Twitter: Prioritizing Cowboys unrestricted free agents

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Dallas Cowboys: Prioritizing the team’s unrestricted free agents

    by Brad Austin5 minutes ago
    One of the most critical early tasks of the new Dallas Cowboys coaching regime will be deciding which of their own free agents must be retained.

    The Dallas Cowboys roster has a whopping 24 unrestricted free agents to sort through and decide if their value and services are worth retaining.

    Plenty of the names on this list played a big role in the starting units in 2019. With a new coaching regime and changes in philosophy, it will be interesting to see which players are deemed a valuable system fit.

    There will be much debate and disagreements from fans on this topic, but here’s my take on what should happen. Noting that my preferences won’t always reflect what I believe the team will do.
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  2. charron

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    Tier 2 is where they need to target. Tier 1 is how you overspend on diminished returns except LP.
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    This is tough, because a team can lose a lot of core players and depth. However, is that a real issue with this team. But also how do you replace all of them, and still maintain your core. Now Many fans will say they suck let them all go. But still it effects the overall chemistry of a team.

    But with all new coaching, does that matter as much this year. When Bill Parcells got here, he said in the current time with the salary cap, a team can expect to have as high as 33% roster turnover.

    We had 18 to 20 FA's before, and it all works itself how, usually about half are retained anyway, others replaced or swapped out through FA. Then the rest filed in with the draft.
    So I am not concerned about it. But there are some players they do need to keep. Quinn is one of them. Not sure about Jones, but I rather see them give the $$$ to Quinn over Byron. However I would be ok with Jones at a good price.
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  4. ClappingCarrot

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    If we foolishly let Byron go and give Cooper 20M, we better draft a DB in the first.
  5. conner01

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    It generally works itself out
    To me you keep the ones hard to replace and let the ones easier to replace walk
    It’s easier to draft an effective CB than a pass rusher
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  6. Hawkeye0202

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    Actually Jerry has consistently said we can expect about 30% turnover every year.

    Byron Jones is a damn good CB but the fact is, he can't intercept a ball to save his life (lol). During his 13 years with Packers, interceptions were a critical part of his defense, by design. He drafted a boatload of DBs with high picks his last five years. The bottom line, I just don't see Byron as a fit for reason just mentioned and contract. But I'm pretty sure he will draft a CB within the first 3 picks, maybe 2.

    Quinn stays IMO.........remember he signed Julius Peppers late in his career.
  7. Cowboyny

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    Bryon's game just has way too many limitations to give him a #1 CB type of contract. He is strictly a press,shadow CB who possesses zero ball skills, cannot play well in zone and is considered a poor tackler for the position.

    I do not know why Cooper gets so much hate, he is a legitimate #1 WR. He was the main reason why the team made a huge turnaround a year ago.
  8. Ranching

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    I trust Jerry and Stephen. They're attention hogs, but they do a good job of putting talent together.
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  10. starfan1

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    I mean replacing those 2 picks in 4 years will be tough.Not that Im all on board with giving Cooper 20 smackers but in my eyes anyway if Im faced with losing one or the other see ya Byron. Cooper is a play-maker and Byron is not hes OK hes serviceable but hes not someone you break the bank to keep.
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  11. Sydla

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    I am confused.

    Are you saying we shouldn't bring back the QB and/or the WR?
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  12. ClappingCarrot

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    It's not even about interceptions to me. We are switching to a scheme that's more conducive to taking the football away.

    It's about going into the season with Chidobe Awuzie as your CB1. That's putting the defense at a huge disadvantage.
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  13. Creeper

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    The Cowboys cannot mess this up. They must sign Brown or Jones. My guess is they will not sign Jones because he will get some ridiculous offers from other teams. That means they must sign Brown. Its not that I think Brown is great, but he is adequate and they do not need to open up any more holes in the roster, especially when they have greater needs elsewhere. At 17 in the first round they could have a shot at one of the top DTs coming out of college. They will surely have a shot at a top safety. I would hate to see them have to go CB in the first and miss an opportunity at DT. So sign Brown and plan on a starting lineup that includes Brown, Lewis and Awuzie. That's not a bad trio if they can get some kind of push in the middle of the DL. In fact, I am predicting big things for both Awuzie and Lewis in 2020.

    A lot depends on what defensive scheme they plan to run. Is Quinn a good 3-4 Edge rusher? It was my understanding he was less effective playing that role. I am hoping they stick with the 4-3 this year. I am concerned the Cowboys don't have the LBs to play a 4-3 but a lot depends on LE's recovery and ability to play without reinjuring his neck.

    Looking back with 20-20 hindsight, I wish they did not win that last game against Washington. It was a worst case scenario.
  14. charron

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    Yes and No.

    If paying Dak or coop or both interferes with giving out multiple tier 2 contracts then they probably are asking too much and it's best to avoid grossly overpaying players. Not sure what the number is for coop but at 20 no, near 15 yes, 17 is pretty maxed out for me. To me if I can sign a couple guys like alshon for 8 million i'd rather do that as they are talented and guards against injury. I personally wouldn't hand anyone on this team max contract unless it was one of the final pieces to a SB run and or they were elite. These guys don't fit my criteria although i think cooper is good but like sean lee only for limited games.
  15. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    You need to stop making sense. I don't come here to see post that make sense. I come here to see idiotic ideas and stupid/dumb logic. I can't enjoy this site if people like you keep making sense. So do us all a favor and delete your account.

    Thank you in advance. :thumbup:
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  16. Aven8

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    Dak is the number one FA on every list I’ve seen out there. Amari is 3-5. People need to get real.
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  17. Sydla

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    I mean I guess.

    But if you don't bring back Cooper or more specifically Dak, it won't matter how many Tier 2 players you sign, this franchise probably won't do much without a QB. So there has to be some other option here if you want ot sign as many Tier 2 guys as you can and not pay Dak.
  18. xwalker

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    Better for a new coaching staff to have a lot of new players. It is easier for coaches to get new players to do it their way.
  19. xwalker

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    Use one of the tags on Byron Jones. Draft a CB to be ready to replace him in 2021.
  20. charron

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    There is a balance for sure. No secret im not big on Dak. I'd rather give Cooper a big contract and look at a cheaper vet QB option while drafting another QB. Fitzmagic made 8 million a year, and while I don't think he's elite by any means he's definately servicable at that free agent price. Cap savings of around 27 million a year or atleast 2-3 good starters like a DT and safety and CB that we don't currently have. you also have mariota and could maybe trade for rosen if miami drafts another QB. We also haven't used a high draft pick on a guy in forever.

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