READ THIS *** Please do not post links, tweets with links, etc. to PAID content! ***

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We do not allow content (even snippets), links, tweets with links, etc. to content that requires a subscription to access to be posted on CowboysZone for a variety of reasons.

For example, many large paid content sites tend to be fiercely protective of their content and hire content monitoring services to scan the internet for their content.

Even posting a link or a tweet with a link can be problematic because at some point, someone with a subscription is going to post snippets or the full article in question on the site trying to help out fellow members here.

There is nothing wrong with those sites wanting to charge for their content, especially if people are willing to pay for it. However, since they are charging for their content they should be willing to pay for the promotion of their content on other sites.

I would like to also note that this does not include sites that allow you to view X articles per month as those sites at least give their non-subscribers a chance to read some of their content.
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