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Rams attempting to trade for Beckham

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by LocimusPrime, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. MileyDancer

    MileyDancer Benched

    3,669 Messages
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  2. Sandyf

    Sandyf Well-Known Member

    1,509 Messages
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    Guess I don't get it. Everyone thinks because the Rams are getting Suh, got Talib and Peters and are INTERESTED in trading for Beckham that they have the best team. Sure, maybe, or maybe not. Lets see Miami knew they screwed up signing Suh for the money for what they got which was more headaches. Denver was willing to trade Talib because of money and they had better younger players. KC got tired of Peters attitude and me,me, me type of play. Now Beckham who believes he is God's gift to football yet can someone point out how many games he has missed and how many drops he has had over the last two years. Geez we complain about Dez drops what in the world would we do when Beckham drops some.

    Rams have the cap space because they have been toast for several years. They have a young team and a good chance at the Super Bowl this year but if they don't make it then they could implode big time with those egos. They had the salary cap to overpay but look at the next three years and that cap will go bye bye to resign guys like Donald and the QB and others.

    Thanks but no thanks to any of those 4 guys. I want to build and sustain, not a one year wonder.
  3. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,111 Messages
    70,496 Likes Received
    I find it upsetting that they can go from a complete overhaul - firing their head coach and GM - and missing out on most all of the draft picks acquired in the RGIII trade, and yet, just two years later, they're already a playoff team and a Super Bowl contender. Much like the Eagles' rebound from Chip Kelly that the vast majority of us said would ruin them for a decade.

    And meanwhile, in Dallas, "the process" enters Year Eight, with no end in sight...
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
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  4. cowboyblue22

    cowboyblue22 Well-Known Member

    8,269 Messages
    7,000 Likes Received
    the rams have a small window here they are trying to take advantage of lots of their players will be free agents next year and their qb will have a much bigger contract when his rookie deal is over the nfl is so year to year when you have a opportunity you need to take advantage that's where the cowboys have messed up in 2014 and they weren't going to a superbowl with a rookie qb in 2016
  5. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

    63,111 Messages
    70,496 Likes Received
    "Build and sustain" what exactly? A .500 team and coach that rarely makes the playoffs and quickly gets bounced on the rare occasion that they do?

    I mean what exactly are you looking to "sustain"? Mediocrity?
  6. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

    9,372 Messages
    6,579 Likes Received
    They got the skins to bite a couple of years ago, now let's see if the rooster finally comes home to roost.
  7. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    51,001 Messages
    47,358 Likes Received

    Who builds and really sustains? Teams with great QB's and coaches?

    We have poor coaching and Dak could be really good but he'll never be great.

    When the window opens you go for it.

    Dallas has sustained for long enough. We teeter totter back and forth between mediocrity and winning but since our coaching is so blah we never have enough horses somewhere to overcome.

    We need to take advantage of Daks rookie deal because when he gets paid, and this team takes a roster hit because of it, then we will be stuck in mediocrity with Jason coaching.
  8. Ddisco22

    Ddisco22 Well-Known Member

    1,161 Messages
    737 Likes Received
    The rams will have a great team this year
    cowboyblue22 likes this.
  9. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    27,454 Messages
    17,912 Likes Received
    This new one is.
  10. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

    11,142 Messages
    6,762 Likes Received
    Great point. The league is designed so that all teams should have a chance for success with the free agency rules, etc. Even teams that have historically been terrible have a chance to win the Super Bowl, like the Saints for an example. The league is designed so that no team can dominate like the Cowboys did in the 90s. Even with the rule changes, Dallas has not been capable of fielding a team that could reach the Super Bowl. With the rules, teams can totally overhaul their entire roster in a year or two. Several teams have done this and have won Super Bowls within a year or two. Dallas has not taken advantage of the rules and they seem to approach building a team like they would have before the rules changed. It gets old repeating the reason for the lack of success, but GM Jerry and now Stephen are the problems in Dallas. Every year it is the same problems that has produced 20+ years of failure. Dallas is no longer associated with winning. Those days are over and I don't see anything changing in the future.
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  11. Jipper

    Jipper Well-Known Member

    4,046 Messages
    6,251 Likes Received
    ...on paper....

    just bc you sign guys in March does not mean you will have a great team in reality...just ask the eagles dream team a few years back. There are a lot of things that factor in from chemistry, to injuries and how guys end up fitting together. Just bc they look good on paper doesnt mean they will have a great team.
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  12. dckid

    dckid Well-Known Member

    1,291 Messages
    1,068 Likes Received
    Thats what I'm saying. Dak and Goff are not that different in terms of skills.. The Cowboys should be going all out to maximize while Dak is on his rookie deal.
  13. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,114 Messages
    26,540 Likes Received
    Talon isn't as young or as good as Trumaine. I felt if you were trying to go all in like you guys consistently push you would be kept him and Peters.
  14. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,114 Messages
    26,540 Likes Received
    Happens all the time. The winners in March usually under achieve.
  15. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

    9,372 Messages
    6,579 Likes Received

    This, it is a d-- shame we keep throwing dirt up on the hill but it keeps hitting us in the head.
    stasheroo likes this.
  16. kuyyo_morro

    kuyyo_morro Well-Known Member

    690 Messages
    819 Likes Received
    Unfortunately in present times Cowboys are considered a joke, an attraction, a tourist spot. But no team/management wants to mimic their process.

    I see Atlanta using New England's game plan against Denver when Atlanta played Denver. Philly special in superbowl was a Bears vs Vikings game thing.

    No one copies Cowboys way of doing things on the field or off the field. That means teams dont look at you as winners.
  17. Sheffielder74UK

    Sheffielder74UK Active Member

    107 Messages
    118 Likes Received
    It’s not the players who get arested, drunk, into fights or whatever who make the worst team mates.

    Beckham, Suh and Peters is a funny recipe to add in one pre season
  18. dogunwo

    dogunwo Franchise Tagged

    9,639 Messages
    4,902 Likes Received
    Wachovia doesn't exist. They were bought out by Wells Fargo.
  19. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

    9,372 Messages
    6,579 Likes Received
  20. Mr_V

    Mr_V rat2k8

    6,936 Messages
    7,693 Likes Received
    Giants say no trade for Odell they want to extend him.


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