Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown nearly injured child in furniture-tossing tantrum, lawsuit sa

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by erod, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. erod

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    Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown is accused of nearly striking a toddler with one of the pieces of large furniture he hurled from a 14th-story balcony during an April outburst, a new lawsuit says.

    Brown, 30, is accused of throwing multiple pieces of furniture -- including two large vases and an ottoman -- off his Florida apartment's balcony, nearly hitting a 22-month-old child and his grandfather, KDKA-TV reported, citing court documents.

    The lawsuit claims surveillance footage shows the objects falling from the balcony and landing near the child and man, KDKA-TV reported. One of the vases shattered when it hit the ground -- about 2 feet from the child, TMZ reported, citing the lawsuit.

    This dude is becoming more unhinged by the day.
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  2. Kevinicus

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    What is the the lawsuit for? People are suing for *almost* getting hurt now?

    Reads Link....yep, they are.
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  3. erod

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    Endangering an infant child is a serious offense.
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  4. Kevinicus

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    Was the child harmed? No? Okay, no lawsuit.
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  5. erod

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    So as long as you don't shoot the kid, it's OK to put the baby right next to the target at the shooting range?

    If that vase hit the baby, it very well could have killed it, or done irreparable brain damage.

    Have you honestly never heard of child endangerment?
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  6. John813

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    I guess the question I have, was why was he tossing that ****?
    Tantrum? Trying to nail the dude and the baby?
  7. nightrain

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    Get the checkbook out. This one is going to sting.
  8. HardHittin'Witten

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    Zeke will get suspended for 6 games because of this.
  9. Kevinicus

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    Child endangerment would be a criminal offense.

    The child was not harmed. There is no injured party here to support a lawsuit.

    Some old lady almost ran into me as I was crossing the street (with the walk signal at the stop light). I guess I should sue her since she endangered me. Doesn't matter that she didn't actually hit me, and I'm still 100% perfectly healthy.
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  10. erod

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    You just don't get this.

    He's about to write a big check.
  11. Kevinicus

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    I do get it.

    Who is the INJURED party here?

    Doing something wrong does not mean that someone was injured.

    If he writes a check, it will be for a fine. This lawsuit will be tossed.
  12. EST_1986

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    Lawsuit for *ALMOST* getting hurt haha

    So stupid.
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  13. Denim Chicken

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    You have to prove damages in a civil case.
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  14. Aviano90

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    I'm guessing they will try to claim some psychological damage the event had on the toddler and Brown will settle out of court.
  15. funkytown

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    Almost doesn't count in this case.

    But what is going on with this guy? He's 30 and losing it.
  16. Ghost12

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    I hadn't heard about this incident but if the accusation is true, he is lucky he didn't hit - and yes potentially kill - someone.
  17. Flamma

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    I agree with this. Similar to reckless driving, someone on the street can't sue you because you stressed them out when you drove by. Unless they can somehow prove he intentionally targeted the individuals I don't see the lawsuit going anywhere.
  18. MarcusRock

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    Was my therapy pigeon flying by when this alleged incident occurred? He may have been nearly hit. How can I get in on this lawsuit?

    I hope no one is on these boards criticizing TMZ.
  19. Aerolithe_Lion

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    You say that, and run you immediately contradict it. This will he settled out of court for 6 figures.
  20. catiii

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    If this had happened in TX it would be a criminal offence, called DEADLY CONDUCT, the same as waving a gun around even if you didn't pull the trigger. Everyone calling this guy innocent of any wrongdoing is totally mad.
    Texas Penal Code 22.05 – Deadly Conduct. (a) A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.
    Note that no one has to actually BE injured. Class A Misdemeanor unless one fires a weapon in the direction of someone else then it's a Felony 3.

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