Re-signing our own (strategy)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Others teams are making big signings, but some are also losing big names. The Cowboys work to resign their own big guys so that doesnt happen.

    I am all for NOT signing first day guys but they need at least to get one quality safety and I would have had no issue signing a guy like Amos from the Bears for 8 or 9 million or a guy like Cook the TE from Oakland.

    At this point, here are the big holes for the Cowboys:

    DT, DE, S, TE, backup RB

    You need to fill one of those holes with a quality FA.
  2. LittleD

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    You just have to be patient. They will fill all their holes for backup and rotational players in the next 3 weeks and then play for the draft. If they don't get everyone they want in the draft and UDFA, they will look at June 1st and TC cuts. I guarantee that they will have 53 players ready to go for
    the 1st game just like every year. Quality is in the eye of the beholder and that isn't anyone on this board for sure.
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  3. CowboyRoy

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    Are you talking to someone else?
  4. Cowboys22

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    I really don’t mind their strategy for the most part. I’d love to see one thing added to it though. Go fix your biggest weakness with a top free agent each year. Just one, that’s it. Then look for bargains in other places of need and keep killing the draft. I think that would satisfy most everyone and help the team be more competitive.
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  5. Flamma

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    Easy. Transition tag him next year and we'll see what he's worth.
  6. cern

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    Stephen's grasp of how to deal with resignings and the cap is excellent. the giants played the free agent game to excess just a couple of years ago, to no avail. then they went all in on obj to the detriment of the rest of the team. now obj is gone, Olivier Vernon is gone, eli apple is gone and brandon Collins is gone. the money is limited. it must be spent wisely.
  7. charron

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    They need a better plan. We need to do more than sign super cheap guys that only have upside because there are no expectations.

    1. Identify the most expensive FA positions. DL, QB, WR, CB, etc.
    2. Use the draft to aquire talent at those positions.
    3. Use free agency to pay for those positions that are relatively cheap.

    Dlaw wants 25+ a year-

    ET- got 15
    Malcom brown- got 5
    Ingram- got 5

    Ingram and Earl are certainly really good at their positions. While DLaw is a beast he is also a bigger risk than adding the other 3. If Malcom fails it's easier to part ways and you still have 2 other good pieces. Chances of all 3 failing or being injured is much smaller than DLaw not living up to a massive deal. And we haven't even talked about trading DLaw yet.

    4. Buy low (draft) and trade high. That is how you reload quickly.

    We are one of the best drafting teams around more picks helps keep our talent pool stocked. It also gives us room to make smart trades if needed.
  8. Falco78

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    You are thinking we have a real GM though...
  9. Parcells4Life

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    No one has mentioned the biggest problem with not having Tank signed today. His labrum!

    It’s going to take awhile for him to recover from the surgery and get his strength back up. So if he doesn’t sign until July it’s very doubtful he’s 100% by week 1. It may not even be until October.

    So while everyone just assumes he’ll either play under the tag like last year or sign st last minute like Dez, they’re forgetting he won’t put up his normal production if he’s not healthy or if he’s still recovering from surgery to start the year.
  10. Verdict

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    We have not had any real cap room until this year. We have been forced to go low budget just to get close to being back in line on our cap.

    If this continues once we get all our people we want to keep signed and we still have tons of cap room then I will agree with you on cheap, but not until then because I don't believe it at this point.
  11. Verdict

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    He "spent" money last year by trading for Cooper because that effectively was a commitment to Cooper going forward.
  12. Verdict

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    The problem wait waiting that long on Tank is that the free agency money dries up. You will get more out of him the more bidders there are unless that is the Cowboys draft plan to force Tank to sign longer term.
  13. DBOY3141

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    Jerry Tillery the DT from Notre Dame that's in the draft just had the same surgery.....3 to 4 month recovery. clock is ticking on the cowboys.
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  14. Verdict

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    Satisfying everyone isn't the issue. Staying within the cap is.

    Also the Cowboys have tried to fill all of their holes with at least something predraft so they can draft true to their draft board. That has worked well the past 5 years.
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  15. blueblood70

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    The season starts September 1st why is everyone so in a frenzy on what they are done or not done as of yet/ its been 3 days since the official league year started and 100 posts on the fo negativity. Impatient snowFLAKES. GIVE IT SOME DANG TIME!!

    There’s ton Of Fas left , draft, tanks contract and discussions on extensions. It’s just begun
  16. Verdict

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    I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. Lol. I'm talking about most bang for your buck/extension strategy. I'm one preaching patience overall. I just am a bit surprised that the Cowboys haven't hammered out an extension for Amari and signed him already.
  17. erod

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    Third thread I've seen this. Pet peeve of mine.

    Resign means to quit.

    Re-sign means to sign a contract again.

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  18. Whyjerry

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    I agree they are focused on their roster and have a bunch of key contracts they need to consider. That is why I never bought into the Dallas having $100MM in cap fake news. The issue I have is that it is clear Stephen Jones believes himself to be some sort of a cap guru and nothing is getting done. That this team did not have more of a "Go For It" mentality when they had a 4th round rookie contract starting at QB is a crime. Clearly they are too arrogant / stupid to see the urgency around that set up. I would also say they have 1 more year of that so why not go for it and bring in an ET. Next year Dak costs about 20-25 times what his salary is now. Think about that. I am glad that they did not add a Collins for $84MM but would Clinton-Dix at $3.5MM work. A huge upgrade at S there. The FO has been running pysch ops for 20 plus years. Fans are restless. They should be.
  19. CPanther95

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    So the Steelers failed to re-sign Bell and AB, but they successfully resigned them. :D
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  20. Diehardblues

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    I wouldnt say he’s refusing to swing. He’s just not swinging for the fences.

    They are believing in their process which most would agree is sounder than it’s been. It’s producing one of the most talented teams they’ve had at least since Parcells was here.

    And they did make a major move last year with Cooper. That was a swing for the fences that appeared to save the season. This first week in FA isnt the only week during the year to upgrade your roster.

    I understand the frustration by some fans but when you’ve failed as much as we have in the past and you’re not great talent evaluators it’s probably wise not to risk your finances. Especially when you’re having as much success in the draft.

    FA in the past for us was more of a necessity since we missed so much in the draft. We’ve obviously still had some misses recently but we’ve also had some major hits and why our focus appears to be more in retaining them.

    As much as I’ve been critical of our dysfunctional organization our talent acquisition has been been better overall thru the draft and why we are where we are now. Not bad for this franchise.

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