News: PFT: Federal judge reinstates Ezekiel Elliott suspension

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Oct 30, 2017.

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    And she has warts and its halloween
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    The one sided is in fact. The Mafia way its all about Vegas. If you wanna see the cowboys win. Bet against them. That'll get them all the calls
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    Its not the White Knights fault they were trained that way
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    Be a huge waste of time. Civil suit does nothing as it pertains to his status with the league.
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    Her position was basically, "you players agreed to the terms so those are the terms". There's really no need to conjure up a conspiracy when the NFLPA bent over and agreed to give Goodell absolute authority.
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    This is telling, its as if she is trying to say, she is the one protecting the public's interest by punishing a member ii a society that is full of carnage. And by his association with said Carnage league he is in fact a public menace that the public needs to be protected against said menace. Its as if there is some underlying truth that football players are dangerous. And should all be assumed guilty

    Wow. This here is some kind if Super SJW Hero. She belongs in the INJUSTICE LEAGUE
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    I agree @Kaiser this whole thing stinks to the high heavens for any judge to agree with the evil that Goodell, and his idiot horde of minions brought against Zeke is downright insane. This is black balling and total abuse of power 101 and Goodell is a total disgrace and I wish that POS could be fired tomorrow and there are other things I think of when it comes to this jackass but I can't say here that just how much I hate this man.
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  8. Fizziksman

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    unfortunately this is what the owners pay him the big bucks for...he struck a massive blow to the NFLPA again.
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    I heard she got 50 lb of barbecue from somewhere in Kansas City earlier today and she also got a bunch of Home Depot gift cards from somewhere in Atlanta maybe that means something?

    The timing is perfect, right as
    Dallas hits toughest part of schedule.
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  10. Sarge

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    Serve the six and get it over with.
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  11. Wezsh0T

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    I still don't get how do you suspend a guy for 6 games when the allegations against him are so unproven? Maybe he did it and maybe he didn't do it. From reading the documents, it's clear to me that Zeke and his gf didn't have a standard relationship, but the accusations of DV have enough holes in them that I don't think you can suspend a guy 6 games. It's not like there was a video showing him knock his gf out after coming out of an elevator. That is indisputable and clear evidence.

    This whole thing makes very, very little sense. And for being someone who was supposed to "clean up the NFL", Goodell sure is pretty selective about who he "cleans up". Ray Rice? Josh Brown? not even in the same ballpark as Ezekiel Elliott. Messed up is all I can say.
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  12. GroundZero1970

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    Anyone see where the judges husband negotiated FOR the nfl in the last cba....Corruption at its finest and this whole thing needs investigated
  13. Cincycowboy

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    Can fans file a class action lawsuit against goodell? He really needs to feel some pain for this. He’s done as commissioner
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  14. plasticman

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    Trying to uderstand this judge's reasoning is a waste of time. She made that ruling based on her own best interests and that involves obtaining a certain amount of local popularity in New York.

    By the way, one of the members of Goodel's 'advisory board' included a self proclaimed New York sports fan, the prosecuting attorney that tried John Gotti and the top two terrorists responsible for planning 9-11. This is how commited he was to finding dirt on Zeke.
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  15. GroundZero1970

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  16. Swanny

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    I know it's really useless to try and do this but if only all Cowboys fans refused to watch any other games during these 6 weeks will guarantee Goodell is a goner.

    On topic though. I think this just comes down to how awful the CBA is and how awful the players union is. I'd be asking myself if I were Zeke "why do I pay these union dues?". Its sad to see this great sport being ruined by Goodell and this terrible players union. Wish there was something more I or we could do as fans to help get this league back on track.
  17. Fizziksman

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    that's the CBA for you. Goodell can pick and choose who to go after and win because of how terrible the CBA is. Going after big names is what gives him the most leverage over the player's union. He's going force them to cave in and remove his power but giving up massive concessions in return which makes the owners happy.
  18. Broges74

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    ******... got my hopes up that the courts would do the right thing. Forgot all the hesitence of knowing how pro big business we are.
  19. jblaze2004

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    Lets Hope Mcfadden has been staying in shape. lol
  20. Silver N Blue

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    I don't get this crap how 1 out of 3 judges can see something different. More and more fans are going to continue to walk away from supporting their teams and don't think for one second fans outside of the cowboys circle do not support the NFL over this bull crap...freaking unbelievable...
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