Twitter: Randy Gregory responding to Cowboys fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dre11, Mar 20, 2022.

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    Wait....Randy Gregory is suggesting someone acted in bad faith. That's like saying, "I don’t believe in plastic surgery But in your case (not you personally)Go ahead.”
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  2. Dre11

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    Wow..say it ain't so, Floria don't have a "direct source"
    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Smith and the Ravens had agreed on a contract per the basic terms (four years, $35 million), with incentives that would have pushed the total value to $50 million. Then, the player decided to back out.

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    What a loser
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    No idea why you'd post this in response to my question as to whether in this case we're discussing there was a Cowboys source on record like Florio got from Gregory's side. Oh yeah, I know, because your answer is no, you don't want to say no, and this makes for an interesting diversion side point I wasn't making. The answer to the post you quoted is no, correct? Yes or no.

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    Dre--- you were not there....actually neither was I....but i listened to a person who listened to a person that was there.....yes they did at that last second decide ...but how it was handled was very poorly

    and Randy felt supremely "Dissed"....good managers done wait until last second to make changes...dont wait until deadlines for every contract.....could have saved so many millions had we signed Dak 2

    years ago...but we have to play the game of Chisleling them can really tick a player off especially if they are being hit hard by opposing players.....normally i just say it's an ugly business but this

    year cowboy front office especially incompetent cause they dont respect all players....hope Randy balls out....hope Lael Collins balls out..another fantastic lineman we failed to manage successfully

    we lost Cooper and Ced Wilson....not both man.....but it all will be swept under the rug like every year...and we will be good enough to maybe make playoffs but we do not have winning culture that raises

    its play come we will most likely crumple as usual.....27 years now....other teams are incompetent but other teams are not super rich with media drooling over them for extra cash....hey dre

    you want to blame players go ahead....come football season i will transform into Cowboys Homer and defend my cowboys....cause i am a sick man...and you probably aint too far behind
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    If Jerry wouldn’t have put up with him all these years, Gregory would have been picked up by another team, and another, and another.
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  8. plymkr

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    Great post! Again I feel we didn't lose Reggie White or Aaron Donald here. We lost a role player who played a bit better (at times) then expected. But he definitely didn't show up at crunch time and I would argue he was a liability in the playoffs. I don't believe it's a good idea to sign playoff liabilities. Not if we want to get over the hump.
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    Ok I didn't read where the Cowboys said that they would remove the language. Thanks
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    He has still kept the tweets up. What a piece of garbage. I can understand venting about some of the jerks that say something about you but he should come to his better senses and realize trashing a whole fan base just makes him seem like he’s not past his problems
  11. nobody

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    The man has personal demons. Jerry stuck with him but he wanted a place where he felt he could legally enjoy what he feels helps alleviate those personal demons. I can't blame him for that. However, responding to fans online with his commentary? Low class.

    Glad he's gone.
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    RG does have personal demons. Mental health is no joke. I hope he deals with his demons in a positive way so when his playing career is over he'll be a healthy individual. I hope for the best but I'm also glad he's gone. Lumping all Cowboys fans into one group based of a couple of idiots is low and it shows what kind of person he is in the present moment. Hopefully he grows as a person but I'm glad he'll be growing somewhere else. On the field I don't think we'll miss him. He was a non factor until DQ coached him up and I feel DQ can get the same results from Armstrong and Fowler.
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    Good luck Randy. May peace be upon you. Bless your heart.
  14. Dre11

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    The point is most information come from unamed sources, they don't give out sources, just because Jane,Fish, or Werder didn't name their source doesn't mean the information is false or legit, and just because IN THIS CASE the agent gave his side does t mean it's legit or not. In fact, by him coming on the record he made himself look even more clueless. Let's not be stupid here
  15. Dre11

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    I listened too the reporting too, none of us was there, but we can only go by what we hear, how was it handled poorly? Because they were dealing with getting rid of Cooper, they were busy dealing with Tank to free up money(they were going to cut him for Gregory) they told you they were going to lose Wilson. They brought Gallup back. At the end of the day they matched Gregory money, he accepted, they presented the contract with language that all the contracts have except Dak's, that he negotiated out, Randy's agent either did a poor job reading or on purpose let Randy get in his feeling and they walked, by some reporting, because he rathered him in Denver. They had an agreement.
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    This is a guy who would have rather thrown away an NFL career thank give up weed. That should tell you all you need to know. He doesn’t respect others and believes he should be able to do whatever he wants. In this case he had that right but he should have at least appreciated what the team did for him.
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    Did you forget about Ratclif
  18. Whirlwin

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    You need to find a new dealer lol
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    Pay ya bills with 10+ million - the struggle is real Randy.

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    Well sure, my empty bottle of vodka doesn't have issues, but it's useless to me, so I toss it in the recycle bin. I wasn't referring to those types of players.

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