Twitter: Prioritizing Cowboys unrestricted free agents

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 16, 2020.

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    He cant catch none of them can except Lewis and thats if theyre in position but I get it Awuzi sucks.Scheme can help the not being in position part but not the other having said that Im not opposed to keeping him I just dont consider him as important as cooper
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    - You know Dak is being re-signed to richest QB contract or franchised tagged
    - Cooper is not a given to me anymore, 1st round trade or not. Cowboys could be evaluating his competitiveness. Is he more No. 2 type than lead WR ? Transit tag at best.

    - Quinn leaning towards bringing back than not re-signing him despite worries in the 3-4 scheme and suspect run defense. He is a legit sack-master but Could Rams’ Dante Fowler be a better option ?
    - Ladouceur remains one of the best long snapper in NFL and little minimal cost.
    - Cobb was still one of the better slot guys in NFL. Knows McCarthy offense helps.

    - I’m no longer the biggest fan of Joe Thomas as he’s small and fragile. But he’s played in a 3-4 scheme and only if he’s cheap. Return until I get one better.
    - Not bringing Bennett back, he has a sheer discomfort with 3-4, and only fits 4-3, and an undisciplined knucklehead
    - Only bring Lee back on a vet minimal backup at best but I could see this team moving on otherwise.

    - I’m saying good bye to Byron, Jeff heath, Anthony brown, witten, Austin, hyder, justin march, frazier, bennett, maliek, LB Covington
    - I’ll bring back DL Covington and Joe thomas for camp depth until I get one better, kicker Kai Forbath and CJ Goodwin for special teams, and bringing competition vs punter chris jones
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    Because Cooper while he has legitimate physical tools and polish of a featured WR , his legitimate competitiveness has been in questioned in bringing it as a #1 WR.
    Being a true featured lead #1 WR means constantly bringing an alpha dog mentality at all times, vs no matter whoever is lined up against you, successfully competes
    against the very elite opponents (Gilmore, Slay, Ramsey, Lattimore, etc.) playing well on the road as well as at home. and showing up the biggest when the game is at
    it's most critical. Not being content with just cruising it and just enough to get by. Frankly I did not like his body language in that last Philly drive.

    and frankly ever knock that was in mentioned with Cooper, has not been dispelled and it's actually re-surfaced for the most part by end of his 2nd season here.
    I'm glad that he's brought some legit No.2 qualities when we flat did not have anything to resort but flat mediocrity WR by committee here, but so far it's still looking like
    we have two legit No.2's instead of that alpha male lead dog, featured #1 WR.
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    The way McCarthy and Nolan play their CBs Lewis and Awuzie are perfect fits.
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    I think the hate for Cooper comes from his production towards the end of the season and the conflicting reports as to who exactly took him out of the game against Philly.

    Also, if you observe some of the routes he was running there were a few instances where you'd see him jogging on routes where he knew the ball wasn't coming his way and not giving a full effort.

    I would assume that for the money he'll likely be demanding that you'd expect a full effort regardless and to not being sitting on the bench when you're the #1 option at WR.
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    im not sure about BJ, he reminds me too much of Brandon Carr, averty good cb who couldn't get INTs, we overpaid for carr and it got us nowhere, so id tread lightly..

    however you are correct that DC would be stupid to pay AC 20mil hes not in the elite WR area code hes the next level and im pushing 17 on him maybe 18 if it was structured team friendly but to me hes worth me oif they made him the highest paid wr of all time that would eb realty the dumbest signing they ever made IMO..i know that hard to swallow but thats where i see it..

    Gallups made strides and they can use 12-14 mil find a good WR in FA and one in the draft before id so that move..

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