Report: Cowboys vs. Dolphins Thanksgiving Day

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Feb 11, 2019.

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    That is right. My theory is that CBS have to cover the minimum 2 games from the Cowboys (or any NFC team) no matter what. In this past season, one of their potential scheduled game (Titans) was taken away because that game was on ESPN. So in order for them to get another game out of the Cowboys, they can cover a NFC matchup to cover for that.

    It seems like this happens when a NFC vs AFC matchup happens on NBC or ESPN. Another example would be the Texans. They played their week 3 matchup on Fox at home but because the Cowboy game was on Sunday Night, they were able to have an AFC matchup on Fox when they played Miami.
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    Yup extra turkey and stuffing for me
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    Works out. Dolphins supposed to suck so hopefully means a w on thanksgiving.
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    the AFC still wants representation on that day and CBS primarily broadcasts AFC games. It's in CBS's interest to advertise AFC teams.

    But yes last year the Lions got the Bears, Cowboys got the Redskins, and the late game was Falcons-Saints. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the AFC owners didn't complain about missing out on the holiday national audience.
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    Woooo dolphin gumbo!!!
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    My thoughts exactly. We already did this in either 2012 or 13.

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    Will that be Nantz and Romo calling the game?
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    Watch Dallas lose this game and then go on to beat the Patriots, Rams and Saints :laugh:.
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    Put away those turkeys, looks like we're having sushi :flagwave:
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    Anytime we play anyone other than Washington we get blown out

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