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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Under Garrett winning in preseason was not a goal.

    But to me it has not gotten us ready for the season.

    We start slowly and rarely play well.

    2019 had a 3-0 start but quickly lost its momentum.

    2018 ended well but we started 3-5 and early losses affected the season as had we begun better..

    there would have been a playoff game at ATT instead of going to LA and losing there in 2018.

    So..who knows the ideology of MM on pre-season play?

    I personally think placing importance on winning in pre-season is really a priority under MM.

    Is it that hard to balance winning and injuries and revealing game strategies that it has in place during training camp?

    Will anything change?

    I like the rest of us is examining our past trends and trying to compare it to needed changes.

    Is it relevant anymore to success in the regular season?

    There has been some discussions in the past about reducing preseason games to just 3 games and instead adding 2 more games to the regular season making it 18 games.


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  2. csirl

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    I think Garrett disrespected preseason. Starters need some action, there needs to be some competition for starts and roster spots.

    Note that the Rams had a bad season after experimenting with not using starters in preseason.
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  3. cowboyec

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    Coach Landry but a HIGH priority on winning pre-season games...felt it set you up well for the season.
    I think I agree with him....just seems to build confidence and momentum going into Sept.

    I can't to see if we will actually open games in hurry-up/no-huddle mode.
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  4. LocimusPrime

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    I’d make Jaylon play every down in all the preseason games. Then he swipe as much as he wants
  5. Jake

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    Winning in preseason is rarely anyone's goal, except for some fans.
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  6. JayFord

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    Winning in the preseason wouldnt matter to me

    competition would be the name of the game youre fighting for a roster spot and starters are fighting to keep that status

    no more oh just chill nah go out there and earn your rank
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  7. Alexander

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    Oh come on.
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  8. Fire407

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    Back when Landry was coaching there were 6 preseason games. Because the players salaries weren't near as much the starters played a lot in every game. Even the last preseason game the starters would play a half. I remember too that we always played the Houston Oilers in preseason in a game that did have some bragging rights attached to it. These days teams don't want to take the chance of getting their expensive players injured in a meaningless game, so fewer starters are playing.
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Nope. The level of competition changed.

    The first 3 games featured games against teams picking 2nd, 4th and 5th in the draft.

    They had a collective record of 12-36 this year.

    The Cowboys didn't lose momentum. They stopped playing some of the worst teams in the league.

    The worst part is it built a false confidence in the team that helped lead to a 5-8 finish of the season.
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  10. daboyzruleperiod

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  11. Sinister

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    Preseason doesn't matter, it doesn't count. As long as preseason is in the current format it should not be taken seriously by anyone.
  12. cowboyec

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    it was for The Gov's trophy...right?
    I forgot that the series was part of the settlement between us and them over who had the rights to OT Ralph Neely.
    If I remember....the trophy was something like a Golden Hat.
    miss those days....
  13. Redball Express

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    This s why I like posting here.

    Good answer.

    Now I feel even worst about the whole subject.


  14. jazzcat22

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    As a fan I want to see them win even in the preseason, but not upset if they don't. I like watching all the players to see how they do, even if just making the PS. At least if they are activated you have an idea about their play. Or going into the next years TC if they are retained.

    I do think it is important to get the starters to play at least a few series in every game though. Something Garrett refused to do, and it showed the 1st several games or so.
  15. SeanLee50

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    Preseason has become such a dud mostly for us.

    Starters come out and play well. Backups look like they don’t even know how to play football mostly
  16. jazzcat22

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    I blame coaching on that.
  17. FLCowboyFan

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    Win or lose in the preseason is one question. Jimmy went undefeated in the preseason his first year and then went 1-15 in the season. But I agree you need meaningful work by the players who are going to play during the season. Especially this year with a new coach and scheme.
  18. MWH1967

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    Pre season is for finding the personnel that's not going to start but show potential. 43-53 and the PS. the rest is just conditioning. I could care less if they lost every one.
  19. thunderpimp91

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    In theory I agree with the thought process that playing well in the preseason transfers over, but I'm yet to see any true data to back that up.

    Every year you see no consistent correlation between preseason success, and who ends up in the post season. Just this past year the giants, dolphins, browns, and Buccaneers were all either 4-0 or 3-1 in the preseason. On the flip side you also had multiple teams in the playoffs with winning records.

    I really have no idea the better approach, but my gut tells me having a quality camp trumps the preseason games. The games are fun because it's what the fans get to see and discuss, but ultimately it's a very small percentage of preseason action.
  20. NeathBlue

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    My only concern about preseason games, are injuries... couldn’t give a hoot about actual results.

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