News: PFT: Wade Phillips says Jason Garrett is "better head coach than I was"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. CowboyRoy

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    I have always said that Wade was better. And with football, X and O's hes way better. Calling a game, decisions for sure.

    But I now give Garrett the nod for being a better figurehead and or team leader. For what thats worth. Personally, I would want neither guy has HC. As coordinators, its not even close.
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  2. JMech

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    Good perspective. I still dont believe that Garrett is the leader of this team. The leadership is with 4 players on the offense and a couple or three on the defense. That is the core leadership on this team. When Garrett is standing in front of the team and talking all they hear is..........blah, blah, blah, blah. Similar to his press conferences.
  3. bigdnlaca

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    Ok so noone is going to bring up the bandage on his arm?
  4. Redball Express

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    Smack talking, boys.

    Aim it at the Lambs.

    We all brothers here.


    We all have people we rub the wrong way here.

    Play's game time.

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  5. davidariust24

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    They have to out physical us to win . I feel like our run defense cant allow themselves to get out physicaled firstly. Secondly, they cant get fooled by alot of player, lineman movement/blocking and set up blocking. To have success you have to fool our linebackers or simply out physical us. I'd love sua filo to start but if Connor William's plays he needs to be ready for a TON of aaron Donald because Donald wants the weakest link. Suh is a load and could cause major problems himself. The front four can cause problems. They may try to concentrate on the run more and try to make prescott beat them but allow Donald to peel his ears back to get to the qb at all times, not that they qont try to get the qb but the run. Is more important. I'm sure their linebackers will be fired up since they want to win and no one ever talks about them. It's going to be a good game
  6. Melonfeud

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    * so,I reckon yer' one of them there, " keeping score&playing fer keeps" type ,,,eh?o_O
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  7. davidariust24

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    If I'm wade Phillip's I'd stop the run first and make Dak beat me. I'd ask my corners to play their best game because they are needed. He has two former pro bowlers in Talib and peters. I know Talib stepped up to the challenge many times before taking on one on one assignments. His most notable was gronkowski.. Phillip's may want double cooper and just knuckle up vs the rest of the receivers and stop the run. .he is know for having something you haven't seen in big games . We just have to come out hungry and ready to play
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  8. DFWJC

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  9. Idgit

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    It's easy when you're always right. :)
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  10. links18

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    Coach Cupcake admits he's a cupcake? How cupcake-like of him.
  11. Melonfeud

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    Son of Bum definitely ain't no slouch,in fact he could be what some would consider a genuine defensive guru in the defensive scheming of a single game& given the time to extensively break down/study upon the opponent (He had that Denver defensive unit wired right in their last Superbowl appearance,that's for sure)o_O
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  12. davidariust24

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    Yes he did
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  13. Cowboysfandarin

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    Wade is a great defensive football mind, but he is not a leader. He's just too damn nice. He's the guy you want to be the grandfather to your kids type, not leading an NFL team. I always liked Wade, just not as my head coach. He's just too soft, too nice, too mellow.
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  14. CT Dal Fan

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    There was a side to Phillips when he was alone with the players the public never saw. He could "bite", to borrow Jerry Jones' words, when the situation called for it. He was just not "that way" enough for the players to buy into it when he was tough and aggressive.

    I think it was just a case of Wade being a better coordinator than head coach. Like you, I always liked Wade. And the Cowboys had some real good defenses when he was here.
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  15. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Mind games. lol And that isn't saying much Wade.
  16. Runwildboys

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    Show me where even one player has so much as hinted at this.
  17. JMech

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    In the midst of their horrific start this season, the players and the lockerroom clearly indicated issues with coaching.
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  18. ItzKelz

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    Duh....JG is one of the best coaches in the NFL.
  19. Outlaw Heroes

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    I’m a bit surprised people aren’t making more of how big it is for Wade to say something like this. Whatever you think of him as a coach, Wade is pure class.

    I actually think he’s also being a bit charitable to Garrett (though I think Jason is a far better leader and team architect). The knock on Wade was always that his teams, which often had regular season success, couldn’t do much in the playoffs. Garrett still hasn’t proven that his teams can do more.
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  20. JayFord

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    Wade may not have had playoff success but dang it I liked wade and he always got regular season wins tho

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