Regarless of the Outcome, This Was A Fun Season!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Jan 12, 2019.

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    After that 3-5 start, I got hammered viciously on this forum for staying positive and keeping the faith on this team and most especially Dak at QB. I knew they would turn it around, considering the Oline started with key injuries and playing poorly due to Alexander as Oline Coach, the team had no true #1 WR and TE until Jerry traded for Amari, our young TEs started getting game experience and our young Defense started gelling and playing up to their potential. With Dak and Zeke as the cornerstones of this Offense, I knew this team had a chance to turn it around and make the playoffs. They did.

    This team is young, talented and has been getting better and better. Many years of making the playoffs while making some noise are to come for this very young and talented Cowboys team. They are only missing a few key pieces from truly becoming elite. Anxious to see what transactions happen this offseason, along with the draft, but right now I'm looking forward for our Boys to take it hard to the Rams in LA tonight.

    GO COWBOYS !!!
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    Dallas won on Thanksgiving, Christmas Holiday, vs N.O., and and extra game. Dalls almost won out the division. Its been very festive season IMO. Im fine with it.
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    Agree- it’s definitely been a fun ride.

    Obviously hoping it doesn’t end here, but it’s definitely important to keep perspective.

    Every year, 31 teams’ season ends in heartbreak at some point (obviously in varying degrees), and even if we end up one of those 31 this year, I can definitely look back and say it was fun. Hell, if I couldn’t, it’d probably be a sign that I need a new hobby!

    Gotta enjoy football season...
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    I have been more on the pessimistic perspective for the last 20+ years, but if you can build a roster of young talent, and that large collection of young talent wins playoff games, there is optimism for the future:

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    F*** that!!! We ain’t done!!!!
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    Agreed. I gained respect for Garrett, started to believe again in Dak, and we got excellent performances from key guys--Zeke, Jaylon LVE, Cooper in particular--that gives me hope for the future.

    Coming back from 3-5 and looking like garbage was a tremendous accomplishment, and I hope they can keep it going.
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    Technically, All those things happened before the Titans loss. Cooper scores the teams TD vs Titans.
  8. Parcells4Life

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    We get the all pro center back next year and LG should be much more solid from day 1.

    TEs are getting better each week.

    Question I think a lot will be answered about today is if you go get ET and if that would help some of the deep passes we’ve seen the last couple weeks.
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    we have progressed - positivity scale in ( ) from 1-10

    1. at 3-5: "I like Cooper, but we gave up a sure-fire top 10 pick for him since Dallas is going to be a lottery team (-3)
    2. at 8-5: "My God, we just beat the eagles twice, we could win the worst division in football and make the playoffs (5)
    3. at 8-6: "If Indy can own us like this, we aren't going anywhere" (3)
    4. at 9-6: "We should rest everyone against the Giants, we have nothing to gain" (6)
    5. after Seat: "We get the match-up we wanted, Bring on the Rams!
    We are playing with house money - no more one and done, Final 8 and I guess the NFCE ain't so bad with 2 of the final 8" (8)

    here is what I am hoping (of course)

    6. after Rams: "We are in the NFCCG! So what that we are playing in New Orleans." (8.5)
    7. after NFCCG: "SUPERBOWL BOUND! What a run, looking forward to sacking Rivers in the SB!" (9.5)
    8. after SB: "OH MY GOD! #4 gets us #6! Suck it Redskins - ok, that is my personal one (11)

