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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cboyfan4ever, Jan 31, 2022.

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    Just want to quote this because yes. YES. (For the record, Dak is part of a TEAM that failed. I hold him accountable too. Just tired of this ignorant narrative)
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    Rating him as compared to the rest of the NFL QB's is pretty easy. He is a middle of the pack guy who will win you some games. He has likely reached his ceiling performance wise at this point in his career. If the stars align perfectly and the rest of the team is really good he could be the QB on a team that advanced in the playoffs. I do wish management would bring in a new QB coach to work with him and try to get some improvement in his game. It is time to shake things up and get some new blood working with him. He is the Cowboy QB for the foreseeable future.....which could be worse but it could also be a lot better.
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    These Dak threads have reached their exhaustion. Like him or hate him, you're never going to convince someone otherwise. Personally, I like the kid.

    Losing his mom, brother & enduring injuries has taken it's toll. But he hung in there & gave us 12 wins. He could have gone out like Jimmy G did. :lmao2:
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    Gone out within 3 points of a superbowl? Yeah.. I reckon it would feel a lot better if he went out like Jimmy G did..
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    Made Dak look silly w/ accuracy
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    Arm talent-7
    Pre/post snap reads(going through progressions)-7
    Pocket awareness 2

    Too many times this year he held onto the ball too long and didnt run when he should. Pocket awareness needs to be a main focus this offseason.


    My rankings above are for after the bye week.

    Prior to Week 8

    Arm talent-7
    Pre/post snap reads(going through progressions)-10
    Pocket awareness-6
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    Yes, I also thought to myself that 5 as arm talent may be too high.
  8. Cboyfan4ever

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    Elite pay w/ average results.

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