Re-watched The Eagles Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. glimmerman

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    I agree. He had no business interviewing for a job while needing to prepare for the biggest game of the year. And we failed miserably. Only played the colts during the 2018 season and looked that way. It was terrible. After being able to play the run all year we come out and pull that.
  2. Brax

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    So how do you explain away the Redskin game, the Rams game?
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  3. DandyDon52

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    Yeah but........but you have to consider the situation.
    If the players had played hard and won, then JG might still be here.
    The players wanted him gone, and they had to tank to get rid of him.
    So considering that, I give the players a pass on that game and the season.

    The rams game was the players showing what they could do if they wanted to.
    But if they do that in more games, JG is still here and would have been extended.

    Now that we have a New HC, a real HC, and mostly new staff, I think we will see a
    whole different team next year.
    And then we can judge the players by how they do this coming season.
  4. HowardC

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    If you remember the rb for the eagles went down inbounds instead of scoring on a long run which would've made the score 24(after the extra point) on their final drive. The defense was hot garbage in that game.
  5. JayFord

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    From start to finish they all played like they had hummus in their underwear
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  6. Aven8

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    They quit way before this game. Unfortunately, the Rams layer an egg and gave us this mirage that we hadn’t.

    Goedert look just as good the second time around?
  7. RS12

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    Wait a minute Alex. I guess you haven't rewatched Buffalo and Chicago because with the HC job on the line, this team laid down like dogs. Garrett should have been flushed no later than Chicago. If we had an actual GM instead of a fan boy in charge that might of happened.
  8. Sydla

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    I watched it again a week or so ago.

    It didn’t make me rethink the talent level of the team. I still believe they were more talented than their final record of 2019.
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  9. glimmerman

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    I agree.. We had a Offense and Defense that was 12 win team.. With a HC we could have been. Our ST let us way down, And I blame that completely on the HC.. He waited to make a kicker change and should have fired the ST coach also.. Our ST cost us at least 2 or 3 games. A good Offense starting drives to far in our own territory constantly.. Missing FGs that swings momentum.. I would say that ST cost us the division..
  10. CowboysWillRise

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    It was either that game or Bears game where I was pissed watching Coop loaf all over the field. Made me sick.
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  11. DallasInDC

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    This has probably already been said in the previous seven pages... But I wouldn't be surprised if the team would rather lose and ensure Garrett was not retained than make the playoffs and possibly sign an extension.
  12. DallasInDC

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    That's not necessarily a bad thing...let the fans and media jump back on the Wentz bandwagon again next year only to be disappointed once again.
  13. Beaker42

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    Lack of consistent effort, execution and excitement were all Garrett trademarks. He and his entire staff should be embarrassed.
  14. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Better throws lead to easier receptions.

    That should be easily understood, but one of the side effects of rose colored glasses is blindness.
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  15. Flamma

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    I watched about 15 minutes of that game because I had the same question from previous games, and I didn't want to watch that garbage again. The Cowboys were not tough, they were like bullies. They beat up on the extremely weak, but when someone stood up to them they seem to back off. It's the worst kind of football you can watch.

    Anyone watch a Football Life on Joe Greene? The guy was ready to quit late in the '74 season after a game against the Oilers. They won the SB that year but that's how much he hated losing. How many players in the NFL today can we say that about? I'm sure the money in today's game plays a big role in becoming indifferent.
  16. cowboys1981

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    It was just a complete failure. Try watching our game vs Washington. Why couldn't we put that kind of defensive effort up against Philly the week before.
  17. Streetwise

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    I can't remember, is this the game Heath got hurt?
  18. johneric8

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    You truly are a masochist man... Tom Brady had a far worse performance than What Dak had in last years super bowl and the patriots won.... The team knew Garrett was gone, they had zero belief anymore so why subject yourself to watching that game?
  19. 12+88=7

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    Stop with the defense was the problem.

    The offense was the singular cause of the Philadelphia loss and four others.

    The defense played poorly in two losses, Green Bay and Chicago. They also played poorly in a win against Detroit.

    So the defense didn't show up three times in 16 weeks, but they are the problem.

    Stop with the offense was so great. The offense was the reason Dallas underachieved this year. They were pretenders, not contenders.
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  20. gjkoeppen

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    I see you only want to weigh games were they played poorly and ignore games they played well. Again PROFESSIONALS evaluate ALL games not just the bad ones and ignore the good ones. They don't go into evaluations with an axe to grind, the evaluate EVERYTHING. If it turns out that the bad out weighs the good than they do what needs to be done but they don't just pick the bad and ignore the good. If the Cowboys did what you say and base their decisions SOLELY on bad games then they should let EVERY UFA just walk and start over using their draft picks and undrafted free agents.

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