Pro Football Focus break down Cowboys Draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KD, May 2, 2021.

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    If he makes it to a contract year you know THAT'LL be a good year. :laugh:
  2. Cowboyny

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    They weren't taking Moehrig, so the point is mute. This isn't the Garrett Cowboys anyl onger, where he couldn't coach players who weren't by boy scouts. Quinn has dealt with the likes of Earl and Sherman and they loved playing for him and played at a high level.
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  3. ThreeandOut

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    Like many others have said, I don't think Joseph was a reach. But I think the central issue here is that the Cowboys felt they had to go corner in round 1 or 2 to insure they got a starting level player. Had they been able to take Horn or Surtain in round 1, they would have had a lot more options with that second round pick and they wouldn't have to roll the dice with Joseph's character issues.
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  4. steve_treptow

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    Exactly - they almost had to go corner after losing out on both in the 1st. The names coming up as trade up possibilities in the 2nd, I don’t think we’re ever targets. After learning about Moehrigs back he wasn’t going to be picked in the 2nd. I also don’t get the fascination with Barmore. He barely played on run down at Alabama. I know both d-line players drafted in the 3rd were projected to go a round later but both are strong against the run. If healthy don’t think pass rush will be a problem but we can’t give up 200 yards a game again on the ground.
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  5. NotForLong

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    But then you wouldn't have Micah.

    We got Micah and a diva shut down corner .

    If we drafted Surtain or Horn then we miss out on the Best Player in the Draft at a high need for us
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  6. morasp

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    Even at the top of the draft there wasn't a perfect prospect. The cream will rise to the top. Out of eleven picks they all won't make the team but a good number of them will. At a minimum Joseph and Parsons will help the team this year.
  7. ThreeandOut

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    If one of the CB's had been available, I think they would have taken the CB over Micah as they viewed that as their most critical need. If the Cowboys were so dead set on taking Micah, I don't think they would have traded back from 10 because there was a small chance that the Giants would have taken him.
  8. jterrell

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    I sometimes wonder if you guys actually know the team at all.
    DAL has skipped character risks most drafts the past decade with Garrertt wanting RKoG players.
    They ignored that under Jimmy and they have ignored it in spots since to mixed grades.
    This class absolutely ignored character risks.

    But because of that they collected 3 guys with R1 talent in Parsons, Joseph and Ball. The Ball thing is gross and distasteful to me personally but if you are a "no choir boys" type person this draft maxed out on raw talent.

    Joseph was the 4th most talented CB in this class. He can skip practice all week then go shut out DeVonta Smith. One of the guys who congratulated him was Honey Badger. Sometimes talent wins out. And he can ;t rap any worse than Cole Beasley.
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  9. jterrell

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    The Cowboys and Eagles both knew the Giants wanted Smith which is why they made the deal they did with each other.
    DAL may have preferred one of the CB but Quinn basically just told us in a 20 minute press conference He was playing a 3-3-5 nickel where Parsons is the OLB/pass rusher.
    If you don't draft Parsons you don't have that guy so it makes sense why he might have actually been higher as they say.
    And then yes they probably planned to trade back up for a CB but prices were really high so they sat and took Joseph.
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  10. atlantacowboy

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    Yep. Or traded with the Giants to take him. I think its laughable that Jerry says Micah was the highest rated defender on their draft board. BS.
  11. Mannix

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    -----Joseph has great measurables. We just aren't sure he likes playing football.

    ***See Amari Cooper***
  12. ThreeandOut

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    I'm sure Smith was the likely pick for the Giants but I don't think it was a certainty. Parsons is a more on brand pick for Gettleman than Smith. After the trade, the Giants also could have traded out of the pick to a team that wanted Parsons.
  13. ThreeandOut

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    I actually believe it that Parsons was their highest rated defender but still think they would have gone CB if given the chance.
  14. McKDaddy

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    During the telecast it was said they had a deal in principle with the Broncos and the the Cowboys backed out. It would appear they were trying to trade up for CB Campbell & when he went at 32 they weren't willing to go ahead with the trade. So apparently they were not willing to trade up for any of the safeties or Barrmore.
    I'm piecing things together but haven't seen it completely confirmed anywhere. So, I can't say for sure that is the case.
  15. Valkyr

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  16. DenCWBY

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    IMO, the problem is not necessarily the player, but the lack of discipline within the organization to coach up the player/attitude. If the Pats got him, they would know after the first TC, whether to fish and cut bait with these personalities. Jones and Co. feed the problem and it festers for 2 or 3 years with suspensions, breeding poor locker room environment and HC is hamstrung either way for a solution.

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