Rewatched the Seattle playoff game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ghst187, May 12, 2019.

  1. ghst187

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    A few observations...
    1) Russell Wilson is good, always liked him even back to college but him being the highest paid QB in the league is laughable. Just silliness
    2) we have way more talent than what shows up on game day, massive underachievers. There shouldn’t be anyone we play that should scare us talent wise
    3) our defense has quite a few good to very good players but we still get zero turnovers, our pass rush was also barely existent
    4) Noah Brown is useless but that was a massive PI no call that almost turned the game
    5) Tavon is exactly what I’ve always wanted in a kick returner and gadget guy, minus the injuries, hope we use him next year. Two huge returns although one was called back, he’s a weapon.
    6) Dak doesn’t see the whole field really well. I think we can win with him but I hope Kellen has some innovation for our offense, we never surprise anyone
    7) Zeke is one the best players in football, but I swear we only have like 8 different plays
    8) Gallup and Cooper could be dynamite duo rap if we mix it up (that word innovation again) with some Austin/Pollard stuff and let Dak fling it a bit downfield.
    9) our offense should put up 28+ pts per game next year or something is wrong scheme wise....with fbeard and Austin back, Gallup and Cooper in their second year here...we should be ripping off yards constantly.
    10) for what we paid, we better see more from Tank than what we did at the end of last season, I know he was injured, but we need more pressure
  2. Silly

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    A lot of times I think the Dline stunts take too long to develop.
  3. TheSkaven

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    Regarding the pass rush, the defense was gassed. It showed in the Seattle game and even more so in the Rams’ game. They clearly needed more studs on the defense line. This was and is a priority over safety.

    Mission accomplished, I think.
  4. OmerV

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    I agree with much of this. A few comments ...

    Remember contracts aren’t a position ranking. Wilson benefitted from being the most recent of the better QBs to have his contract come up. Others will pass him when theirs comes up.

    28 ppg may be possible, but it’s a lot to expect from a run heavy offense. If they can average 25-27 I’ll be happy. 28+ and I would be thrilled.

    I think we will see more consistency from tank if we can get a little more pass rush from others so opposing offenses have more people to worry about than just avoiding or stopping Tank.
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  5. jazzcat22

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    Good points, except are you saying Brown is useless based on 1 play? Then many players can fall into that category as useless based on 1 play.
    go back since he has been here, and look on his entire body of work, though limited. Linehan limits many players. Though it will be some tough TC competition, he will need to step up and prove he still belongs, as will his competing fellow WR's in Wilson and Guyton and Reggie Smith if he is 100% recovered.
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  6. glimmerman

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    Also have to realize that in the playoffs the teams are all good and more evenly matched. So the pressure sometimes will drop off but that’s also why they get the big bucks. I want more pressure this year from the middle..
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  7. ghst187

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    To comment on multiples above,
    Brown what is he? Is he a true WR, a niche player, a open space blocker...? No idea what he does well except block and I prefer a WR catch to block. So not just one play but what’s his role?
    And I don’t see him being very good at the catching part.

    I know it’s timing on the QB contracts and all but the fact remains that Russell Wilson is the highest paid football player in history at this moment. By itself that seems horribly silly. But yes I get the context yes you are right. It’s like the scene in back to the future when Marty tells someone that Ronald Reagan would be president, (confused) the guys responds “the actor?”.
    Doesn’t make sense out of context.

    Agree Skaven, I’m looking forward to Quinn coming off the edge and a better, hopefully healthier, and fresher stream of talented DL coming in waves.
  8. blueblood70

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    yes BUT they addreed the entore team, fans here arent happy because they diodnt bring in a big name S or higher draft picks..How ever they brought in IOLKA, Drafted a TAM S, a CB, then got Tank sighned, brought in Quinn, drafted Hill, and few UDFA DL as well. they grabbed depoth at RB, OL, and possibly WR..

    add the return of Tfred, Bigger stronger Cwill, Witten, Slee at reduced rate and Cobb...whats the gripe, let tem toss this salad(no funny jokes lol) and see if they come up with some thing special...

    So they weren't all big name splashes but they did address it..patience RELAX comes to mind..we were 10-6 2nd round playoff team and did all this...
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  9. DuncanIso

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    Rams defensive collapse was all on Marinelli.

    Anytime you give up 273 yards rushing then you have problems with your game plan and scheme.

    Do NOT allow Marinelli to skate on another defensive collapse in a playoff loss.

    Btw, the Pats shutdown that run game with their DTs playing 2 gap/0 tech . Easy adjustment.
  10. cowboyblue22

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    the rams playoff loss was all on the coaches when u allow 273 yards rushing something is truly wrong with your coaches
  11. rocyaice

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    Naw that was on players too. What else can the coaches do when the players aren’t ready for the big stage?
  12. dckid

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    Some good points.
    I thought we could have very easily lost that game Seattle refused to pass even though we sold out to stop the run. I mean Wilson ate us up on PA passes down the field.
    I agree we have a ton of talent but our coaching staff can’t make it show on the field.
    I agree that we literally have 7 or 8 plays in the playbook. I want to see Zeke on draws with Dak under center. I want to see tosses and sweeps other than what we usually do with 50 gut, handoff out of shotgun.
    I also wish we had some speed at the TE position, even though I think Jarwin is decent. Please let him develop.
  13. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    This, the rams could not do anything as far as the run game against the pats.
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  14. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    There players were just more physical and powerful upfront for our DL, sure some schemes but players too.
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  15. Teague31

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    Funny how no one in the league cared to review PI after Brown got mugged in the end zone. A week later when another team gets hosed? Suddenly it’s an issue
  16. Redball Express

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    The part about Tank at the end of the year was clearly his shoulder injury being a factor.

    Can't be avoided.

    Agree with most of your post there.

    As for DAK he has to stop the sacks. Last year we cost ourselves with so many sacks.

    He has to learn to throw the ball away more. It's a problem on offense.
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  17. Mr_437

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    I watched the highlights of the Rams game last night and I have a few points in conjunction with the OP:

    1) Noah Brown had a great catch on a 3rd down comeback doing a sideline toe drag...I think Brown is a useful player, glad to have him on the team.

    2) Watching Jarwin run after the catch was dope, cool to have a TE that can get some extra yardage. Shultz just goes out and executes his assignments...solid player. Let these 2 grow!

    3) Turnovers not happening. DL got dominated in every aspect... pitiful.

    4) Gallup n Cooper are legit.

    5) Takes too long for Dak to warm up and he should run more...3rd and 5 play he overthrew Cooper and could've ran for 15 yards.

    6) LOL not gonna bash Heath but that 4th down play was like watching a pop Warner play be lost on a bootleg...haha.
  18. Hadenough

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    I watched that game again the other day on NFL network. Dallas dominated that game and as usual they barely escaped with a win. They have too much talent to let teams hang around like that.
  19. JayFord

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    Man heath was frozen in time on that bootleg
  20. GenoT

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    All good and fine. Now...take a look at the Rams playoff game.

    Then tell us which one of the two games is most indicative of how the 2019 Cowboys might play.

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