Report: Romo could become the highest paid TV analyst 2019

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Actually let me rephrase that. What idiot would leave this gig to coach the for the Dallas Cowboys lol?
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    Remember how bitter and snarky some commentators were about Romo getting a spot with CBS's top crew?

    Phil Simms was especially bitter about losing the job.

    Joe Buck doubted if Romo knew what it would take to step into the booth and "go 100mph"

    2 seasons later and Romo has completely outclassed and out performed them both and all the naysayers
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  3. Ranching

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    Did he get there before you??
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  4. tyke1doe

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    Longevity would be considered "conquering his current profession."
    He's off to an excellent start, but he still could bomb.
  5. Willfreedom909

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    Glad for romo. Great beginning to a new career that ended too soon :thumbup:
  6. Willfreedom909

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    How can you fire the boss Jerry Jones? Or Stephen Jones?
  7. khiladi

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    Jerry can fire Garrett and tell Stephen to go chill in his bedroom or just manage the accounting balance sheet.

    If Jerry can’t, then Romo should just chill and get paid with CBS.. why would Romo ever take a job under these clowns after not giving him his job back when the circumstances were finally right, after taking all the beatings he did for these clowns, particularly an inept Garrett..
  8. bigdnlaca

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    I don't think he can with CBS because there are a lot of other broadcasters that does football games that they need to pay and some of them need to get paid more than average because their work don't stop once football is over. He would have to go to ESPN or NBC for that 7 or 8 because there is only one game per week and one crew.
  9. Plankton

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    Romo has made a smooth transition to the booth. He has been very very good, and really has provided the ability for the viewer to better understand the thought process of the quarterback and what they are reading on the field in two minute type situations. His insight in this regard has been outstanding, and it's something that really hasn't been presented in such a cogent, engaging manner before.

    If I was going to critique him at all, it's on the subject of replays/coaches challenges. He literally equivocates about every single call, and will very rarely take a stand on what he thinks about a play. This is a place where he needs to improve - he comes across as indecisive and wishy washy during those scenarios. Every play is "really close", and he won't give an opinion.
  10. ClintDagger

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    A lot of coaches have young kids. Doesn’t McVay have a 2 year old? This is all hypothetical, but if Jerry called Romo today to be the HC there would be a press conference tomorrow introducing him. That’s my very strong opinion.
  11. Cowboy4ever

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    If Romo decides to coach, it will not be about the money. He is a competitor, he is putting that on the back burner now to be with his kids and family, and I can't blame him one bit for that. But at some point, he will want to rejoin the competitive side of the business and he will go into coaching, not for the money, fame or glory, but because he wants to compete. Besides, he was an excellent NFL QB, Excellent Analyst, and will want to tackle the coaching side and become an excellent coach. I bet by the time he is 45, he will be a HC in the NFL.
  12. HanD

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    The article said he could test the waters and CBS could match any offer. I'm sure he would get big offers from espn, fox and nbc. CBS would be crazy to let him go imo.

    Manning was offered 10m to do TNF..... Romo will get in that range.
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  13. TheSkaven

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    I wish that was the case but it's not. You have people who truly despise Romo because they love Dak. Then you have people who truly despise Dak, because they love Romo. Then there are the haters who despise everything about the team, either because Garrett is coach, Jerry Jones is owner or just because they're only happy when they're not happy.

    The majority love the team and all our players and ex-players. Except Terrell Owens, you're allowed to hate him.
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    I suppose he could accidentally blurt out a racial slur but other than that he’s beyond bombing at this point.
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    perhaps the newly labelled SUPER COORDINATOR....JJ can throw that out that he has the only one in football...ever....they can pay him both salaries and get him here!!!! :D

    he isn't coming, why would he - he has it made now - his penance was being under JJ and now he is supremely popular as an analyst...he won't be coming back to coach in puppet-ville
  16. tecolote

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    Tony will never win a SB but he certainly won at life.
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    I'm sure he already does with his endorsements and speaking engagements.
  18. Roadtrip635

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    CBS is a huge conglomerate with a lot of options. If Romo wanted, they could do other shows, similar to what Gruden did with his QB series. He could do golf interview segments for major events, appearances and cameos on their TV or reality shows, weekly columns for CBS Sports, etc. Tony would have a huge number of options if CBS wants to pursue them and it's not limited to one football broadcast a week. It will basically be up to Tony on how much he wants to do.
  19. conner01

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    He may
    He will likely get a huge deal
    He is very good at what he does
    I always loved madden because you learned from him and tony is like that
    Great for young fans
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  20. Fla Cowpoke

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    There is no NFL coaching job that is going to pay him 12-16m. You people that think there is are living in Fantasy Land. Current top guys are in the 10m range. Are you really going to pay a guy that has never coached the top salary in the league?

    And then some of you think he would make that as a coordinator are just off your rockers.
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