News: Ravens to propose revolutionary "spot and choose" overtime procedure

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. texbumthelife

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    I actually like the OT rules how they are currently. Both teams get a shot. I think it's fair and well thought out.
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  2. TheDude

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    I like the auction proposal. Bid on where you will take the ball until the other team quits or one team offers their own 1yd line
  3. Fletch

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  4. cowboyed

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    Fans eyeballs do not tire.
  5. DandyDon52

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    as many as it takes:D
  6. CowboyRoy

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    Yah because the coin toss part really needed to be minimized?
  7. gjkoeppen

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    This is a crock. Most teams start on the 25 because most kickoffs go into the end zone and the percentage of kickoff returns out of the end zone that get further than the 25 is low and there's zero chance for a fumble with taking it at the 25. I thought is wasn't need to shorten the OT to 10 minutes from the 15 minutes it had been. Teams already in the current system with the coin toss get to chose whether they want their offense or defense on the field by either selecting to receive, which EVERY team does and the other team select which goal to defend. The NFL with some of there changes just to change things is stupid.
  8. Flamma

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    My suggestion would be to eliminate OT entirely for the regular season. Then if OT is needed in the playoffs, play an entire 12 or 15 minute quarter. Rinse and repeat if the score remains tied. I know that's rough, but it's the only fair way for football to do OT. Everything else is some kind of gimmick or deemed unfair.

    I realize I'm in the minority in this, but when college goes into OT I turn it off. I can't watch that.
  9. gjkoeppen

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    To listen to your ideas I'm surprised you didn't say they have the coin toss and whoever wins the coin toss wins the game. The best thing is to not make any changes. If anything to eliminate the ties in the NFL regular season, they should go back to keep playing OT' periods until there is a winner like it used to be. You would think the networks would love this because they would get more commercials in making them more money with the higher cost of ad time during NFL games. Fans will keep watching because they'll want to know who wins.
  10. Floatyworm

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    Once again in the minority....I like it a lot. Actually makes people think. :popcorn:
  11. BrassCowboy

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    Leave it as it is.... Need to stop trying to "fix" everything especially with a bunch of gimmick rules.
    NFL already has taken enough of the game away from players, especially defense.
  12. DakPresgoat

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    I would be in favor of a 8-10
    Minute 5th quarter.

    Odds of a tie after that quarter are pretty low.

    If it’s still tied during regular season. Then so be it.

    playoffs would be an issue if they did somehow manage to be tied again after the OT period. But...... again how often does that happen?
  13. blueblood70

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    surprised they didnt ask the league for no more true qb play ie illegal to throw a forward pass and make them all run the wishbone and veers
  14. Aliencowboy

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    I have a much better solution:

    Home team punts from their own twenty with one home team player on the right hash and an away player on the other hash and same side of the field (see below).




    The punt must go 40 yards. The first player to recover the punted football is awarded the choice normally afforded to the coin toss winner. No contact is allowed for the first 30 yards. No pushing in the back.

    This substitute allows for a display of atheleticism, strategy in advantage of the home team and some luck.

    Done voila! You're welcome!
  15. Qcard

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    Innovative idea but I'd say at most it should be an additional option (OT teams get option at Coin Toss) to the existing rule?? I don't know if that's feasible
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  16. McKDaddy

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    my comments were to address declaring a winner at the end of the game as well as other concerns not all of which were "on field". i assumed most fans had heard discussions around some of these issues but maybe not.
    as i understand it, the networks, league & maybe even the players association are interested in speeding up games. the average length of even a regulation game has grown outside the intended programming window. this causes issues for the networks including refunding money to other advertisers, etc.. Your comments about more commercials and more fans watching an OT sound good on the surface but they aren't the reality. The commercials are sold long before the games begin. The broadcaster revenue doesn't increase in fact it decreases because now they often have to discount what was already sold in the next programming window because now that abbreviated or rescheduled window is less attractive than the price point it was originally sold at. since the networks are the primary revenue source the league is motivated to address the issue. So, just continuing to play indefinitely is not a good option from their perspective.
    attention spans of younger viewers is short. the surveys on who is watching and how engaged they truly are is concerning to the NFL & broadcasters.
    teams & players are interested because with Thursday night games teams are already playing on short weeks. playing an extra quarter or more compounds that issue.
    broadcast crews can face this same issue.
    supposedly everyone has some interest in player safety. I'll let everyone make their own decision as to how much they truly care.

    As for me personally, i am completely in favor of two objectives.
    1) declaring a winner (you can't have a tie in the playoffs and you shouldn't have them in the regular season either.)
    2) having the outcome be determined in a compelling way. if you have to "change the game" somewhat to ensure a winner in a shorter period of time so be it. yeah, i get that some of the things i tossed out there feel foreign but it was intended to at least get people thinking that there could be alternative ways of doing things.
  17. gjkoeppen

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    First please give us links where the NFLPA is quoted directly that they want changes in how OT is done. Next yes the networks get their commercials lined up before games are played and just like during the game some commercials run more than once so some would be run again during OT which is at a much higher cost to advertisers than any other programing that follows games. The networks make more than what they do during programing after games even including any rebate they may have to give. I've read that advertising cost during NFL games is 2 and 3 times more than what they are for other programing. Advertisers know they have to pay top dollars to be seen during NFL games. As far as the Thursday night games go the players complained about them the very first time they started before there was a OT game. The players don't like Thursday night games period. The NFL has changed things to make it worse every time. Originally whether a season game or playoff game teams played in OT until a team scored. Then they said that wasn't fair because the team that lost the coin toss may not even get a chance to try to win so they changed it for season games to if on the first possession scored a field goal the other team got a chance to score a field goal or a TD to win. If neither team scored on their first possession then the first to score anything won. The first OT game where neither team scored on their first possession or any possession after that needed a second OT period. Then they decide to make it if neither team scored a point during OT that it would then be a tie. Then they changed it again and made the OT period only 10 minutes long instead of the 15 minutes it had always been.
    Eve3ry time the NFL made changes to the OT the initial reaction by the fans was not good. Most hard core fans don't want the constant changes to the game. The owners made a huge mistake caving into the NFLPA and letting them dictate how training camps and practices would be. Until that, the first couple of weeks were almost all 2 a days and they didn't get a day off until like the 12 day of camp. Now 4 days in and they get a day off and there are no 2 a days. It used to be t6he head coach decided how long practices were and would keep them out there until they ran things right. Now practices can't last longer then 90 minutes with at least 2 breaks. Fans are tired of players dictating to teams.
  18. Aliencowboy

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    Thanks. I would add that if the home team punter kicks it out bounds or into the end zone the away team gets the choice.
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  19. gjkoeppen

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    Is that you Vince McMahon? That sounds an awful lot like how they determined who kicked off in the XFL and that was considered a joke or a circus.
  20. jsb357

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    After the clock runs out with a tie score, how about just a coin flip to determine the winner? :thumbup:

    That way no one gets hurt you know with that extra time and collisions and all. :facepalm:

    It's were the sports world is headed. :huh:

    Might as well be on the fore front. :muttley:

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