Twitter: Rapoport: Garrett and Cowboys headed toward divorce

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. ShortRound131

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  2. Jeffkills

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    It’s a process...
  3. EST_1986

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    Hard hitting reporting there
  4. Beats_By_Zeke

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    Some one do the math for me, how many does the eagles have to win for the cowboys to be eliminated?
  5. EGTuna

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    Really? Breaking news. Thanks, Ian.
  6. JayFord

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    #6 or leave
  7. baltcowboy

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    I think the Eagles have to win out.
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  8. cowboyec

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    hope Urban Meyer is the
    :starspin:HOME WRECKER:starspin:
  9. EST_1986

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    Like 14
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  10. darthseinfeld

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    We need an NFL DC for HC thats always screaming
  11. AmariChill

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    Really? I didn’t know! I definitely haven’t heard this news before!? Why is this information just now being released?
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  12. Dunks3001

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    NFL's worst kept secret. Great reporting, Rapoport
  13. slick325

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  14. IceStarD54

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    But Championship builder!!! Give me a coach on the field versus one worried about someone else's bedroom...
  15. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

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    We knew this at the beginning of the season when Garrett wasn't offered a contract extension....
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  16. Vintage

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    I know you are joking.... but I’m convinced that some on this board believe a screaming coach is the magical elixir.

    Kind of like how if we suddenly got fatter on the DL, it equates success.
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  17. Direwolf63

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    It's not a secret, but I still love hearing it. The more noise the better.
  18. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Did Rappaport ever find that Dez Walmart tape or is he still looking for it?
  19. lostar2009

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    Lame duck HC say it all.
  20. nate dizzle

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    Welcome to 3 weeks ago, Ian.

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