Re-watched The Eagles Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Rogerthat12

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    I learned we needed new talent and a new coaching staff, I get your point though!
  2. stilltheguru

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    We have talent. Players quit on Garrett. People just dont want to admit it
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    The players quit on this coaching's that simple. Players got tired of the hollow messages....and the poor defensive schemes.

    I seriously think this was the beginning of the end in 2018....Richard tearing into your best players....for his crap scheme that he threw together for the playoffs....all the while he was out interviewing for another job. :rolleyes:

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  4. 12+88=7

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    The defense underachieved?

    They gave up 17 points and held Philadelphia scoreless for 34 minutes between TDs.

    Next time the defense will hold them to 10 points and scoreless for 49 minutes. Oops, nevermind. If that had happened Dallas would have lost anyway.
  5. Blackrain

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    After also rewatching the Eagles game this team had gone into Business Decision mode . They realized there was no chance of winning a Championship with Garrett as head coach and it was hammered into their heads weeks before as they watched there best efforts go into missed FGs that demoralized the whole team . They all knew Garrett was done and it was time to protect their careers and money .

    Dak , Lee and Jeff Heath didnt get the memo but the rest were with the self preservation program . Cant remember seeing so many balls dropped sheesh what an embarrassment. But for our sake enough of an embarrassment that Jerry could not sit through another season of it .
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  6. Typhus

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    That was the impression it left on me after 4 quarters of torment.
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  7. stilltheguru

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    I dont blame the players not going all out for that clown to get another 4 year contract on the backs of players who actually are good at what they do. The jig was up
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  8. Sarge

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    These were my thoughts as I watched the game live. Either way, you’re right.
  9. TheSkaven

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    No way I could put myself through that. If there was one game that described the season in a nutshell, that was the one.

    It is clear to me, at least, that the players quit on Garrett after the Viking game. So yeah, it was disappointing to see the players show a lack of urgency, but this one falls on Jerry Jones for not making a mid-season change.
  10. Blackrain

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    I think the players just lost all hope and I really believe the failure to correct the kicking game got the ball rolling . I also believe Jerry was in contact with McCarthy before this season even started maybe as soon as he left GB . I would not doubt way before the season was over the players knew McCarthy was coming here.

    I think they just individually or collectively decided to conserve and protect their bodies till they got a coach that gave them a chance . I think they were done with Garrett and were not taking a chance that squeeking into the playoffs would bring him back . Just my opinion . There just was such a lack of effort and urgency its the only thing that makes sense .
  11. ElGatoGrande

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    When you see the wide receivers give up it's the quarterback they've given up on,,, and for good reason. I wouldn't doubt that sentiment was shared in other positions too.
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  12. tunahelper

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    As apathetic as the team played the outcome would have been different if Dak made 2 or 3 big throws. It was low energy performance, coupled with Dak inability to make accurate throws.
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    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    They know including Zeke their carrying the Bum called Prescott.
    Yes, his downfall will start in the locker room....
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  14. twc562

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    Looking back , I absolutely agree with you. This is when the players started to sour on him knowing He'd been gone all week and then he lays into them cause his scheme wasn't prepared for all the misdirection and WR runs .
  15. Runwildboys

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    I agree. He wasn't throwing with a loss of power, or releasing early, or any of the things that would indicate pain or lack of motor function. He was throwing behind and overthrowing mostly.
  16. PhillyCowboysFan

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    And that my friend is coaching!
  17. Bobhaze

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    That Filly game was a microcosm of this organization for the last 24 years. It’s a reflection of the soft sugar daddy culture created by Jerry. No accountability, excuse making, low motivation, and not showing up with your A game when it matters most.

    Here’s hoping Mike McCarthy can bring some toughness and football grit back to a team that looked like a bunch of pansies last year, especially in games they needed most. This team needs a fire lit under them and perhaps a return to the “asthma field” days of Jimmy or “no tap out” days of the Big Tuna.

    Talent without a strong culture and good coaching is usually wasted.
    Exhibit A: The last 24 years.
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  18. glimmerman

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    I couldn’t watch it again. I had a Christmas party to go to that night so I watched it as much as I could but your right. Just watching it they seemed to just flounder, Daks shoulder was bothering him and Cooper didn’t have the game I thought he would. They acted as if oh well if we lose then there is a chance the egirls lose and we can always win next week and get in that way.

    What I was seeing is that the egirls gassed there run defense in the first half stuffing Elliot. In the second half on that first drive it seemed every time Elliot touched the ball he was gashing them for 7-8 yards a lick. He took a little shot on first down play and pulled himself and instead of letting Pollard pound the middle they strung the play out and then it happened... Pollard put the ball on the ground. After that they didn’t show any desire to continue running it. Went predictable pass heavy and just lost it.

    Defense played bad. Towards the end we hit wentz and he fumbled, I jumped up during the party and yelled yeah... (the crowd went quiet and looked at the TV. Lol). Once the ball bounced back to him I knew it was over. Was the last gasp. Ya know it’s like they knew they were playing for a dead man walking in a HC. They didn’t believe in him or the staff or even themselves. Looking forward to hearing some stories coming out of camp about what was going on in the locker room and on the sidelines this season. I saw a few games that they looked ho hum and had no sense of urgency.
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  19. yimyammer

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    I think this is a symptom of the organization and the way Jerry likes things to be that will probably bring McCarthy down as well. This environment creates undeserved over confidence and a general malaise that seems to take over when things go wrong or the opponent fights back, better summed up by Jimmy, Troy, Jason Hatcher & Marcus Spears:

    If McCarthy can overcome and/or fix this while still keeping Jerry and himself happy, then he deserves to go into the HOF
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  20. Brax

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    They didn't give up on Garrett they played to their character and talent level against a crippled team playing scrubs who wanted it more. The next week playing a bottom dweller they put up the points that is not folding that is the teams MO, whip up on the dregs teams . The 2019 DC couldn't compete with any team in the play offs this year, it's hard to accept but it is what it is.
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