until 1:47 in the 4th
    Cin - Lead with 6:15 left to go.
    Ten - 3 Pt game going into the 4th, Tied up at :18, lost on last second FG.
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    So, this will be Dak's 6th year, but he somehow will have 7 with Moore?
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    This is completely untrue. His team was in a lot of games they lost and his TDs to Int and rating was off the chart on such a bad team. It was an incredible year


    Only four quarterbacks in NFL history have finished a season with more than 4,500 passing yards, more than 30 touchdowns, fewer than 10 interceptions and an average of more than 8.5 yards per pass. Those quarterbacks were:

    Peyton Manning in 2004, when the Colts went 12-4.

    Aaron Rodgers in 2011, when the Packers went 15-1.

    Matt Ryan in 2016, when the Falcons went 11-5.

    And Deshaun Watson in 2020, when the Texans went 4-12.

    Watson’s performance this season was unprecedented, because ordinarily when a quarterback is playing at an MVP level, his team is winning. Watson had his great season on one of the worst teams in the NFL.

    The Texans lost eight games this season in which Deshaun Watson threw 25 or more passes and had a passer rating over 100. Never before in NFL history had a quarterback lost more than five such games in a season.

    According to Pro Football Focus, Watson took his game to the next level in 2020. His regular-season passing grade of 92.5 was the 19th-best regular-season grade recorded since 2006, when PFF began keeping complete statistical data for the league.

    To put that in perspective, anything above a grade of 90.0 is considered historically great.

    Watson is one of just 29 quarterbacks to finish a regular season with at least a 90.0 passing grade, and the other 28 all started under center for franchises that ended the season .500 or above. That makes Watson's feat for the 4-12 Texans even more impressive.

    With a lack of support from the defense and run game and few offensive weapons, PFF argues that Watson was the league's best QB in 2020, finishing with the best single-season performance by a QB in the past 15 years.
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    Agree... Lamar also has no WRs.
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    Plus getting up there in age.
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    So did Dak.
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    Looking forward to seeing what Matt Stafford does this year.
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    The QB can be graded without team record, success, or lack there of. After all, there are very good QB's on bad teams and vice versa.
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    I think he should be above Allen, and Watson likely won't be playing this year.
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