Twitter: Randy Gregory responding to Cowboys fans

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dre11, Mar 20, 2022.

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    He must peruse the zone.
  2. Motorola

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    Prescott threads are just as boring - and predictable:
    A. 80% are on opposite sides - 40% each (some extreme - Dak is the best \ a bum) - and those 80% are not going to change their opinion about #4
    B. If not a thread about the QB - 40% get hijacked to become one
    C. Prescott threads mostly start off with a decent topic; but they steadily deteriorate to 2-4 Czers insulting each other back and forth for about 10 posts each.

    As far as commentary about the Joneses - 25% offers reasonable criticism - the other 75% are just derogatory swipes and jabs just to be funny.
    AND ALSO - barring some unforseen event \ circumstances- this franchise will always be owned by the Jones Family -- so cries and rants to sell the team are futile.

    I'm not one of those Cowboys fans that get immersed in FA candidates available, nor do I become a draftnik every off-season - but I don't criticize those that do...and sometimes I look up a player that a CZer touts.
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  3. DasTex

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    He's deleted the tweets now

    Must be that air in Denver, got him thinking all crazy:rolleyes:

    There was an article in the Athletic just last year where he said he would not be in the NFL without the Jones family.

    How Jerry acted like a father to him and helped him through all his struggles and demons.
  4. SiCk_DiAbLo

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    In Randy's head, no one helped, no one had his back, it was all him that made him millions playing a game...
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  5. darthseinfeld

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    He isnt wrong

    However he seems pretty in enabling it too
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  6. ColoradoCowboy

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    Well, he had pocketed between $1.4 and $2 million before his first suspension, so it is unlikely that he would be sleeping on someone's couch. Unless he was stupid with his money. He might be in jail though without the Cowboys babysitting him for several years.

    I still can't believe that he went from being a great story of loyalty and perseverance (also one of my favorite current Cowboys) to a blatant betrayal (and another reason to hate the Donkeys) in such a short period of time. Something that I heard a lot growing up, "Instant ***#ole. Just add cash." Or alcohol. One of those. Maybe both.
  7. Praxit

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    ..funny how situations change how person looks outside in. 4-5 yrs ago this guy couldn't stay on field because he lacked mental discipline.

    Jerry takes him in, bargains, believes in him. The fiascos continued.

    Then once upon a time an anomaly begets a good year for him. He turns around say's, "Do I know you? ". ... lol...
  8. TheMarathonContinues

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    I mean…he’s right. This fanbase is pathetic and toxic….
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  9. GroundZero1970

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    Gregory can kiss my (this is a family forum)
  10. Risen Star

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    When a guy racks up 16.5 sacks and 19 TFLs in 7 years you simply don't let him hit free agency.
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  11. CWR

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    Give me a break. He let us and the team down time and time again. Him signing in Denver was only the last example. Watch and wait. He will be washed in 2 years.
  12. CWR

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    With all that said, he didn't hesitate to turn his back on Jerry. No sense of loyalty. I dont fault him for wanting guarantees, but I'd be willing to bet Jerry would've been fair given the opportunity. It sounds to me like he lost his patience real quick and reacted in anger. Which is fine, unless the very man you're spiting is the one that kept you afloat all these years.
  13. jnday

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    He made the statement that the fans don’t pay his bills. That is an inaccurate statement. He couldn’t earn a dime if the fans didn’t but tickets and spend money thru TV viewer revenue. If Jerry didn’t take the gamble on Gregory, he would struggle getting a job as a Wal-Mart people greeter. Teams were not lining up to take the risk involved with Gregory. Jerry was the only GM/owner that was willing to help Gregory and signing with Denver was Jerry’s reward. Loyalty is a characteristic that players no longer possess.
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  14. black label

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    I hope randy gets into a fight with a vacuum cleaner and the hose wins
  15. Runwildboys

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    And to think, Stephen added a behavioral clause.
  16. TheMarathonContinues

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    What do you mean? You didn’t want him to be a free agent?
  17. Mattitude

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    Shows he hasn’t matured. Strange for him to call anyone toxic, as someone who can barely hold on to a job for 7 years because of drugs is usually considered the toxic one
  18. Beltonian

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    You’re absolutely right that you don’t owe Dallas Cowboy fans nothing, but your lack of respect toward those who “were” Randy Gregory fans - paints a bad picture. This may be a blessing in disguise. You only delivered “6” sacks last year! Is that worth a $70 million dollar contract? Short answer - NO! More specifically, you had a total of 16.5 sacks for an average of 3.3 sacks a year! No sir. You’re not worthy of the contract your new team will be paying! Only two words for your new team - Buyers Remorse. Karma’s a *****. Bone up on your emotional intelligence before you start taking the bait to respond.
  19. Beltonian

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    Spot on!
  20. TheMarathonContinues

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    He never said he wasn’t toxic…he just said this fanbase is lol.

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