READ THIS ********** Reminder about posting fake rumors and twitter "guesses" **********

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I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone that posting fake and unsubstantiated rumors (aka: guesses) can lead to your access to post in the Fan Zone being removed or possible your account suspended.

There has been a growing trend, especially on Twitter, where people are "guessing" at high probability breaking news, especially when it comes to yes/no guesses, in an attempt to get people to retweet or share their tweets throughout the internet.

The people tweeting these guesses are doing so in an effort to gain new followers, readers and hopefully recognition as a proven source. They know if they guess wrong, most people will forget about it, so there is very little reason not to do it.

So please, do yourself and everyone else a favor .. stop falling for it! Stop retweeting and reposting it. If the rumor (aka: guess) is true, you will see confirmation on major sports sites.

Going forward, posting fake rumors (aka: guesses) as news will result in a loss of access to post on the site, even if at some point the fake rumor (aka: guess) turns out to be true in the future because it was not true at the time it was posted. Just because someone guesses right, does not make them reputable or reliable.
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