Re-signing our own (strategy)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Verdict

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    Say what you want about the Cowboys, the organization has done a great job of acquiring talent and improving our cap at the same time. They have used the draft successfully and avoided huge free agency gaffes recently.

    The team arguably wants to sign Tank, Dak, Zeke, Byron, Cooper, and Jaylon. Right now Tank, Cooper, Dak and Zeke seem to be the priority.

    So here is the thrust of this thread: The Cowboys KNOW that the cost of doing business is going up every year and often with the year as new contracts are signed.

    They have obviously tried to sign Tank, to no avail. It sounds like the team places a different value on Tank than Tank thinks he is worth. But is that true of all of these players?

    It would seem that if Cooper, Dak and Zeke are high priority signings that it would have been better to have already extensions lined up. Cooper was already eligible for an extension since he was playing in year 4 of his rookie deal. Why didn't they go ahead and pay extend him before now.

    Some of you will say that the team is cheap or stupid or both, but I refuse to believe that. Other than those two lame excuses why do you guys think they haven't already negotiated deals or deals in principle with these players prior to now.

    Also going back to Tank, it seems like the team is going to force Tank to play under the tag which probably is smart for the team in terms of the cap, but could be problematic otherwise. It would seem that a trade would be better than allowing Tank to Tank half the season due to his shoulder injury.

    I would like some intelligent discussion on this subject.
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  2. Flamma

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    I'm not sure the franchise tag is smart cap wise. It is long term, but in the short term this guy can screw us. Either sign him now or trade him now. Don't let him eat up all of the cap space for nothing. Because he's either going to show up in week 11 or not at all.

    Cooper is the must sign. He won't be cheap, but he'll be more expensive if they wait. The same goes for Byron and Jaylon. But if Dallas wants Tank I think something has to give. That's probably Byron. IMO Zeke and Dak can wait.
  3. Verdict

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    I would have already assessed whether Tank is going to sign or not and be actively trying to trade him.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    You make some very good points bro...…………….I agree that we should be extending these guys a lot sooner.

    The one part I disagree with you on is them being cheap. On actual cash spent last season, Dallas is 30th in the NFL while being #1 in revenue last season. This is clearly a change from how this team operated in the past and is all due to Steven Jones taking over personnel contracts now.

    So we literally make the most and spend the least...………….if that is not the definition of being cheap, I dont know what is.
  5. SoBlue128

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    They’ve gone from overspending to underspending with no middle ground, gotta find a balance. Stephen sure isn’t the wildcatter his pops is and right now seems to be way more tentative to take risks. I can only hope that he finds a middle ground sooner than later.
  6. StarBoyz83

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    Dallas better just hope dlaw doesnt pull a bell on them.
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  7. Beast_from_East

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    Exactly...……….I'm not saying go crazy and sign every free agent like the Skins did back in the day, but you got to take a couple of swings at the ball if you want to hit a homerun. Steven is just standing there, refusing to swing, and hoping to get on base by the pitcher throwing four balls.

    Yeah, you can reach first base this way, but you are never going to hit a home run doing that.
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  8. dplant22

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    All of these guys, Coop, Dak, Zeke, and Tank have the Cowboys over a barrel because there's basically no talent behind them at their position. We have no quality RB behind Zeke, same with Dak at QB and Tank. The exception might be Coop seeing we have Gallup and that's if he takes the next step and I don't really think he's ever going to be a legit #1, even Coops no more than a mid level #1.

    The rest of the resigning are just plain baffling and borderline pathetic to me especially Olawale and Hurns.
  9. PhillySpecial

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    The only way Dallas can trade DL is if he signs his tag.
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  10. Macnalty

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    Hard to have quality backups behind all pros these days which teams are doing that so I can follow.
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  11. Macnalty

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    What to do about Collins contract he seems to slide on all these discussions?
  12. pete026

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    I'm resigned to the fact that re-signing is all our front office plans to do.

    I am also resigned to the fact that our front office/coaching can do little right.

    Re-sign me for another disappointing season.
  13. Teague31

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    Stephen considers the Cowboys a business first and a football team second. When choosing between improving the product on the field and saving money he will always choose money. The exception will be Dak cause a the face of the franchise brings in a lot of $.
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  14. RodeoJake

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    I like extending players without handing out a lot of guaranteed money. If their performance slips, we can release them without hurting the cap. Same goes with FAs. Offer them a competitive contract without insane guaranteed money. If a player ain't willing to bet on themselves, why should we?
  15. baltcowboy

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    Tank wants some of that yacht money. Jones family are great business men.
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  16. Sydla

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    Because they don’t have to sign those guys at this time. Lawrence is the only FA.

    Dak and Elliott are under contract at cheap rates next rate (relatively speaking). Cooper carries a big number that a new contract would lower the cap hit but this team isn’t spending any money in FA so they don’t need to rush the new deal to create cap space.
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  17. Falco78

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    I agree with most of what you have to say, but if Dak has another year even like last year we are gonna have to pay 28+ to keep him and with our FO that is not even out of the realm if signed sooner
  18. OmerV

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    Of course having the highest revenue doesn’t mean you have more to spend on players. Every team is subject to salary cap. The Cowboys have some cap space, but I don’t think they are spending less on salaries than 29 teams.
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  19. Ddisco22

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    They see what others at those positions are getting paid so thru have a ball park. IMO they need to just sign Tank $22 mil, 2 mil greater than tag.
    I think they sign Dak and Coop also.
    As far as being cheap, they are! That's how the rich get richer. We know that they've made offers to others to come here or stay here, all of which were much lower than they received elsewhere, what does that tell ya?
    Folks talk about how they draft well and put a good team 2gether, they always do but it hasn't gotten is over the hump and has taken too long so in tied of hearing that because we haven't win ****, what dies that tell ya?? Have they really been that good?
    I've been a fan for over 35yrs and one thing is for certain, we like to let good guys go and get rookie or some guy know ones knows about so they can look like they did something spectacular.
    We mold the prayers and then get rid of them, meanwhile remaining mediocre because we don't feel the spots of necessity why, because we don't want to spend the money.
  20. Hawkeye0202

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    IDK......for some odd reason, Stephen seems to stretch these decisions out to the last min, backing himself into a corner and sometimes even costing more money. Bottom line....over the next couple years we FOUR elite free agents and only two tags.

    Byron Jones
    We probably need to get at least 2 done this year. Otherwise, imagine going into 2020 wanting to sign ALL four players with only one tag. Hell, that's putting unnecessary leverage in the player pocket coz they know you're back against the wall to either accept our demands or lose w/o compensation.

    Honestly, Coop probably has the most coz his agent knows no way in hell we're letting Coop walk after giving up a first rounder. So you might as well get ready to pay him top 3 money of $17-18M per.

    Just me but I would give DLaw contract a self-made deadline of the week before the draft. Other words, stop bsing with nego'ing. Put your final offer on the table with a drop-dead deadline of draft week. If he doesn't except move him during the draft. I can make a case of 4 teams who could have strong interest......Chiefs, Raiders, Colts, Jets and even possible Falcons and Bucs.

    Of all the four, B Jones is the only I don't see getting his money as a Cowboy.

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