News: PFT: Damien (not Donovan) Wilson arrested after ex-GF accuses him of threatening to kill her

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Apr 18, 2022.

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    Who cares? This is just filler because the board is so dead rn
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    It helps when its posted here too, some were confused it was Donovan Wilson, lol.
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  3. G2

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  4. glimmerman

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    I think he got in some trouble while he was here for pulling a shotgun after a argument with some fans. Trying to get out of the parking lot and almost ran into someone.
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  5. ESisback

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    Linking any troubled player to the Cowboys garners click$. Have to do it discreetly, however, so they don’t look like they have an agenda….
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  6. Carson

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    Correct, in 2017.

    Don't forget him being shot in the eye with a paintball in 2016 and missing time lol
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  7. john van brocklin

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    Sorry I did not realize he was no longer with the Cowboys.
    I saw the last name Wilson :oops:
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  8. Fletch

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    But D. Wilson was a RKG.
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  9. G2

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    We need more of that here.....
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  10. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Keeping up with the roster is part of being a fan. Those that had to be told it's Damien not Donovan, you suck.
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  11. Floatyworm

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    Thank God....
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  12. 8FOR!3

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    Facebook news be like: "Former Cowboys legend threatens to kill ex GF"
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  13. ESisback

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  14. jrumann59

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    Well he may be cooked considering he had a gun incident here in Dallas.
  15. Cmac

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    Yet the catch phrase to read the story......."Former Cowboy".
  16. America's Cowboy

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    So the DA makes an arrest on a player based solely on an accusation from his ex-girlfriend, but the one who concealed a brawl and drive-by shooting that ended in the murder of an innocent young man (would have continued to stay quiet and concealed the criminal incident if he wasn't ID'd by police investigators) is free to continue with his life and career?

    Sounds like Jerry pulled some strings for the player who currently is on his team.
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  17. Captain-Crash

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    Is he a rapper too, and misunderstood good kid. "Beating your wife isn't so bad if you can still play" right guys.
    he's probably a "bossman2"
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