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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rockport, May 9, 2021.

  1. Kwyn

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    Not so much

    38 Cornerbacks
    30 EDGE
    25 LBs
    18 DT
    18 Safeties

    Safety continues to be one of the least valued defensive positions by *all* NFL teams, not just the Cowboys

    There were more CB’s drafted than Safeties and Tackles *combined*

    As much as I want to be one of those Cowboy Zone experts (and I’ve been as guilty as any) who says “give me a massive 1 technique and an elite Safety”, that opinion, is patently out of step with the way the true industry professionals view defense in today’s NFL.
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  2. Kwyn

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    I think he’s too big to be a safety. He’s extremely versatile, but he’s a LB. he’s a fast LB and supposedly good in coverage but I don’t think he can fake it as a safety
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  3. TwoCentPlain

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    Heath is still available for vet min, I think.
    UFA Coyle might show something.
    Other teams will be cutting safeties.

    If the DL gets pressure and the LBs and CBs do their job, safety should not be a concern.
  4. Teague31

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    Jourdan Lewis will be a safety.
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  5. AsthmaField

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    No, he’s good in coverage for a LB… not a safety. Particularly not a free safety.

    He might could play some SS in a heavy alignment or something but IMO, he’s a LB only.
  6. Zekeats

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    start or start?
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  7. Zekeats

    Zekeats theranchsucks

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    Pretty solid? He was one of our best defenders and impacted games.
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  8. AsthmaField

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    Sorry… start off practicing at safety.
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  9. Zekeats

    Zekeats theranchsucks

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    Was kidding. I knew what you meant. Is that for certain though?
  10. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    That’s what they said. I can’t remember who exactly with the team said it now… but it was someone like Jones, McCarthy or Quinn. I didn’t doubt it at all when I heard (or read) it. It was during the last day of the draft when this guy was drafted.

    It makes sense to try him out there, so I’d imagine they’ll start him there.
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  11. tm1119

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    Couldn't this have more to do with available talent than value? It’s like saying C’s aren’t valuable because so few are drafted. FS is 1 of the harder positions to play in the sport, it involves needing both elite athleticism and smarts.

    Not to mention there’s 3 starting CB’s Vs 2 safeties and safety isn’t a position that gets rotated like D line or LB.
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  12. Melonfeud

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    They'd be miles ahead if they just brought back #38
  13. btcutter

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    i would love to hear what is the rationale of this team for continuing to ignore the S position?
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  14. Kolemmitt

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    Yep. I am more and more convinced of this.
  15. Aven8

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    Neal is a throwback lay the wood type safety. He’s better suited closer to the line for us and his own health.
  16. jnday

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    I would love to hear it too. When you have a problem that lasts this may years and very little effort has been made to address the problem, there has to be a reason. I had rather see them come out and say that safety is the lowest priority on the roster, behind long snapper . It’s ridiculous when a good safety could improve the defense so much.
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  17. Kwyn

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    Do they?

    I think the league sees it differently

    There hasn’t been a safety taken in the first round in the past two drafts. There hasn’t been a safety drafted in the top ten since Jamaal Adams 8 years ago.

    Other than RB and TE, there hasn’t been a more devalued position over the last decade

    I *want* to like the safety position. The image of that fast, ball-hawking, big-hitting roamer across the middle of the field definitely has an appeal to many, me included.

    I’m just not sure if it matches the reality of their impact.

    it may also be one of those positions where a really good one can be a big difference maker but once you get past the top five guys in the league, they start being a bit indistinguishable.
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  18. kiheikiwi

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    Yeah, not buying that at all.
    With as much emphasis as the league now places on passing. A single high safety is becoming more and more prevalent again.
    Listen to any of the scouts etc talk about how important the position is again. Back end of the defense/ last line etc.
    I applaud them for cluster bombing CB and LBer this year - as needed.
    But a talented FS is a needed position for most teams and especially this one if we are playing cover 3.
    Don't fall into what this FO has neglected as the right option.
    It's not.
    Look at the lack of production with 6th round picks and corner back conversions.
    It simply doesn't work !
  19. Kwyn

    Kwyn Well-Known Member

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    NFL GMs seem to feel differently. There’s no better way to evaluate the value of a position than where they are drafted and how much money they are paid in free agency.

    If they were more valuable, they would literally, be more *valued*
  20. ConstantReboot

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    Gosh why do we still have Darian Tompson on this roster? I shake my head on why we can't replace him with someone better?

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