Twitter: Randy Gregory out multiple weeks with calf strain

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, Nov 11, 2021.

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    It seems like even though the practice methods have changed since the 2000s and 90s, it seems like more players get injured. Somebody needs to figure this out because this is ridiculous. :facepalm:
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    Things were going too well for it to continue.
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    ..Quinn will have to be creative, with D packages. Just win.
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    Huge blow to the team.

    Dude has been a 1 man pass rush for us since they decided to make Parsons cover guys again.

    This is a huge huge huge huge L.

    Another freaking calf injury. Unbelievable.
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    The one thing that field turf has brought on is an increase in lower leg injuries.
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    Bradlee. Put up or pack your bags.
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    4 games in 18 days
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    Welp, that sure is unfortunate.

    Figure if he just strained it yesterday he’s definitely going to miss the Falcons and Chiefs games, and probably the Thanksgiving game on a short week. Maybe he comes back against the Saints, or just wait till after the long week off and return against Washington.

    I skimmed around and couldn’t find any recent updates on D-Law. Any news there?
    I thought I remembered his foot injury being 6-8 week deal, and shouldn’t we be closing in on that if it happened in between weeks 1 and 2?
  12. Plankton

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    More like wait until Jerry's radio show tomorrow, and you'll get your answer.
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    is Marcellus Wiley still available..
  14. SlammedZero

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    I'm starting to climb aboard the wagon of those that say this team is cursed. There is just no other explanation. This one hurts. We have nobody left and the best we can do is hope for "the next man up".

    Also, of course this had to happen right after the trade deadline.
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  15. Floatyworm

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    That was my first thought....but I'm starting to think maybe that isn't the smart move. I can see a scenario where he goes to DE on 3rd down...but to play him there every down...I think leaves you pretty thin @ LBer.
    Damn...of all the injuries...losing Gregory sucks. :banghead:
  16. KJJ

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    Any thoughts of our defense getting better is diminishing. Pat Mahomes will put up over 400 yards on us in a couple of weeks if we have no pass rush. Matt Ryan may have a 400 yard game on Sunday.
  17. lostar2009

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    When it rain it pours.
  18. Doomsday

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    Losing Cox as well is going to make it harder to move Parsons to DE.
  19. KJJ

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    We can’t stay healthy. We’re getting one key player back and another key player goes down. Gregory is a big loss.
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    Next man up, we like our guys......

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