News: PFT: Dak Prescott gets a long-term deal with Anheuser-Busch

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Robbieac

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    I know that I am probably in the minority, but I wish we would stop glorifying alcohol and the party scene. Good, clean, and wholesome things rarely ever come from promoting alcohol. At the least....bad things are more likely to happen.

    But unfortunately this is the society that we live in....
  2. ESisback

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  3. Qcard

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    Now Dak will take "less" to really piss off the Haters:clap:
  4. visionary

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    I bet Dak could have got the same deal if he were the QB of the Jaguars or the Ravens or the Bears

    What Dak needs to do is wake up
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  5. reddyuta

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    I honestly think bud light tastes like water mixed mildly with a bit of alcohol.
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  6. LatinMind

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    i read a article a few weeks back that says he makes 50mil a yr om endorsements.
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  7. pete026

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    You forgot the other ingredient...... piss.
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  8. black label

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    like corso said beer is chaser
  9. America's Cowboy

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    This is great news for both Dak and the Cowboys! Looks like a new contract will be agreed upon that works for both parties after all.


  10. Bigdog

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    The liquor store clerk approves of this. Now if he can just give us the scoop on Dak’s next contract and who we are drafting.
  11. Risen Star

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    Yep. Peddle beer to the kids.
  12. Flamma

    Flamma Well-Known Member

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    Did you read the last line in that article? There is no reason to expect Dak to ask for anything less that 90 million fully guaranteed over the first 2 years of his contract. They're basing that on what it would cost on the tag. If he wants that then Jerry needs to call him a taxi.
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  13. cern

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    That assumes we tag him two more times. Might just be once.
  14. StarBoyz83

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    30 per for dak get it done jerry
  15. Londonboy

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    Brewed by Klingons?
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  16. black label

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    imagine gimps pushing chasers lol
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  17. jaythecowboy

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    That has been going around for a while but they misquoted the original source.
  18. Hawkeye0202

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    Not's not $50M a year in monies paid. There's an insurance policy included but no one seems to know how much. Can't remember the exact numbers but I think I once read it was valued somewhere around $30M which would mean his yearly endorsements at the $20M range. Hell, that's still a lot.........I'll if I can dig up the article.
  19. daboyzruleperiod

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  20. Flamma

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    That's not what they meant in the article. They meant assuming the Cowboys sign Dak long term he should expect 90 million fully guaranteed within the first two years of that contract. That's how I read it.

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