    ?. Post Hangover: "We have the 64th pick in the draft and they are extending Garrett." (7)
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    If Garrett takes this team from 3-5 to SB champs you should want a lifetime contract for him.
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    Yes, this is a fun season. Yet I will always wonder how things might have been if Dallas didn't lose Travis Frederick. Did he being sidelined enhance the Cooper trade? Would Jerry had pulled off the trade if the Cowboys were 5-3 instead of 3-5?
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    Hell yeah it's been a great year! All any of us or at least most fans in the NFL want is to be in contention to make playoffs in week 15, 16 and 17. There are fans on here that probably don't know what it's like to have the run we did in the 90's or even the 80's and the Danny White era. LOL! Hell yeah!! How bout them Cowboys!!:flagwave:
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    They fought back hard and won the division after everyone had declared them dead. It’s been a long time since a Cowboys team has shown that kind of resilience. It demonstrates that the players have “character”— that elusive, hard-to-define intangible quality that the Talking Heads love to bring up all the time. As a fan it has been fun and rewarding to witness. I do hope they are able to keep it going with a win today— surviving the divisional round would be a huge step. But, if they fall in a close, hard-fought game,sure, I’ll be disappointed but I won’t complain about the season they’ve given us.

    Tonight’s game, for some reason, evokes pleasant memories for me of the underdog ‘75 Cowboys going to meet the LA Rams in the NFC Championship. Nobody gave those Cowboys much of a chance but they blew the Rams out and went on to Super Bowl X. I know it’s different times, players, and circumstances but still...Go Cowboys!
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    I couldn’t agree more. I told my 13 year old son the same thing. :)

    Past history isn’t on your side when you are 3-5. I thought the season was over. It has been a crazy season I remember being at the opener against the Panthers thinking to myself that this team wasn’t going anywhere with this offense.

    I have been impressed with Dak for the second half of the year. That playoff game was awesome. I loved How he ran the ball in spots during this game. His teammates believe in him and they have confidence. I think for Dak and the team to get their first playoff win is huge in my opinion. I think not winning a playoff game could have been detrimental to the core of this team.

    I would love this to continue!
  15. Pants

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    I am ok with Garrett (not a lifetime contract), I was speaking more of the temperature of this forum with my pseudo-ratings....I have said that if he has a legit OC and DC (Riley and Richard, for example), then Garrett could still be the HC with an eventual bump up into the FO....
  16. Jason 82 Witten

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    #FinishThisFight :star: :star: :star:
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    Yep AC many were ready to throw in the towel but we stuck behind our young team and QB. Hard to say what was more difficult them making the great comeback or us defending our team and QB against the fake fans LOL

    Anyhow I saw something early we had football players on this team that didn't worry about , Stats , Celebrity status or making business decisions . A group of football players that weren't interested in individual credit and had no agenda on how they wanted to play the game . Guys that were willing to sacrifice there body to win .

    We used to play great till it got to December crunch time ,win or go home . Fumbles INTS cant secure the ball , my pinky was out of bounds LOL But we could compile a bunch of meaningless stats up to that point . Now we aren't the most talented team or the most well coached but we are a family , No want to be stars making tons more money than everyone else and failing at the worst times .

    These guys have each others back at all times and will stand back to back in the alley and slug it out with any team in the NFL . Im proud of this team its the kind of old school smash mouth team I grew up watching that kept me on the edge of my seat every Sunday while Roger did everything in his skill set to win just like Dak dose inspiring his teammates to play way above there heads .

    My expectations have been met already this year and I am excited for the future , We are a couple players away TE , Safety and I would give anything to have Fred back healthy for this game against Donald but whatever happens it been a great season and I am a proud fan of this team
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    this is a huge opportunity there is nothing that says next year will be a success in this league this is a year to year league if they don't win today it will still be a huge disappointment even with this young team they may not even make the playoffs next year
  19. Diehardblues

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    Not only fun but a record season culminating in our greatest turn around to make the playoffs.

    2018 will be one for the ages after a 3-5 start regardless how it ends.
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    This has been a fun season so far!!! I made a thread when we were 3-5 declaring what a disaster this season was, how I had lost hope, and how I wanted Garrett ran out of town by an angry mob of fans with pitchforks and fire.

    I was wrong. I can admit it. I jumped the gun and got proved differently. That is fine, I will gladly eat crow. This team from front office to the players on the field deserve a lot of credit for crawling back into this thing and I think they've shown they have the heart to take this even further. I'm excited!! I have that good energy now!!!

    LET'S GO COWBOYS!!! :flagwave:
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