PFT: Papa John's CEO, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder wanted Goodell fired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, May 7, 2022.

  1. JayFord

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    I understand Goddell has had a big hand in making the nfl into the beast it is through marketing

    But the actual nfl product as a whole is obnoxious, from the constant commercials, to the draft being almost a clown show and the schedule release being an actual clown show by having parties and now a week long schedule release. Then you factor in the refs who are the worst in any of the 4 major sports in the US I mean it's not that their bad but it's the fact no one holds them accountable all of this is happening under Goddells watch

    Maybe it's because I'm an older fan but the product is disgraceful at times and if removing Goddell makes it better I'm all for it, but he works for the owners really so it may not matter
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  2. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Yes, but what has he done wrong for them? He is in the middle of all the activities that happen.... And why the hate for Goidell?
  3. CowboysFaninHouston

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    He doesn't make those decisions. It's competition committee that includes owners, coaches and GMs. He is not a dictator of NFL. And as I mentioned NFL has never been so popular. Few like y may coming. More people become interested and fans.
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    Goodell almost single handily saved the league from further litigation and lawsuits from head injuries which his testimony to Congress ensured the league would take action with new rule changes , stricter officiating and financial assistance to those already affected .

    I’m not sure fans realize how threatened the future of the league was . No other commissioner has been faced with the potential far reaching damage the league has undertook on his watch.

    All the while continuing to enhance their network deals , wealth and image of the league . He no doubt will go down as one of the greatest commissioners in sports history despite some of the petty criticism from some fans over personal conduct decisions which again were in the best interest of the league protecting the shield .
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  5. Ranched

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    Lol. Dan Snyder is in a heap of trouble. With that said, Goodell is going to do everything in his power to repay Snyder's generous karma!
  6. kskboys

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    Geeez, I'm continuously amazed at how many don't understand Goodell's role as the fall guy/heat taker. How are people so gullible?

    What Jerry is actually fighting is the other owners. Don't forget, when Jerry tried to make moves to get rid of Goodell, the other owners renewed his contract and gave him a hefty raise. Goodell is put in place to carry out the orders of the owners. He's the assassin, not the one who ordered the hit.
  7. kskboys

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    Goodell is one of the best NFL Commishes pf all time. He's done his job at a very very high level. The more people hate him, the better the job he's done.
  8. blueblood70

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    and who cares .. i wish the coup would have worked RG is tyrannical ruler..hes ruining the NFL and so bias and inconsistent with how he handled his own rules then judge and jury for his appeals etc its ridiculous how theres no one set of rules and punishments it has a bias floating scale..he also making it soft and has far too many rules and his official are juts bad..yet he ignores it..

    the way its going his next job with be ruler of North Korea..:laugh: this is his practice..
  9. Mr_437

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    Jerry has to be breaking some sort of record for bad press this off-season. Do you think someone is trying to ruin him or is karma just catching up to him?

    Also, Goodell has seemed to stick it (pause) to the Cowboys every chance he gets, and we see why. Tho it's amazing lil Danny Snyder is still holding on to his team.
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  10. Silly

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    That is true. But there is so much money given to the players that they have to protect them.
  11. Praxit

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    ..Gordy found out, now Jerry's cowboys walk a thin line.
  12. john van brocklin

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    Jerry is not a good GM, this has to be obvious to even the most causal observer of the Cowboy's.
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  13. Miller

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    I never understood Goodell’s reign. He screwed up Ray Rive investigation; he screwed up Deflategate and looked inept….he really hasn’t handled much well except the owners monetary interests. But he’s also been an embarrassment. Guy is a clown. A well paid clown
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  14. Jake

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  15. Dre11

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    Lol... Jones would own the league, he already git them once. Lol
  16. NotForLong

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    Have you ever researched His Family?

  17. ChronicCowboy

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    The Goodell simps on this board are shocking.
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  18. Cowpolk

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    Jerry did not fire Jimmy
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  19. lonestar2288

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    Goodell has made it the bigger spectacle, but Rozelle by far produced the better product. For that matter so did Tagliabue IMO. MNF, the Pro Bowl, even the playoffs to an extent had more substance then as opposed to now. Maybe my age is showing, but today's game in general doesn't excite me near as much as it did. I still enjoy it, and prefer it to all the other sports, but the game and atmosphere are completely different. For me Goodell represents that change. I'm just not impressed with his tenure
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  20. Vintage

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    May god wipe Goodell from the face of this planet.

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